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All GSoC 2016 Projects! Generated using the script here:
Project Title Student Display Name Organization Name Mentors
Key mapping GUI Tomasito665 Mixxx DJ Software RJ Ryan, Ferran Pujol Camins
YAPDNS system64 The Honeynet Project Pietro Delsante, Fedele Mantuano, Andrea De Pasquale
FFv1 P frame support sdolganov FFmpeg Reynaldo Verdejo, michaelni
coala: Integrating coala with the Eclipse IDE Sheikh Araf Python Software Foundation Harsh Dattani, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), AbdealiJKothari
User interfaces for Tracker Dilushi Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Dinith Minura, Namal Jayasuriya, Rumesh
File Support izgzhen Mozilla Manishearth
KolibriOS. Development of TLS/SSL library DenisKarpenko KolibriOS Jeffrey A., Pathoswithin
IPFS friendly & distributed version of Amber skbly7 Berkman Center for Internet and Society Genève
Cache layer for jpf-nhandler Jayton Java Pathfinder Team franck, Nastaran, Cyrille Artho
libnv improvements Dashhh FreeBSD pjd,
WikiToLearn Improved Editor falit94 KDE Irene Cortinovis, Gianluca Rigoletti
Real-time Wind Flow in Cities Lukas Bystricky Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa Christoph Waibel
Fingerprinting for Programs Blaine Java Pathfinder Team Willem Visser
Python scripting support for Avogadro 2 Reinis Danne Open Chemistry Geoffrey Hutchison
ListenBrainz: A submission API compatible with scrobblers armalcolite MetaBrainz Foundation Mayhem & Chaos
Improving WebRTC, Apache Camel and Jitsi Baxillie Debian Project gled, Boris Grozev
Shubham Bhadani : Line listing record importer shubham0794 Health Information Systems Programme Saptarshi P
Polari : Implement Search Kunal Jain GNOME fmuellner, garnacho,
Neuroevolution Algorithms Implementation Bang mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library Marcus Edel
Sonic Anemometer Visaoni Alex Hiam, nerdboy, Hunyue Yau
Game for First Discovery of Preferences PaliwalSparsh Inclusive Design Institute danayo, Justin
Bit torrent client for KolibriOS Utsav_Chokshi KolibriOS Jeffrey A., Pathoswithin
PyPy: Integration of Async IO, Matrix Multiplication and Unpacking Generalizations for Python 3.5 Semantics Raffael_T Python Software Foundation Ronan Lamy, Richard Plangger
IPython Rohan Jaswal BioJS, Tim Ruffles
Overhauling Zulip website’s UX to handle large teams Kartik Maji Zulip Open Source Project, acrefoot
A module system for Hammer.js shad0w_ jQuery Foundation arschmitz, runspired
Image processing and source detection in Gammapy Olga Vorokh OpenAstronomy joleroi, Christoph
Liberty Eiffel meets Windows Petru Gurita GNU Project Paolo Redaelli
Radare Web Interface Gautier GC radare alvaro_fe, pancake
Apertium website improvements Kira The Apertium Project Kevin Brubeck Unhammer, Jonathan W
Qt5 in, an open system for alternative communication bj International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
FX2 firmware support for FTDI emulation Sab rohitksingh
Implementing Intra Voxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) techniques in Dipy sahmed95 Python Software Foundation Ariel Rokem, Eric Peterson, RafaelNH
openSNP: Linking Phenotypes to SNPs in openSNP Vivek Rai Open Bioinformatics Foundation Philipp Bayer, gedankenstuecke
Upgrade Data Collection support for Human Genetics Care Akshika Wijesundara OpenMRS Suranga
MaxScale filter to real Microsoft SQL Server syntax Lisa Reilly Brinson MariaDB markusjm
Unifying low-level text layout using HarfBuzz autoit LibreOffice Khaled Hosny, Michael Meeks
GCC - Development of GIMPLE Front End Prasad Ghangal GNU Project
Long Running Ruby and Rails Benchmarks shahsaurabh0605 Ruby tgxworld, Prathamesh
Porting xv6 to the lowRISC platform Jeff Rogers lowRISC Alex Bradbury
Timeline and Search Navigation for loklak Leon FOSSASIA Orbiter
Improve Selenium WebDriver instances maryse jQuery Foundation Dylan
RoboComp: Object detection for simulated environments Harit Robocomp Rajath Kumar M P, marcog
Proposal for PCSA Web-app Akanksha Bodhankar Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Prajakta Naik, Themiya, May Burgos
CKEditor plugins for TMGMT sasanikolic Drupal Miro Dietiker
Telepathy Connection Manager for Ring protocol Alok Anand Debian Project Kaffeine, Daniel Pocock
Statistics from the Developer Workspace Akif Eclipse Foundation Tim84
Capture Tracking Improvements Scott Egerton The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Nuno P. Lopes, Mehdi Amini
Memory Safety pakhandibaba Scilab Enterprises Paul, Marcos Cardinot
Add USB target mode driver based on CTL rishabhchoudhary FreeBSD HPS, Edward Tomasz Napierala
Bring Your Own Pois + Android Controller Upgrade Ivan Josa Physical Web Project Jezabel, Julio Bondia, Andreu
Implementation of Holonomic Function in SymPy shubhamtibra SymPy Ondřej Čertík, jksuom
Easy Installation on Major Platforms arianepaola Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox besser82, sonne, wiking
The Online Resource for Interface Based Interaction Networks (TOR-IBIN) Web Interface MilesGSOC National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Mohamed Helmy
OpenADS - On the fly insights from the elasticsearch data stream Milindu Sanoj Kumarage Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Charitha Elvitigala, Ruwan Geeganage, Sameera
Social Media Features Steff Catrobat Anja Petri, matthiasmueller, Annemarie
coala: Extend linter integration mr-karan Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), AbdealiJKothari,
Improve the user experience for new and existing users Rares-Mihail Visalom GNOME fmuellner,
Adopt a Language Pair : Gujarati-Hindi Raveesh Motlani (kindleton) The Apertium Project Vinit Ravishankar, Kartik Mistry
