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This gist allows you to serve proper images according to the resolution of the window.
/* Server side check if there is a cookie that defines
devicePixelRatio, if not, serve this javascript */
//Does it support it? no, default to 1;
if (window.devicePixelRatio === undefined) {
window.devicePixelRatio = 1;
//Setup cookie date.
var now = new Date();
var time = now.getTime();
time += 10*24*365*3600 * 1000; //10 Years
//Set the cookie
document.cookie = "devicePixelRatio="+window.devicePixelRatio+";path=/;expires="+now.toGMTString();
//Reload the page
/* Now you can use this cookie value to serve proper images
to that device and avoid using more bandwidth */
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