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Created January 27, 2016 19:43
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ROT13 in Javascript
function rot13(str) { // LBH QVQ VG!
var re = new RegExp("[a-z]", "i");
var min = 'A'.charCodeAt(0);
var max = 'Z'.charCodeAt(0);
var factor = 13;
var result = "";
str = str.toUpperCase();
for (var i=0; i<str.length; i++) {
result += (re.test(str[i]) ?
String.fromCharCode((str.charCodeAt(i) - min + factor) % (max-min+1) + min) : str[i]);
return result;
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dsoares commented Dec 7, 2020

@ATmel91 care to explain?

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smartxd3 commented Feb 6, 2022

rot13 its mean Obfuscate string by adding 13 alphabet ..
idk how to explain it but its something like this :
exp : Rot2 => "a" will be "c" in the string
"Smart" will be "Uocv" someting like this :D

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dsoares commented Feb 7, 2022

Hi @smartxd3 I know what rotN means.
My question was for @ATmel91 after his comments on December 2020:

how to confuse people: rot12
Because although it wouldn't really be a better way to encrypt messages, it would still confuse people when rot13 doesn't work because that will most likely be their first guess

that i didn't understand. I don't know why they don't appear here anymore.

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zex-git commented Feb 5, 2023

too bad I haven't learned regex yet
thanks nice

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