Build a web service and auto updating pipeline to provide 3D structure alignments for BioPortal JuexinWang cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics Pieter, Onur, sheridan
Improved multi-lingual content management‏ João Reys Santos Joomla! infograf768, andre.pereiradasilva, rob clayburn
Solving content conflicts with merge algorithms in Drupal 8 Rakesh Verma Drupal dixon_, timmillwood
Init and IPC services for Browsix flat1101 PLASMA-UMass Bobby Powers
SBGN-ML and SBML to Escher Converter Devesh Khandelwal National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) zakandrewking
[Malaria - iOS] Developing Malaria Prevention iOS App Teodor Ciuraru Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community bphenriques, Jayaruwan Mannapperuma, Nicki Hutchens
Improve Ceph’s Python Infrastructure Ani Ceph jdurgin
Improving the state of Optim.jl pkofod NumFOCUS Miles Lubin
Automatic Blank Handling Juned Ali The Apertium Project Mikel L. Forcada, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer, Tino Didriksen
Rank Metric Codes in Sage arpitdm Sage Mathematical Software System jsrn, David
HTML5 Player: Compatibility/Feature Completeness (Scratch) wintersw Catrobat Christopher Immervoll
An integrated graphical environment for visual inspection and filtering of time-series for astronomy dash95 Timelab Technologies Ltd. timingpaul
KDEProposalCantorJuliaBackend IvanLakhtanov KDE Filipe Saraiva
Gesture recognition using multimodal deep learning mozin Red Hen Lab ksingla, Francis Steen
HDMI extenders via the Gigabit Ethernet port for aom Florent Kermarrec
Orfox amoghbl1 The Tor Project n8fr8
GsocProposal_Sreeja sreeja kamishetty FOSSASIA jancborchardt_,, Aruna Herath, vuhung, Darwin Gosal, Hpdang, Derek 呆, Sahil Bajaj
Orange Add-on: Educational Series Primož Godec Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun Janez Demsar, Blaz
Mobile Money Integration in West and Central Africa. Daniel Carlson Mifos Initiative Ayuk Etta, Omeri Antony
Nautilus: Batch renaming Alexandru Pandelea GNOME Carlos Soriano
Visual Lane Editor for iD kepta OpenStreetMap bhousel
Extending solveset kshitij10496 SymPy Ondřej Čertík, hargup, aktech
Deep Learning and Saliency Detection Proposal Yida Wang OpenCV Bhack, Manuele to pandas migration sstanovnik Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun K, astaric
File Tray to improve selecting files in Dolphin arnav dhamija KDE Pinak, Boudhayan Gupta
Vectorize.jl rprechelt The Julia Language Jameson, Simon Byrne,
Breaking changes for the 2.0 release Chalkos Ruby indirect, segiddins
Android Field Operations App Version 3 Rajan Maurya Mifos Initiative IshanKhanna
Using Go-Docker to enhance Galaxy functionalities Varun Shankar S Open Genome Informatics Dannon, osallou, ylebras, nturaga
Create a sandbox interface for tests hakatashi jQuery Foundation Dylan
Open Source Science Experiments & Data Acquisition System for Physics Education and Research with ExpEYES - Pocket Science Lab Gnovi FOSSASIA MarioB, gisc, Tabesin, Lorenz, EVUS
ZeroMQ-based distributed messaging system in the OpenBCI brain­-computer interface framework Alex Chrabrow International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility
Implementation of hyperspectral unmixing algorithms for unimixR package ABelov R project for statistical computing Claudia, Bryan Hanson
The List Extractor FedBai dbpediaspotlight Emanuele Storti, Marco Fossati, Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena
Front end rethink marksurnin Green Navigation Max, Janis
A Clustering-based Analysis Tool for Anomaly Detection at Large Scale xiaolei Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Charitha Elvitigala, Ruwan Geeganage, Sameera
GSoC 2016 EXPONENTIAL INTEGRATORS Chiara Segala GNU Octave Marco, JackC
Prototype Plugin framework for Authentication AndreeaBican cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics Benjamin Gross, Ersin, sheridan
GSoC Project Proposal - Weighting Schemes Vivek Pal Xapian Search Engine Library Gaurav Arora
Raspberry Pi integration p4 Catrobat 84n4n4, X4mp
Draft proposal for Eclipse Flux Xin Wei Eclipse Foundation Martin Lippert
Tree searching using regular-expression-like queries AMechtley Open Bioinformatics Foundation Jaime Huerta Cepas, francois.serra, Renato Alves
KStars on Windows Raphael Cojocaru KDE Akarsh Simha, Jasem Mutlaq
Apache CouchDB datastore implementation for Apache GORA cihad guzel Apache Software Foundation lewismc
Creator Dashboard Avijit Gupta Oppia Foundation seanlip, allan, wxyxinyu
Constraint-grammar aware unsupervised training of the part-of-speech tagger frankier The Apertium Project Mikel L. Forcada, Flammie, Francis Tyers
Annotation support shredpub MuseScore Marc Sabatella
Reworking Django's Indexes Akshesh Django Software Foundation MarkusH, mjtamlyn
Automatic Atomic Host Updates champika Fedora Project walters
Avogadro-2: Integration of cclib data parser using Chemical JSON Sanjeed Schamnad Open Chemistry ATenderholt, Karol Langner
Web-based GDB Frontend baygeldin Mozilla jonasfj
CLISP - Make a release (finally) musteresel GNU Project sds
Enhancing Android Dashboard App Laavanye Health Information Systems Programme Araz Abishov
MyHDL: JPEG Encoder Frontend mkatsimpris Python Software Foundation Christopher, Oscar Diaz
Interactive Platform for Statistical Computing shubhamkmr Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln Akram Mohammed
Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8 ajalan065 Drupal penyaskito
LUKS & LVM support for Calamares & KDE Partition Manager tctara KDE Andrius Štikonas, teo
Bug Hunt apsdehal jQuery Foundation arschmitz, Gabriel Schulhof
