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@dsosby dsosby/notgoodbye.ts
Created Mar 11, 2019

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type NotGoodbye<T> = T extends "goodbye" ? never : T;
type Salutation = "hello" | "goodbye";
type AllPossibleWords = string
type AllPossibleWordsWithoutGoodbye = NotGoodbye<AllPossibleWords>
function neverSayBye(salutation: NotGoodbye<Salutation>, greetee: string) {
console.log(`${salutation} ${greetee}`)
neverSayBye('goodbye', 'David');
neverSayBye('hello', 'David');
.then(response => response.json())
.then((randomSalutation: Salutation) => {
// The below fails to compile as we cannot assert "goodbye" is
// not the chosen salutation
neverSayBye(randomSalutation, 'David');
let someGreeting: AllPossibleWordsWithoutGoodbye = 'hello';
let anotherGreeting: AllPossibleWordsWithoutGoodbye = 'goodbye';
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