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/* modx mail service */
$modx->getService('mail', 'mail.modPHPMailer');
$modx->mail->set(modMail::MAIL_FROM_NAME,'Quick Quote');
$modx->mail->set(modMail::MAIL_SUBJECT,'Lease Quote #'.$id.'');
if (!$modx->mail->send()) {
$modx->log(modX::LOG_LEVEL_ERROR,'An error occurred while trying to send the email: '.$modx->mail->mailer->ErrorInfo);
/* /eof modx mail service */
$message = "Form error on page: <strong>" . $_POST["page"] . "</strong><br>
at element: <strong>" . $_POST["element"] . "</strong><br>
in browser: <strong>" . $_POST["browser"] . "</strong>";
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