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Dave dsottimano

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View for Hamlet - index.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">
<script src="index.js"></script>
View for hamlet - index js
"use strict";
let exports = {}
Object.defineProperty(exports, "__esModule", { value: true });
class CPT {
constructor() {
this.alphabet = new Set();
this.root = new PredictionTree();
this.II = {};
this.LT = {}; = [];
dsottimano / gist:e3e6294f80cb1cbb526d1defed322850
Last active Dec 29, 2019
Tech seo boost 2019 - Dave Sottimano - Apps script demo
View gist:e3e6294f80cb1cbb526d1defed322850
//serpApiKey from
serpApiKey : "add your api key"
dsottimano / gist:20a50daded2128b4c86acb430cecba67
Created Nov 3, 2019
Google slides - change font for every slide using apps script
View gist:20a50daded2128b4c86acb430cecba67
//script adapted by @dsottimano
//original from:
//credit to
function onOpen() {
.createMenu('Custom Menu')
.addItem('Change Master Font', 'changeFont')
dsottimano / gist:29fbfaa6795ca3a7204fa82113dfc863
Last active Jan 9, 2020
View gist:29fbfaa6795ca3a7204fa82113dfc863
//this is where you put in your api keys!
//serpApiKey from
//proxyCrawlToken & proxyCrawlJavascriptToken from
serpApiKey : "",
proxyCrawlToken: "",
proxyCrawlJavascriptToken: ""
dsottimano / gist:2af808b30de1bec51506e0855141dceb
Last active Oct 29, 2019
Keyword frequency table generator - apps script - google sheets
View gist:2af808b30de1bec51506e0855141dceb
* Returns a table of ngrams and their importance
* @param {"cars are the best"} textArray REQUIRED The corpus you want statistics from
* @param {"3"} numberOccurances OPTIONAL Show results with at least X occurrences. Default is 2
* @param {"4"} numberOfWords OPTIONAL Show statistics for one to X words. Default is 5
* @param {"false"} removeStopWords OPTIONAL true or false. False by default
* @customfunction
dsottimano / gist:cd0d9479647e96d6b1d338222011ecee
Last active Oct 30, 2019
Substitute all custom function for apps script - sheets
View gist:cd0d9479647e96d6b1d338222011ecee
* Substitute multiple words or characters at once
* @param {"@,hello,test"} params REQUIRED The words you want to remove separated by commas ","
* @param {"a1"} text REQUIRED The string you want to subsitute from
* @param {"-"} replacement OPTIONAL The replacement string. Default is blank space
* @return Returns combination of protocols + www subdomains
* @customfunction
function SUBSTITUTE_ALL(params, text,replacement) {
dsottimano / gist:2c8428b0bac422b3bcf08744c73b2be0
Created Oct 28, 2019
SERPapi for Google sheets/apps script
View gist:2c8428b0bac422b3bcf08744c73b2be0
//note: users of this script need a valid api key from
//the key must be included in the object below as the serpApiKey value. For non-programmers, please ensure that your API is within quotes ("")
serpApiKey: ""
* Returns serpapi data for organic results
View gist:b7432b226187a953734c318db3742fa1
//functions to parse URLs adapted for easy usage in apps script
//past the code below in the tools > script editor of any google sheet
//call the PARSE_URI() formula directly from a cell
// PARSE_URI 1.2.2
// (c) Steven Levithan <>
// MIT License
//adapted for apps script by @dsottimano
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