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Profile Created for the Placement 2016 form. Finally Done.


Name: Shadab Zafar



Cryptography Data Mining Artificial Intelligence

Core Skills

C/C++ Python Lua Autohotkey Web dev technologies: HTML, JS, CSS. git: A distributed version control system

Internships & Projects

  1. Worked as a student developer in the Google Summer of Code program (2014) for MetaBrainz Inc.

My project was to create a new website (from scratch) for a python based tool and also add some new features to the tool itself.

For the web part, I used Python (with Flask) for the backend and Bootstrap to ease the pain of frontend development.

To make GUI based additions to the tool, I had to understand the workings of the Qt framework and its PyQt bindings.

  1. Created a web based code breaking challenge called 'Cryptex' for Algorythm 2014.

This was my first full stack web dev experience as I managed everything from the backend (which was written in PHP) to the frontend (Bootstrap again!)

On this, I recieved help (in both ideas and code) on small issues from some of my friends too.

  1. An Idea management site called 'IdeaBin' as a DBMS project.

I (along with two of my friends) am working on this currently.

It is a website that will help you manage your ideas and discuss them with people.

I am using the same technologies I used for my GSoC project i.e Python/Flask and Bootstrap. The mysql database will be interfaced via an ORM called sqlalchemy.

  1. Other web based projects

I have handled my fair share of web based stuff which includes Blogs (right now, I'm hosting on Ruby based Octopress) and silly one-off prototypes like creating an alternate interface to search GSoC projects (using Angular.js), charting my entire internet usage (using d3.js) or creating Windows Metro UI based personal site (using metroui.css)

  1. Small Scripts

I've written numerous scripts that perform one small task or the other, some examples are, sorting my downloads folder, shifting my wordpress blog to octopress, uploading screenshots to a webservice.

On Windows, I have really advanced knowledge of an automation language called AutoHotkey but for stuff that I need to get working on *nix platforms as well I just use Python.

  1. Contributions to various open source projects.

Contributed to some 3rd party plugins for Sublime Text (the editor I use.)

Wrote some posts for a Capture The Flag styled code breaking guide.

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