Implement UJS using native JavaScript Dangyi Liu Ruby pixeltrix, bai
qemu-img fuzzing and subcommand "dd" Reda QEMU Fam Zheng, Stefan Hajnoczi
Cthulhu - Vitrivr Feature Extraction Pipeline pabloem vitrivr Luca Rossetto
Java ByteBuffer Support for Nio4r Upekshe Jayasekera Ruby headius, Tony Arcieri, bai
Improvements to the SunPy Database Punyaslok Pattnaik OpenAstronomy Simon Liedtke, Cadair
Enhancements to DIGViewer.js Vijay Mulpuri Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G) - Montreal node David Bujold
Computer Vision and Machine Leaning Applications on Artwork Images mfs6174 Red Hen Lab Line Cecilie Engh, Francis Steen, Mark Turner
PeaceCorps Safety App (Android) Rohan Doddaiah Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Buddhiprabha Erabadda, Calistus, Dinu Kumarasiri
Create new recommendation strategy for AppRecommender Luciano Debian Project Antonio Terceiro
Automatic IPv6 network configuration in mesh networks Robert Mader FOSSASIA MarioB,
Sardu, abbarra vivu! gianfro The Apertium Project admamo, hectoralos, Francis Tyers
Signal Intelligence Toolbox (gr-sigint) Sbmueller GNU Radio rsreeraj, skoslowski
SPI Flash Emulator pmezydlo mdp, m_w, bradfa
Python Implementations & Visualization of Algorithms in AIMA 4th Edition. reachtarunhere aimacode PeterNorvig
AF_VSOCK packet capture in Linux and Wireshark GerardGarcia QEMU Stefan Hajnoczi
Implementing one more absolute coordinates device for QEMU – a serial tablet with behaviour like usb-tablet we use to get mouse integration avg206 QEMU Gerd Hoffmann
Email Customizer and Rich-text support Serhii Beliablia TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore wkurniawan07
Apache Spark: Exposing more R and Python APIs for MLlib Kai Jiang Apache Software Foundation jkbradley
ModSecurity Connector for Node.js m2n ModSecurity Chaim Sanders, Zimmerle
Recording actions logs, accessible by super admin muhakh Joomla! Llewellyn van der Merwe, Al Walker
A Centralized Library for Convex Optimization and Integration of CVXPY with ILOG CPLEX fabioftv CVXPY stevend, Stephen Boyd
Porting XBaya with latest Airavata Server and Apache Pivot linfestus Apache Software Foundation Suresh Marru
Interconversion between the systems biology modeling formats SBML and BioPAX tramy National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Mike Hucka
Layer Manager Severin Blender Foundation Ton Roosendaal
Proposal for GSoC 2016 - Andrea Torlaschi runnerway OpenKeychain (OpenPGP for Android) Valodim
Admin Center, Elasticsearch integration for Sailor and Luagoogle rnikhil275 LabLua Etiene Dalcol
Postcopy migration: Recovery from a broken network connection haris3301 QEMU Dave Gilbert
MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) encoder implementation Mohammad Umair FFmpeg Thilo Borgmann, Paul B Mahol
Tails Server segfault The Tor Project asn
Native Cloud Support for Running WSO2 Middleware on Microsoft Azure Osura Rathnayake WSO2 Imesh Gunaratne, Isuru
Italian Mars Society (IMS) Proposal: Improving the Step Recognition Algorithm for V-ERAS Karan_Saxena Python Software Foundation VitoGentile, Antonio, Ambar Mehrotra
Beaglebone Black BSP Improvement PunitVara RTEMS Project Ben Gras, mdmarcosdiaz, Martin Galvan, Ketul
Integrated Development Environment for PySoy icodemachine Copyleft Games Darrel
DigiKam MySQL/MariaDB Database Support Swati KDE Maik Qualmann,
New Parameter Framework and Plugin Based Architecture for Shogun Sanuj Sharma Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox lisitsyn, besser82, wiking
[MediaGoblin] Subtitle Interface along with keyboard hotkeys for video player saksham1115 GNU Project Boris Bobrov
Enhancements in FOSSASIA OpenEvent Android app Shiven Mian FOSSASIA Orbiter
DVD Subtitles, Example program for Libraries and CEA-708 completion Rishabh Garg CCExtractor Development Carlos Fernández Sanz
Implement xattr Support of Hurd Project LastAvengers GNU Project Justus Winter, rbraun
Kopete :IRC protocol Harshcrop KDE Michel Hermier
Presolve Routines for LP and SDP within Convex.jl ramcha24 NumFOCUS Madeleine
Exact Solution Methods NicoDP PRISM Model Checker Vojtech Forejt
Markov Switching GARCH models (MSGARCH) Kbluteau R project for statistical computing kboudt, Brian G. Peterson, Dave
Port Nmatrix to JRuby prasunanand Ruby Science Foundation headius, fstrozzi, Pjotr Prins, mohawkjohn, Rodrigo Botafogo
postCP Package Improvement Malith Jayaweera R project for statistical computing G. Rigaill, Grégory Nuel
Improvements to opentreetmap-carto matkoniecz OpenStreetMap Math1985
Educational Plugin addiittya OWASP Foundation tchafros, Nikola Milosevic, thewayofknowing
Improving JPF Inspector Soothsilver Java Pathfinder Team Pavel Parizek
ModSecurity connector for Apache Tahir Ramzan ModSecurity Chaim Sanders, Zimmerle
RTEMS Port to ARM Cortex-M4F core-based MCUs Habeeb Olufowobi RTEMS Project Chris Johns, Hesham, Gedare
sol-lwm2m: Implement missing features bsmelo Soletta Project Bruno Dilly, Iscaro
Principal Coordinate Analysis in clusterMaker2 Supun Arunoda National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Scooter Morris
Improving libvirt support for bhyve Fabian Freyer FreeBSD Roman Bogorodskiy
HTTP Load Balancer On Top Of WSO2 Gateway Venkat WSO2 IsuruR, Kasun Indrasiri
Integration of Spark parallelisation in TMVA gdphys CERN SFT etejedor, Sergei Gleyzer
GPU-accelerated Deep Neural Networks in TMVA Simon Pfreundschuh CERN SFT Lorenzo Moneta, Sergei Gleyzer
Games: Support more game formats Ricard Gascons GNOME Adrien Plazas
GNOME Music ownCloud support gnarula GNOME Lukas Reschke, Felipe Borges
Mind The Word Rohan Katyal Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Bruno W P,
