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A dark highlighting theme for Python's IDLE IDE based on Notepad++'s Obsidian color scheme
definition-foreground = #678CB1
error-foreground = #FF0000
string-background = #293134
keyword-foreground = #93C763
normal-foreground = #E0E2E4
comment-background = #293134
hit-foreground = #E0E2E4
builtin-background = #293134
stdout-foreground = #678CB1
cursor-foreground = #E0E2E4
break-background = #293134
comment-foreground = #66747B
hilite-background = #2F393C
hilite-foreground = #E0E2E4
definition-background = #293134
stderr-background = #293134
hit-background = #000000
console-foreground = #E0E2E4
normal-background = #293134
builtin-foreground = #E0E2E4
stdout-background = #293134
console-background = #293134
stderr-foreground = #FB0000
keyword-background = #293134
string-foreground = #EC7600
break-foreground = #E0E2E4
error-background = #293134

dsosby commented Aug 4, 2011


  1. Ensure IDLE is closed
  2. Open your .idlerc file, usually in your home directory
  3. Paste in the settings and save
  4. Open IDLE, Options -> Configure
  5. Under the Highlighting tab, Obsidian should now be a custom theme available in the dropdown list.

On Ubuntu you need to go into the .idlerc folder and edit 2 files
Add the following,
default = 0
name = Obsidian

In, config-highlight.cfg, copy and paste the code above.

You will probably need to create both of those files, and it may be better to go in to Options -> configure and save the default one so it generates the files itself, then edit them to add in the above theme.


dsosby commented Oct 25, 2012

Article detailing it with screenshot:

kenhia commented Jul 17, 2013

On Windows, you will want to create/edit %userprofile%.idlerc\config-highlight.cfg then proceed with steps 3 - 5.

Python 3.3.3 on Win8.1

The .idlerc folder was located here C:\SPB_Data\

windows 8

t3hmun commented Jan 10, 2015

This is a nice theme.
With WinPython (or any portable python setup) the .idlerc is in [your-python-folder]\settings\.idlerc.

This is perfect! Thanks :)

7oao commented Feb 20, 2015

Windows 7, search for the file \Python34\Lib\idlelib\config-highlight.def, open it, paste the "texto from above" and save it.

  1. Open "python idle",
  2. go to "options" tab,
  3. choose "Configure IDLE",
  4. choose "Highlighting" tab,
  5. choose "a Custom Theme" on "Highlighting Theme" frame,
  6. choose the theme "Obsidian" (or theme name that you insert on the file)

Wow. This is amazing, thanks!

samuelsp commented Aug 1, 2015

Thanks dsosby and duphenix! It worked!

In Windows 10 Professional 64 bit architecture Python3.4.x is under the following path:

Thank you for this amazing theme! ;-)

Nice one! looking good.

My eyeballs thank you kindly.

Great stuff.

ozhuang commented Nov 28, 2015

For Python 3.5.0 in Windows 10,

Thank you!

coderjxh commented Mar 4, 2016

It's Perfect! Thank you o(^▽^)o

In my pc, configure file is in(Python 3.5.1 x64 in Windows 7) :

Very nice. Any idea how to let decorators like @classmethod have a different color?

avmak commented Mar 23, 2016

Thank you!

I don't see the .idlerc file. :(

Is there anyway to change the font?

vamshise commented Aug 8, 2016

Very nice theme. Thanks a lot.
On windows 10, using Pythin 3.4, I had to update "C:\Python34\Lib\idlelib\config-highlight.def" file.

DanJ210 commented Aug 20, 2016

Ty for the theme and help with Windows 10. Using Python 3.5. This theme has lasted some years!

Thanks I've forked because I like the colours but prefer a perfectly black background instead of the greyish one in this theme.

It works. Thank you!

So nice, thanks boss!

Ever since installing Idle3 I can not use the "options / configure" menu item - the program freezes and a bunch of errors on the command line. Don't know what to do - everything else works, Idle3 a great editor for Python3.5 [Linux Fedora 24 64bit]. But I guess I just gotta stay with the default white look ...:(

Great theme, thanks!

Thank you! Continues to be useful. Am on Windows 10, but used duphenix's method (Sep 28, 2012 comment). Saved one of the existing themes as a custom theme, so the config-highlight.cfg was auto-created, then pasted the Obsidian data in it.
On Windows 10, the .idlerc folder was in my user folder.

Thankyou this is amazing!

Eye-saving theme, thank you!

As above, on Windows 10 my config-highlight.def file was found at C:\WinPython\python-3.6.1.amd64\Lib\idlelib and I was able to paste the Obsidian theme in there.

Thankyou this is amazing! (x2)

Brilliant, just what I was looking for, thankyou

beautiful them , Thanks a lot.

<On Windows 7, Python 3.6> I couldn't save "config-highlight.def" file after editing it in the "\Python34\Lib\idlelib" folder, So i had to move the file "config-highlight.def" to "C:\Users\User.idlerc" folder, then i edited it and saved the file in "C:\Users\User.idlerc" folder, after that i returned the file in "\Python34\Lib\idlelib" folder, I've struggled so much but finally it worked.

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