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Created August 10, 2010 16:34
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HAML plugin for jekyll
# _plugins/haml_converter.rb
module Jekyll
class HamlConverter < Converter
safe true
def setup
return if @setup
require 'haml'
@setup = true
STDERR.puts 'do `gem install haml`'
raise"Missing dependency: haml")
def matches(ext)
ext =~ /haml/i
def output_ext(ext)
def convert(content)
engine =
<!-- _layouts/home.haml -->
%title= page.title
#header HEADER
= content
#footer FOOTER
layout: home
title: Home Page
%h1 Hello World?
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will this work with github pages?

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dtjm commented Jun 2, 2011

I don't think so. There is an open ticket here: jekyll/jekyll#53

For now, you'll have to pre-process your Haml before sending it to Github pages. This is not too bad if you can set up your development environment to automatically compile the HAML whenever you save.

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How are you pre-processing the HAML?

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see line 24 onwards

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dtjm commented Jun 27, 2011

@bcardarella Since haml doesn't have a --watch option like SASS, you could use also try using the unix watch command. Maybe something like this: watch haml *.haml (Sorry I haven't tried it and I don't have any of my code in front of me right now)

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jfrux commented Nov 4, 2013

Does home.haml actually work? I can't seem to get my layout to generate correctly with haml?

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This plguin isn't converting my haml layouts to html

But it works for the content pages, any ideas?

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jalcine commented Aug 29, 2014

@topher6345 what's the suffix of your layout files? Might wanna make them .html to make the plugin pick them up.

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2xG commented Apr 29, 2015

I have an error with new version of haml gem. says that markup filters have been moved to separate gem 'haml-contrib'

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