Booting the eCos RTOS on the ArchC Simulator Jainesh Doshi ArchC Rodolfo Azevedo, Maxiwell
Indic Language Input Tool Bhavita lalwani BuildmLearn neha
Graphical interface for inserting plugins during simulation MohmmadAyman Open Source Robotics Foundation hugomatic
Colibri – OBIX Connector goJoWe16 Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Andreas Fernbach, dschachi
DIPY: Automatic Denoising and Robust Brain Extraction Riddhish Bhalodia Python Software Foundation Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Omar Ocegueda, RafaelNH, Julio Villalon
Automated Testing smarshy Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community nidhimj22, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Extempore - Live coding with simulation codes JPenington AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education benswift, Digego
Modifying the current neuroshare to hdf5 converter to use the NIX format instead. Abhay Chaturvedi International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility gicmo
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software Jaminy.P Debian Project Daniel Pocock
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software Keerthana Debian Project JLouback
Non-BSM to BSM Conversion Tools 0mp FreeBSD pjd,
List Of Contributors Devi Krishnan Wikimedia Foundation addshore, samtar, Niharika
GRASS GSoC2016 Proposal Bo Yang Bo Yang OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation mlennert, markusN
Mobile App Control Center medhach Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Neetu Jain
Motion Interpolation Filter DSM_ FFmpeg Paul B Mahol
Maintain Bundler: a very popular and widely-used open source project Boggs Ruby RochesterinNYC, indirect
Malaria HTML lily Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community May Burgos, Khushali Desai, RG, Uppaal
AeroGear WebPush and UnifiedPush Server integration Idel Pivnitskiy JBoss Community Matthias Wessendorf
Time Series Simulator Using Impulse Responses Usman Khan Timelab Technologies Ltd. Matteo
Implementing WebSockets parcelport Egor Shkorov The STE||AR Group heller
Java PathFinder for Android Devices Octarine Java Pathfinder Team Cyrille Artho, Oksana Tkachuk
Ruby Port of pymesync iCHAIT OSU Open Source Lab Ken Lett
Security Layer for NutchServer (NUTCH-1756) Furkan KAMACI Apache Software Foundation lewismc
Git Backend Vikram Ahuja Sugar Labs TymonR, Walter Bender
Self - Service | Web/Hybrid App Development Adhyan Mifos Initiative Pranjal Goswami, gauravsaini03
Improving the coverage of DroidBot lynnlyc The Honeynet Project Hanno Lemoine, Hugo Gonzalez
Apache Cassandra - Add downgradesstable kdmu Apache Software Foundation yukim, Paulo Motta
Visualization DLP (Drone Logistics Platform) Xavi Cobos Liquid Galaxy Project Julio Bondia Barceló, Andreu Ibanez
Port Jangouts from AngularJS 1.4 magarcia openSUSE imobach, ancorgs
MyHDL:JPEG Encoder Backend Vikram Raigur Python Software Foundation Josyb, Christopher, Oscar Diaz
netifd extension: external device handlers arkap Freifunk JULIUS
Implement go bindings for soletta Vladimir Soletta Project ceolin, Bruno Dilly, cmarcelo
Bionode workflow engine for streamed data analysis thejmazz Open Bioinformatics Foundation Yannick Wurm, maxogden, bmpvieira, mafintosh
LLVMLinux: Static Analysis andrew wells The Linux Foundation Behan Webster, Jan-Simon Moeller
Vox.GL Bootstrap modwizcode Copyleft Games Arc Riley
tool_pluginkenobi: Your guide to plugin creation alexandru.elisei Moodle David Mudrak
[Proposal 7]:Improve production system debugging capabilities of WSO2 ESB (ESB Flight Recorder) Dinanjana WSO2 Isuru Udana, Chanaka Fernando
A Hybrid Classifier/Rule-based Event Extractor for DBpedia Proposal Vincent Bohlen dbpediaspotlight Marco Fossati, Alexandru, swadpasc
Web Client and Connection Manager for reSIProcate Mateus Augusto Bellomo Agrello Ruivo Debian Project Kaffeine, Daniel Pocock
OpenCV dnn module enhancement vludv OpenCV Anatoly
Working on parallel algorithms for hpx::vector Sanac The STE||AR Group John Biddiscombe
Automated tool wrapper/converter for CWL anton-khodak Open Bioinformatics Foundation brainstorm, Michael R. Crusoe
LibreCAD 3 UI Feragon BRL-CAD Dongxu Li, rvt
Open Ephys OpenBCI and Julia integration strfry Open Ephys jvoigts
A generic computational framework for biconvex minimization toolbox in R xingguo R project for statistical computing, Zhaoran Wang, Raman Arora
Add Password-based Public-key Encryption to Drupal 8 Muhammad Talha Paracha Drupal colan, Adam Bergstein
Review of Sidebar and it's functionality susobhang70 LibreOffice jphilipz, Bubli
Standard Error of Risk and Performance Measures for Non-Normal and Serially Correlated Asset Returns Xin Chen R project for statistical computing Brian G. Peterson, Rohit Arora, Peter Carl, martinrd
MTTCG Memory Consistency Pranith Kumar QEMU stsquad
PSYCO for Reactive Systems mmuesly Java Pathfinder Team Zvonimir, Falk Howar, Teme
Tryton: FODT Support for Relatorio. shrox Python Software Foundation ced, kstenger, Jonathan Levy, Nicolas Évrard
Support for HHVM ng420 Xapian Search Engine Library olly
[Zeppelin-684] - Proposal Paul Bustios Apache Software Foundation Alejandro Fernandez, moon
OWA App Store Vishnu Rao OpenMRS Saptarshi Purkayastha
Improvements for Bezier Curves João Araújo Blender Foundation jesterKing
Native Scilab Kernel for Jupyter leonardojc Scilab Enterprises Pierre-Aimé Agnel, Clément DAVID
NTFS Driver Improvements for ReactOS coderTrevor ReactOS Ged Murphy, Heis Spiter
Improving mitmproxy dufferZafar The Honeynet Project Maximilian Hils, Thomas Kriechbaumer
digiKam automatic Red Eyes detection and correction OmarAmin KDE Mohamed Anwer,
