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names: ["check parentheses"],
icon: "",
description: "Does a simple arithmetic check to see if a selected line of code has enough parentheses.",
//help: "How to use your command.",
author: {name: "Duncan Johnson", email: ""},
license: "GPL",
homepage: "",
arguments: [{role: 'object', nountype: noun_arb_text}],
preview: function preview(pblock, args) {
pblock.innerHTML = "Your input is <b>" + args.object.html + "</b>.";
execute: function execute(args) {
var charArray = args.object.text.split("");
var test1Integer = 0;
for (var item in charArray) {
if (charArray[item] == "(") {
test1Integer = test1Integer + 1;
} else if (charArray[item] == ")") {
test1Integer = test1Integer - 1;
if (test1Integer !== 0) {
displayMessage ("There is an error in the selected line");
} else { displayMessage ("No error detected \(but you still might have bad code, this is no guarantee\)");
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