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Solarized colours as tcsh shell variables
# Solarized colours ( as tcsh shell variables
set solarized_base03 = "%{\033[1;30m%}"
set solarized_base02 = "%{\033[0;30m%}"
set solarized_base01 = "%{\033[1;32m%}"
set solarized_base00 = "%{\033[1;33m%}"
set solarized_base0 = "%{\033[1;34m%}"
set solarized_base1 = "%{\033[1;36m%}"
set solarized_base2 = "%{\033[0;37m%}"
set solarized_base3 = "%{\033[1;37m%}"
set solarized_yellow = "%{\033[0;33m%}"
set solarized_orange = "%{\033[1;31m%}"
set solarized_red = "%{\033[0;31m%}"
set solarized_magenta = "%{\033[0;35m%}"
set solarized_violet = "%{\033[1;35m%}"
set solarized_blue = "%{\033[0;34m%}"
set solarized_cyan = "%{\033[0;36m%}"
set solarized_green = "%{\033[0;32m%}"
# sample shell prompt of the form
# username@host:path > cmd
set prompt="${solarized_red}%n${solarized_base1}@${solarized_green}%m${solarized_base1}:${solarized_blue}%c${solarized_base1} >${solarized_base02} "
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