Add the ability to sync events from CalDAV to Apache OpenMeetings Calendar ankushm Apache Software Foundation solomax,
Winebuilder - enhance MIME type handling sbol The Wine Project Michael Müller
Enhanced User Management for GitHub Classroom Peixuan Ding GitHub tarebyte
User Profile App using ReactJs adhbh Health Information Systems Programme Mark Polak, Nico
coala: Writing bears with different programming languages Redridge Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), fneu, udayan12167
AngularJS Community App Enhancements Fossa Mifos Initiative Pranjal Goswami
High-performance cell analysis tools SayanMaity Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics, Fusheng Wang
Improving Accessibility and front-end of Debsources devoxel Debian Project, orestis
Improving collective.easyforms pjoshi Plone Foundation Steve McMahon
Rebuild, the Bundler website kruczjak Ruby indirect
GSoC 2016 Application Gaurav Dhingra: Group Theory Gaurav Dhingra SymPy Ondřej Čertík, asmeurer, jksuom
Eventhooks for Discourse fantasticfears Discourse tgxworld, Evil Trout
Re-Factoring Apache Airavata Codebase to incorporate well-known object-oriented Design patterns and principles Abhishek Jain Apache Software Foundation Marlon Pierce, Suresh Marru
Maintain Bundler: a very popular and widely-used open source project allenzhao Ruby RochesterinNYC, indirect
[FLINK-3599] Code Generation in Serializers and Comparators of Apache Flink Gábor Horváth Apache Software Foundation mbalassi
OWASP ZSC - Shellcode for Windows and Code Obfuscation Modules Pratik OWASP Foundation Johanna Curiel, sizzop
Social API gvso Drupal dahacouk, e0ipso
RESTful Fine Grained Authorization-as-a-Service (AZaaS) for the WSO2 Identity Server Manujith WSO2 Pushpalanka Jayawardhana
MyHDL : GEMAC Implementation Ravi Jain Python Software Foundation Christopher, Oscar Diaz
Source Code Preserving AST Akhilesh Srikanth Scala Rory Graves, Eugene Burmako
RISC-V port to Parallela eliaskousk Free and Open Source Silicion Foundation olofk, Andreas Olofsson
Implementing AIA response function in Sunpy TDWilkinson OpenAstronomy SolarDrew, wtbarnes
Multi-language OpenCV Tutorials in Python, C++ and Java Cartucho OpenCV Vincent Rabaud
CommonsNet Web Service edhau FOSSASIA MarioB, Hpdang
MDAnalysis: Dimension Reduction jdetle Python Software Foundation Richard Gowers, Max Linke
PyQt implementation of GUI forms generated automatically from XML Ondřej Pešek OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras
RE2 regular expressions in R Qin Wenfeng R project for statistical computing Marek Gagolewski, Toby Dylan Hocking
Implement module to process ARC headers adityadivekar GNU Mailman Barry, yaseppochi
Monitoring and quality assurance of open wifi networks: the client view Jan-Tarek Butt Freifunk Floh1111
Truly structured output for strace Lineprinter strace Philippe Ombredanne, Dmitry Levin
Language model and Acoustic model for Malayalam language for speech recognition system in CMU Sphinx imSreenadh Indic Project Deepa P Gopinath
Integrating RML in the Dbpedia extraction framework wmaroy dbpediaspotlight Dimitris Kontokostas, Alexandru, natadimou
DAG-based Rendering Pipelines for Terasology tdgunes MovingBlocks MarcinSc, manu3d, Martin Steiger
Hardsubx - Extraction of burned in subtitles from videos Abhinav95 CCExtractor Development Anshul
Increasing the adoption of nftables by finishing the iptables-translate tool robertgc Netfilter project ArturoBorrero
WEBGRASS Mayank Agrawal OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Massimo Di Stefano, rashadkm
Plate Mode NURBS raytracing boj BRL-CAD Sean
GUI/Administrative interface for Jekyll ankurs GitHub parkr
OpenLambda: RPC-Aware Storage stephensturdevant gRPC Vijay Pai
Implementing Ticket payment feature for OSEM Rishabh Saxena openSUSE Hernan, Artem Chernikov
ROS packages for versatile RBPF-based SLAM Vladislav Tananaev Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) Jose Luis Blanco-Claraco, Buzz
Interconvertible Layout program for CellDesigner Kaito National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Akira Funahashi
‘aima-python’ code to accompany the book “AI: A Modern Approach” SnShines aimacode PeterNorvig
Machine Learning Trend Monitoring Analysis Engine for AppSensor Timothy Sum OWASP Foundation Giri, Juan C Calderon, jtmelton
Near Duplicate Detection in Medical Image Archives Proposal Irene Biomedical Informatics, Emory University Pradeeban
Mapping between the GeoTIFF metadata to ISO 19115 haonguyen Apache Software Foundation rmarechal, Martin Desruisseaux
Incremental Compilation kushalsingh007 Chapel benharsh, Lydia Duncan
Proposal for 'GUI/Administrative interface for Jekyll' mertkahyaoglu GitHub Ben Balter
Flexible Fast Parser Combinators vovapolu Scala Li Haoyi
Import from Google Sheets saurabh CiviCRM Eileen
SWOON: Simultaneous Wireless Organic Optimization within Nodewatcher marn Freifunk Mitar
Rethink Libdevq kentrix FreeBSD Jean-Sébastien Pédron
pgmpy: Inference using cutset methods deepakgarg Python Software Foundation ankurankan, Pranjal Mittal
Project Frisbee : An Antenna Array Receiver Testbed for GNSS-SDR Ajith Peter gnss-sdr cfernandez, Javier.Arribas
Kuo's Proposal Kuo Lu The STE||AR Group Andreas Schäfer
PyBOMBS & CGRAN Enhancements ninjacomics GNU Radio mbr0wn, nwest
Enabling Cesium for Liquid Galaxy abhishekp Liquid Galaxy Project alfski
coala: Documentation Extraction SanketDG Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297)
IBus-Braille Enhancement Anwar N Indic Project Nalin Sathyan, Samuel Thibault
Self-Service Android App Development vjs3 Mifos Initiative Satyan
