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@dtbaker /code.php
Last active Dec 7, 2017

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Add a custom control to an existing Elementor widget
// This example will add a custom "select" drop down to the "Image Box"
// This will change the class="" on the rendered image box so we can style the Image Box differently
// based on the selected option from the editor.
// The class will be "my-image-box-style-blue" or "my-image-box-style-green" based on the selected option.
add_action('elementor/element/before_section_end', function( $section, $section_id, $args ) {
if( $section->get_name() == 'image-box' && $section_id == 'section_image' ){
// we are at the end of the "section_image" area of the "image-box"
'my_custom_control' ,
'label' => 'My Label Here',
'type' => Elementor\Controls_Manager::SELECT,
'default' => 'blue',
'options' => array( 'blue' => 'Blue Style', 'green' => 'Green Style' ),
'prefix_class' => 'my-image-box-style-',
'label_block' => true,
}, 10, 3 );

Hi David,
do you know how to add such a custom control for section / column ?

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