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Daniel Streefkerk dstreefkerk

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dstreefkerk / CSVGridView.bat
Created Nov 8, 2019
Batch file that enables a CSV to be dragged/dropped and then opened in a PowerShell GridView. Requires the PowerShell ISE to be instaled.
View CSVGridView.bat
@echo off
IF "%~1"=="" GOTO NOFILE
set CSVPATH=%~1
powershell.exe -NoProfile -NoExit -NoLogo -Command "if ((Test-Path $env:CSVPATH -PathType Leaf) -and ($env:CSVPATH -like '*.csv')) {Import-Csv -Path $env:CSVPATH | Out-GridView -Wait -Title $env:CSVPATH};exit"
dstreefkerk / dfstargets.ps1
Last active Nov 7, 2019
Get a list of active DFS folder targets under a specific DFS root
View dfstargets.ps1
Get-DfsnFolder -Path \\\dfsroot\* | Get-DfsnFolderTarget | ? {$_.State -eq "Online"} | Group-Object -Property Path | ForEach-Object {$[0]}
dstreefkerk / Get-AussieGovDomains.ps1
Created Jul 9, 2019
Retrieve a list of Australian government ( domains from the CKAN Data API at
View Get-AussieGovDomains.ps1
Retrieve a list of Australian government ( domains from the CKAN Data API at
$dataUri = ''
# Basic function to strip the URL down to the bare FQDN
View Invoke-QuerySpfViaCloudflareDoh.ps1
# Retrieve SPF records for a domain via Cloudflare DoH
$domain = ''
$result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$domain&type=TXT" -Headers @{'accept'='application/dns-json'}
if ($result -ne $null) {
if ($result.answer -ne $null) {
$result.answer | Select-Object -ExpandProperty data | Where-Object {$_ -like '*v=spf1*'}
dstreefkerk / Invoke-SpeechPrank.ps1
Last active May 15, 2019
Some PowerShell pranking fun. Combine with PSRemoting to confuse your co-workers. I've not used this since 2014, so I don't know if it still works.
View Invoke-SpeechPrank.ps1
Add-Type -TypeDefinition @'
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
[Guid("5CDF2C82-841E-4546-9722-0CF74078229A"), InterfaceType(ComInterfaceType.InterfaceIsIUnknown)]
interface IAudioEndpointVolume {
// f(), g(), ... are unused COM method slots. Define these if you care
int f(); int g(); int h(); int i();
int SetMasterVolumeLevelScalar(float fLevel, System.Guid pguidEventContext);
int j();
int GetMasterVolumeLevelScalar(out float pfLevel);
dstreefkerk / Invoke-RegexReplaceTest.ps1
Created Apr 27, 2019
Some simple character replacement via Regex in PowerShell
View Invoke-RegexReplaceTest.ps1
# Regex Examples with -Replace
$testString = "ABCabc 123456_!#$%"
Write-Host "Remove all numbers in a string" -ForegroundColor Yellow
"Before: $testString"
"After: $($testString -replace '\d')"
Write-Host "Remove everything but numbers from a string" -ForegroundColor Yellow
"Before: $testString"
dstreefkerk / New-ContosoUser.ps1
Created Apr 27, 2019
Generate a new AD User based upon a few specific requirements
View New-ContosoUser.ps1
# Requirements
# 1. Inputs - First Name, Last Name
# 2. SamAccountName and CN must be in firstname.lastname format
# 3. UPN must be in format
# 4. If a user already exists with the same UPN or SamAccountName, add a number to the end or increment the existing number
function New-ContosoUser ([string]$FirstName,[string]$LastName) {
$maxUsersPerName = 100
dstreefkerk / Get-GpoPerYear.ps1
Created Apr 1, 2019
Get a count of GPOs created per year
View Get-GpoPerYear.ps1
Import-Module GroupPolicy
$gpos = Get-GPO -All | Select-Object DisplayName,Description,CreationTime,DomainName
$gpos | Select-Object *,@{n='Year';e={$_.CreationTime | Get-Date -Format 'yyyy'}} | Group-Object -Property Year | Select-Object -Property @{n='Year';e={$_.Name}},@{n='Quantity';e={$_.Count}} | Format-Table -AutoSize
dstreefkerk / dns_client_log.ps1
Created Mar 21, 2019 — forked from randomvariable/dns_client_log.ps1
DNS Client Logging on Windows
View dns_client_log.ps1
function Start-DNSClientLog {
$DnsOpLog = Get-WinEvent -ListLog Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client/Operational
$DnsOpLog.IsEnabled = $true
function Get-DNSClientQueries {
foreach($event in (get-winevent Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Client/Operational | % { [xml]$_.ToXml() })) {
$Query = ($event.Event.EventData.Data | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq "QueryName" }).'#text'
dstreefkerk / Invoke-Focus.ps1
Created Mar 20, 2019
Quick little script that's kinda like a browser's "Close other tabs" function, but for Windows apps
View Invoke-Focus.ps1
# Quick little script that's kinda like a browser's "Close other tabs" function, but for Windows apps
# Drop a reference to this script into your PowerShell profile as follows:
# New-Alias -Name IFM -Value "C:\Scripts\Invoke-Focus.ps1" -Force
# Daniel Streefkerk, 2019
# If you want it to terminate apps without cleanly closing them, uncomment the last line
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