Implementation of a signal processing pipeline to chain signal processing and machine-learning estimators. kaichogami Python Software Foundation Jean-Rémi King, agramfort, dengemann
HPX Debugger Parsa Amini The STE||AR Group Hartmut Kaiser
Update OpenCV file storage MYLS OpenCV Vadim Pisarevsky
Adding support for the FITS data format in LabPlot Fabian Kristof KDE Stefan Gerlach
ENSIME Graphocalypse sugakandrey Scala Rory Graves, Sam Halliday
Lint For Apertium Jaipal The Apertium Project Mikel L. Forcada, Vinit Ravishankar
Peragro AT abhisheksingh Peragro Botanic
Mozilla Calendar – Event in a Tab paulmorris Mozilla Philipp Kewisch
PySAL: Integrating Poisson count models and spatial effects for spatial interaction modeling. TaylorOshan Python Software Foundation Carson Farmer, Philip Stephens, Serge Rey
PowerUp (iOS) sanya Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community iogburu, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, hkasera, Jennifer
Add "hardware mixing" support to HDMI2USB firmware shashankgangrade mithro
Integrate structural variants calls in the tumor_pair pipeline from MUGQIC Pipeline Tushar Dubey Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G) - Montreal node Edouard Henrion, C3G_montreal
GPGPU Support for Boolean Evaluation Used in Ray Tracing ParamHanji BRL-CAD vasc
CloudCVfy your Code tocttou CloudCV Deshraj
Linux Kernel Backports Cristina Moraru The Linux Foundation Luis Rodriguez, Rostedt
Improving GUI and functions of Graphical flowsheet editor AwesomeMike ASCEND John Pye
Interface to send additional requested data for Eclipse Automated Error Reporting Initiative Daniel H Eclipse Foundation Marcel Bruch
MusicBrainz Solr Search Server Completion and Results Optimization weeksio MetaBrainz Foundation chirlu, Mayhem & Chaos
Indexation over a distributed network Reynaud Nicolas Debian Project aberaud, Yomgui
Statsmodels: State-Space Models with Markov Switching Valera Likhosherstov Python Software Foundation Kevin Sheppard, cfulton, Josef Perktold
A plugin system for vector-web, with listing and configuration support. Aviral Dasgupta David Baker
Nftables proposal: missing features and library improvements carlosfg Netfilter project Pablo
Agent Inspection Elvine Egoko The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling Jason
GTE: the Future Tool in Game Theory Jaume Gambit - Software Tools for Game Theory rahulsavani, Davi Colli Tozoni, bvonstengel
PKCS#11 certificate chooser tyagi-prashant GNOME David Woodhoue
Implementation of task-based transport for GeantV Joel Fuents CERN SFT Andrei Gheata
IPv6 OS detection Prabhjyot Sodhi Nmap Security Scanner alegen, Mathias Morbitzer
Feature Creeper/Bug Wrangler Tudor Coman Nmap Security Scanner Brandon Enright
scikit-learn: Adding fused types to Cython files Yen Python Software Foundation, Manoj Kumar
Web UI for Apache AsterixDB EnigmaMaker Apache Software Foundation imaxon
Proposal for contribution to Chassis Nash Vail jQuery Foundation sfrisk, Rohit Mulange
Kurmanji (Kurdish)-English MT mgokirmak The Apertium Project Vinit Ravishankar, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
Visualization of powerful boundary detection tools nasyrin R project for statistical computing Vijay Barve, Meng Li
Implementing a sandboxed rendering engine and a remote UI luyikei VideoLAN / VLMC Project chouquette
Anerist Tummala Dhanvi [:c0mrad3] Fedora Project zoglesby
Admin Panel Customization in Book-a-Nook Shubham Patel Berkman Center for Internet and Society jdcc, jessyurko
Mac OS X platform developer Vincent Dumont Nmap Security Scanner Daniel Miller
Mercurial: Moving Towards Python3 Pulkit Goyal Python Software Foundation Martijn Pieters
Volunteer Management System Pranjali Kokare Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, Tapasweni Pathak
Apache Hama benchmark against Spark and Flink bsikander Apache Software Foundation Edward J. Yoon
Inflection aware spell checker for Malayalam Balasankar C Indic Project Hrishi
Accessible, Responsive Music UI Controls Dinuka Inclusive Design Institute Simon Bates, michelled
Introduce Triangulated Surface, Polyhedral Surface and Triangle API in the OGRGeometry core and implement their support in OGR drivers for GDAL avyavkumar OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, Rob Emanuele
Data Visualization with Infusion wannabecitizen Inclusive Design Institute Antranig Basman
Integration of Proteomics Data to cBioPortal pambot cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics zheins, JJ
statsmodels: Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) aleks_ Python Software Foundation Kevin Sheppard, Josef Perktold
Abhinand GSoC Proposal : Extension for page creating/editing notification Abhinand Wikimedia Foundation tosfos, Yaron
Build Deep Learning models online gauravgupta CloudCV virajp, Harsh Agrawal, Deshraj
Easier Project Model Management Nikita Sigmah Olivier Sarrat, spMohanty
ruby_curry : A compiler implementation for Curry built in Ruby karthiksenthil Portland State University sergio
UV Tools SaphireS Blender Foundation howardt
Improvements in the RTEMS Trace Framework vivekk RTEMS Project Isaac, Mathieu Desnoyers, Chris Johns, eepp
Automating the uploading of binary files for git-annex swappy Robocomp Rajath Kumar M P, marcog, FCid
Audio tag editing support for GNOME Music saifulbkhan GNOME garnacho, Felipe Borges
Proposal for Gnome-Boxes Radu Stochitoiu GNOME Zeeshan Ali
POSIX Test Suite Compliance charles cui The NetBSD Foundation crispytoast, martin
Feature creeping and Bug wrangling tremblerz Nmap Security Scanner Daniel Miller
Macromedia Director iskrich ScummVM sev, fuzzie
Implement search and replace, spell check for Builder Fangwen Yu GNOME
C layer Sergei Sakhno KolibriOS Albom
