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import numpy as np
import as ma
import theano
from theano import tensor as T
floatX = theano.config.floatX
def getmask(D):
return ma.getmaskarray(D) if ma.isMA(D) else np.zeros(D.shape, dtype=bool)
def matrix_factorization_bgd(
D, P, Q, steps=5000, alpha=0.0002, beta=0.02):
P = theano.shared(P.astype(floatX))
Q = theano.shared(Q.astype(floatX))
X = T.matrix()
error = T.sum(T.sqr(~getmask(D) * ( - X)))
regularization = (beta/2.0) * (T.sum(T.sqr(P)) + T.sum(T.sqr(Q)))
cost = error + regularization
gp, gq = T.grad(cost=cost, wrt=[P, Q])
train = theano.function(inputs=[X],
updates=[(P, P - gp * alpha), (Q, Q - gq * alpha)])
for _ in xrange(steps):
return P.get_value(), Q.get_value()
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