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Troubleshoot - Terminal Gone!

Issue I had was terminal flashing and disappearing after removing Zsh while Terminal app was still running

  • Before removing shell, I should have switched to bash using chsh -s /bin/bashsince I can't uninstall zsh as I was using zsh!

    • It should have been chsh -s /bin/bash
    • to swich back to bash temporarily
    • then uninstall / reinstall zsh
    • then chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh to switch back to zsh
  • Since I didn't switch to bash first....

    • run terminal app
    • go to Preferences (top left menu)
    • select Shells open with Command (complete path)
    • change path to /bin/bash
    • open terminal
    • run chsh -s /bin/bash
    • install zsh brew install zsh (check the correct command)
    • then chsh -s /usr/local/bin/zsh to switch back to zsh
    • Check if terminal is back to zsh echo ${SHELL}
    • if it returns something like this /usr/local/bin/zsh, it's all good.
    • go to Terminal reference and check shell opens with to Default Then..... see if all is working
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