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Created July 18, 2011 21:58
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In case you occasionally forget to flatMap that shit
brew install growlnotify
cat >> ~/.bashrc <<EOF
#flatMapThatShit reminder
if [ -f /tmp/flatMapThatShit ]; then
kill \`cat /tmp/flatMapThatShit\`
while true; do if [[ \$RANDOM%12 -eq 0 ]]; then growlnotify -a TextEdit "Is that scala?" -m "flatMap that shit"; fi; sleep 300; done &
echo "\$!" > /tmp/flatMapThatShit
#/flatMapThatShit reminder
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this is cute :D


Just today this inspired me to play around with system notifications in GNU/Linux. 😀 Thanks to that, I both learned how they work and had fun. 🙇

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