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Friendly URL container_suffix must = /
System Setting:
Key: archivist.archive_ids
name empty
namespace: archivist
area lexicon: furls
value: 18:arc_ (18 being resource id)
Archive Template ( needs to be container )
begin with [[!getArchives? &parents=`2` &toPlaceholder=`archives` &tpl=`blog-list-row`]]
title = [[+arc_month_name]] [[+arc_year]] Archives
content [[+archives]]
[[Archivist? &parents=`2` &target=`6` &tpl=`arc_sidebar_tpl`]]
<li><a href="[[+url]]" title="[[+date]]">[[+date]]</a> ([[+count]])</li>
<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow">
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