Plugin system asutoshpalai Ruby fotanus, segiddins
Optimization of neural network simulator via parallelisation Wenyan International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Marmaduke
Neverland Theme Builder project Minh KDE neverendingo
LibraryBox iOS App davidhas Berkman Center for Internet and Society griffey
Qunit - Standard reporter interface flore77 jQuery Foundation Jörn Zaefferer
Set-up continuous integration for Apache RYA Amila Wijayarathna Apache Software Foundation Adina Crainiceanu
Apache Spark: Build monitoring UI and related infrastructure for Spark SQL and structured streaming taolin Apache Software Foundation yhuai
NPF and blacklistd web interface maya The NetBSD Foundation elad, mbalmer, Riastradh
Reorganizing JOSM core Michael Zangl OpenStreetMap Dirk Stöcker
A new graphical tool for deploying components Basil Robocomp pbustos, Rcintas
Dottydoc Felix Mulder Scala Heather Miller, darkdimius
Integrating Job and Cloud Health Information of Apache Aurora with Apache Airavata Gourav Rattihalli Apache Software Foundation Marlon Pierce, Suresh Marru
A Job Running Client for AcousticBrainz Kartik Gupta MetaBrainz Foundation Alastair
QGIS Styles, Symbols, and SVG Markers Sharing Repository akbargumbira OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation elpaso, anitagraser
coala: Automatic settings guessing Adhityaa Chandrasekar Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), udayan12167,
[MITMProxy] Clemens Brunner cle1000 The Honeynet Project Maximilian Hils, cortesi
Scifi UI using Python-VTK in DIPY.VIZ ranveeraggarwal Python Software Foundation Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Marc-Alexandre Côté
GitHub based version control of synthetic chromosomes sakshamsaxena Open Genome Informatics ericiam
Library Layout Redesign jmigual Mixxx DJ Software daschuer
Saving ODF XML of Change-tracking as a Sequence of Pre-defined Changes Rosemary Sebastian LibreOffice Thorsten Behrens, os_cib, Svante Schubert
pgmpy: Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and No U Turn Sampler Utkarsh Python Software Foundation ankurankan, Pranjal Mittal
Extend communication outside the LAN amtj Open Source Robotics Foundation Jose Luis Rivero, caguero
Add class-based object-oriented programming to Typed Lua Kevin Clancy LabLua Fabio Mascarenhas
Colibri OpenADR connector Georg Faustmann Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Andreas Fernbach, dschachi
Vorto : Web based Graphical IoT System Modeling Too Tharindu Eclipse Foundation Vijay
Dotplot Project Proposal Chaitanya Berkman Center for Internet and Society jdcc
GPG Verification in Homebrew domt4 Homebrew Andrew Janke
Step Size Control ankit12105012 MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano mm, Pierangelo Masarati
Improve the prediction for RiPP clusters MNave Open Bioinformatics Foundation kblin, chevrm
Scheduling capabilities for Astroplan Kvyh OpenAstronomy Erik Tollerud, Brett Morris
Android SDK Tools in Debian Kai-Chung Yan Debian Project Hans-Christoph Steiner
Atlas Module Enhancements Proposal Shekharreddy OpenMRS squirrelflower
ScrapingHub - Enhancing the Performance of Scrapy's Signaling API rootavish Python Software Foundation Jakob de Maeyer, ptremberth, dangra
Improving SegAnnDB genomic segmentation app abstatic Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G) - Montreal node Toby Hocking
istSOS Web API Luka G. OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Maxi, mantonovic
Make pagure adaptable for vivekanand Fedora Project Pierre-Yves Chibon
Notebooks for Weather Data Analytics Pradyut Apache Software Foundation Suresh Marru
Implementation of Singularity Functions to solve Beam Bending problems Sampad Kumar Saha SymPy moorepants, Sartaj Singh, Ondřej Čertík
Improve the UI of Portus msfernandes openSUSE Miquel Sabaté
Continuous Integration of real robots by themselves furushchev JSK Robotics Laboratory Kei Okada, YoheiKakiuchi
Enhancement and Offline Support for Wikitolearn Editor Srijan KDE Irene Cortinovis, Gianluca Rigoletti
Sicilian-Spanish Language Pair Uliana Sentsova The Apertium Project Ornela, Xavi Ivars
The Virtual Brain Project #2: Improving Parameter Space Exploration Tool Dabyly International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Lia
Improve the usability of NetLogo IDE for Desktop Akarshit Wal The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling Robert G
WikiToLearn Collaborative Wiki Editor Sagar Hani KDE Gianluca Rigoletti, Cristian Baldi @crisbal
SLAM on Google Cardboard sarthak OpenCV Prasanna
Pywikibot Support for Thanks (GSoC Proposal) darthbhyrava Wikimedia Foundation John Vandenberg, Legoktm
OGC protocols support within OL3-Google-Maps SamuelLapointe OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Alexandre Dubé, jlapointe
GSoC ode15s project proposal FrancescoFaccio GNU Octave CdF, JackC, Schoeps
Categorical data support for Daru, Statsample and Statsample-glm Lokesh Sharma Ruby Science Foundation zverok, Alexej Gossmann, Rodrigo Botafogo, Sameer Deshmukh
Integration Test Framework for WSO2 Dockerfiles Abhishek Tiwari WSO2 Chamila, Vishanth, Imesh Gunaratne
Automatic Polygonal Mesh Healing tandoorichick BRL-CAD Daniel Rossberg
Improve categorization and search on Inqlude web site Nanduni KDE cornelius
LabPlot: Adding histogram and bar chart. AnuMittal KDE garvitdelhi
Proxies in NetworkManager Atul Anand GNOME David Woodhoue
Jenkins Usage Statistics Analysis Payal Priyadarshini Jenkins Project Daniel Beck, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Win32 Network Driver with lwIP 1.4.1 zhu48 ReactOS AmineKhaldi, Art Yerkes
Journal Rethink : Abhijit AbrahmAB Sugar Labs Walter Bender, Sam P.
