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Python 3.4 Enums being used for Django Choices
import enum
class Choices(type(enum.Enum)):
def __new__(metacls, cls, bases, classdict):
temp = type(classdict)()
names = set(classdict._enum_names)
for k in classdict._enum_names:
v = classdict[k]
if v is Ellipsis:
v = k
if isinstance(v, (list, tuple)):
v = tuple([k if x is Ellipsis else x for x in v])
temp[k] = v
for k, v in classdict.items():
if k not in names:
temp[k] = v
# Add the __getitem__ we need to make this enum work for Django choices
if "__getitem__" not in temp:
temp["__getitem__"] = lambda self, idx: [self.value, self.display][idx]
if "__len__" not in temp:
temp["__len__"] = lambda self: 2
return super(Choices, metacls).__new__(metacls, cls, bases, temp)
def _find_new(classdict, obj_type, first_enum):
def new(enum_class, db, display=None):
real_new, save_new, use_args = type(enum.Enum)._find_new(
if not use_args:
enum_item = real_new(enum_class)
enum_item._value = db
enum_item = real_new(enum_class, db)
if not hasattr(enum_item, "_value"):
enum_item._value = obj_type(db)
# Add the _display attribute
enum_item.display = display if display is not None else db
return enum_item
return new, False, True
class Contact(models.Model):
class Types(enum.Enum, metaclass=Choices):
author = ...
maintainer = "maintainer"
individual = ("individual", "Individual")
organisation = (..., "Organisation")
type = models.CharField(_("Type"), max_length=150, choices=Types)
name = models.TextField(_("Name"))
email = models.EmailField(_("Email"), max_length=254, blank=True)
url = URLTextField(_("URL"), blank=True)
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