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Checksumming backups

par2 is not just for checksumming and recovering Usenet binaries, you can use it for your backups as well.

In my case, I wanted to make sure my RAW and JPG files don't get corrupted by bitrot.

Generating the checksum:

$ cd /the/directory/where/files/are/kept
$ par2 c something.par2 *
$ shasum -a 256 * > shasum256.txt

By default, the checksum files can recover up to 5% of data corruption.

To increase the amount of recovery data, for example by 20%:

$ par2 c -r20 something.par2 *

Verifying the files:

$ cd /the/directory/where/files/are/kept
$ shasum -a 256 -c shasum256.txt
$ par2 v something.par2
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