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Daniel Streefkerk dstreefkerk

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dstreefkerk / Get-WeekNumber.ps1
Created Aug 27, 2015
A simple PowerShell function to return the week number for a given date using the current globalisation culture.
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function Get-WeekNumber([datetime]$DateTime = (Get-Date)) {
$cultureInfo = [System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::CurrentCulture
View Manage-WifiStatus.ps1
#Requires -Version 4.0 -RunAsAdministrator
Manage-WiFiStatus.ps1 - Enable/Disable WiFi based on wired connectivity status
Disables the Wi-Fi adapter if the wired one is connected, and vice versa.
This is built for internal use on Windows 8.1, and depends on the new *-NetAdapter cmdlets in PS 4.0
View Get-ProliantTemperatures.ps1
#requires -version 3
Get-ProliantTemperatures - Get HP ProLiant temperature sensor readings and status for PRTG
Reads the status of HP ProLiant temperatures sensors via WMI and HP WBEM
dstreefkerk / Migrate-OfficescanClient.ps1
Created May 2, 2014
Computer startup or PS Remoting script to migrate an installed Officescan client to another server if it's currently pointed at a different one.
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Migrate-OfficescanClient - Migrate Officescan clients to the correct server
Checks which server the Officescan client is pointing to (by reading ofcscan.ini)
If it's pointing to the wrong one, call the appropriate ipxfer command with
the correct parameters to point it to the new/correct server
dstreefkerk / Remove-FilesiteViews.ps1
Created Nov 21, 2014
Remove VDM files for all users, for HP FileSite for Outlook
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Remove-FilesiteViews.ps1 - Remove VDM files for all users
This script is designed to be run under the SYSTEM account, as it needs
access to every user's profile. This will work fine as a scheduled task, or
under SCCM or similar.
As per the release notes for Filesite 9.0 Update 5, all VDM files need to be deleted
dstreefkerk / Spiceworks_Geckoboard-TicketsOpen.ps1
Created Dec 5, 2014
Tickets Open widget update code. To be used with a "Number and Secondary Stat" widget:
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$apikey = "paste in your API key here"
$geckoPushUrl = "paste in your push URL here"
# Get the count of open tickets from the database
$openTickets = Invoke-Item spiceworks: -sql 'select count() as "count" from tickets where status == "open"'
#Construct a here-string with the required json format
$jsonstream = @"
dstreefkerk / Spiceworks_Geckoboard-TicketList.ps1
Created Dec 5, 2014
Ticket List Widget update code, to be used with a List Widget:
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$query = @"
select as id,t.summary as summary,t.description as description,u.first_name || ' ' || u.last_name as name, round((julianday(date('now','localtime')) - julianday(t.created_at))) + 1 as days, t.category as category from tickets as t
inner join users as u on t.created_by =
where status == 'open'
order by t.created_at desc
$apikey = "paste API key here"
$geckoPushUrl = "paste push URL here"
dstreefkerk / Update-GeckoboardDashboard.ps1
Created Dec 5, 2014
Spiceworks Geckoboard Wrapper Script
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Import-Module sqlite
$scriptLocation = "C:\Scripts\Spiceworks-Geckoboard\"
$spiceworksDatabaseFilePath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Spiceworks\db\spiceworks_prod.db" # Path to the SQLite database used by SpiceWorks
# Get all of the widget scripts
$allScripts = Get-ChildItem $scriptLocation -Filter "*.ps1"
# Mount the SpiceWorks database
mount-sqlite -name SpiceWorks -dataSource $spiceworksDatabaseFilePath
dstreefkerk / Get-ChicagoCrimes.ps1
Created Apr 23, 2015
Retrieves data from and shows the last 1 month's crime data
View Get-ChicagoCrimes.ps1
# Get the data, convert it to JSON
$jsonData = Invoke-WebRequest "" | ConvertFrom-Json
# Filter our data set down to only the last month's crimes. Note that the data feed has a built-in lag of 7 days
$lastMonthsData = $jsonData | Where-Object {($ | get-date) -gt ((get-date).AddMonths(-1))}
# Show results, allowing user to select categories first and then view individual crimes
$lastMonthsData | Group-Object -Property primary_type | Sort-Object Count -Descending | Select-Object Name,Count,Group | Out-GridView -Title "Select a category (or multiple) to view details" -OutputMode Multiple | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Group | select primary_type,description,location_description,date,latitude,longitude,block,domestic,arrest,case_number | Sort-Object date -Descending | Out-GridView -Title "Crime Details"
dstreefkerk / Spiceworks to FreshDesk - Contacts
Created Jul 9, 2015
SQLite query to extract users from Spiceworks' DB for tickets created in the past 2 years and get it into the format required by FreshDesk for contact import via CSV
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select distinct as email,
u.first_name || ' ' || u.last_name as name,
u.title as job_title,
u.cell_phone as mobile,
u.office_phone as phone,
u.location as time_zone,
'en' as language
from users as u
inner join tickets as t on = t.created_by
where (u.disabled is null) and ((u.first_name is not null) and (u.last_name is not null))
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