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Last active May 29, 2017
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# Prime the Cache
$ time python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/
python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/ 76.24s user 4.16s system 96% cpu 1:23.33 total
# Test in place rebuilds
$ time python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/
python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/ 0.81s user 0.27s system 84% cpu 1.265 total
# Test sdist based rebuilds
$ time python sdist
python sdist 2.15s user 0.46s system 96% cpu 2.699 total
$ time tar zxvf numpy-1.14.0.dev0+c556b42.tar.gz
tar zxvf numpy-1.14.0.dev0+c556b42.tar.gz 0.07s user 0.16s system 88% cpu 0.254 total
$ time python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/
python build --build-base ~v/tmp-ec63b471f919101/cache/ 0.77s user 0.29s system 83% cpu 1.269 total
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