KDE Edu, LabPlot- Project: theme manager for plots kupy KDE asemke
Scrapinghub - Scrapy: Support for Spiders in other Programming Languages Aron Barreira Bordin Python Software Foundation eLRuLL, ptremberth
Environment model specifications for more bugs to reveal Ilya Zakharov The Linux Foundation nem, Alexey Khoroshilov
MDAnalysis: Introducing capabilities for analysing umbrella sampling simulations fiona Python Software Foundation Jonathan Barnoud, mnmelo, Richard Gowers, Max Linke
Adopt an unreleased Kazakh-English language pair Aidana The Apertium Project Aida Sundetova, Jonathan W
Bring native support for clang on Gentoo zlei Gentoo Foundation lu_zero
PhenoPacket Scraper satwik77 The Monarch Initiative Dan Keith
Recommendation Platform for Harvard Curriculum beattymg Berkman Center for Internet and Society jessyurko
Improve existing Android client of Hawkular Anuj Garg JBoss Community Heiko Rupp, Passos
GSoC 2016 – Boxes- More SPICE features Visarion Alexandru GNOME Zeeshan Ali
Porting GuixSD to GNU/Hurd Manolis GNU Project Justus Winter, ludo
Improve and enhance the Open Event system Manan Wason FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Towards Support for Reverse Engineering of Neural Circuits and Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction in Fovea and PyDSTool mcneela International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Robert Clewley
Terrain Model Generation and Analysis aishcat5 52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH CDanowski, Benno Schmidt
General Graphics Improvements Caio Souza Scilab Enterprises Clément DAVID, Marcos Cardinot
Arduino to Pulpino library porting El-Mohr lowRISC atraber
Proposal for the "Backend integration with OpenAPI" project hgabaldon Eclipse Foundation Maximilian Koegel
Shailesh Tripathi- GSoC Project #9.2: Adding OpenCL support to GeNN Shailesh Tripathi International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Thomas Nowotny
Implementation of the PCP instrumentation API in golang Suyash Performance Co-Pilot Owen Butler, Nathan Scott, lberk
Project 3: Dynamic load-balancing for UGGrid Maikel Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) Bernd Flemisch, Christian Engwer
DIPY: Developing a new DIPY website with interactive features ghoshbishakh Python Software Foundation Eleftherios Garyfallidis, jchoude
GAS package Leopoldo Catania R project for statistical computing kboudt, Dave
[PCSA-Android] Collaborative Map of Risk Areas Izabela Cardoso Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, Rose Robinson
Better Alias Analysis By Default grievejia The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Hal Finkel, George Burgess IV
Add MuPDF support to cups-filters for a lightweight mobile printing stack Pranjal Bhor The Linux Foundation Till Kamppeter, Robin Watts,
Implementation of Endpoint Masquerading Set of Rules kshi219 Vicente González, jellysheep
Yosys Tools: Automatic schematic generation for web browsers Rishabh Rawat Free and Open Source Silicion Foundation Clifford
AcousticBrainz Dataset Creation Toolkit Daniele Scarano MetaBrainz Foundation Roman
syslog-ng as a command line tool kvch The syslog-ng project Laszlo Budai, Tibor Benke
Schedule TaskCluster Jobs in Treeherder martianwars Mozilla armenzg
Nautilus: Integrate file-roller and compressed file management razvan GNOME Cosimo Cecchi, Carlos Soriano
GUI-based FTP client for KolibriOS nisargshah95 KolibriOS ashmew2
Port search configuration module to Drupal 8 Joyce George Drupal cs_shadow
Project: Kafka source in Java Vithulan The syslog-ng project Viktor Juhasz
HTML5 Player: Rendering + Physics Teabeans Catrobat Michael, Paul Schreiner
ownCloud Demo Improvements stp ownCloud Lukas Reschke (ownCloud)
Bluestore SMR Support Shehbaz Jaffer Ceph Sage Weil
Systers Features for Mailman 3 Aditi Gupta Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community yaseppochi, Ana Cutillas, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Cloud Point Visualization for Liquid Galaxy Asherat Liquid Galaxy Project Julio Bondia Barceló, Andreu Ibanez
Port Mailhandler to Drupal 8 Milos Drupal Miro Dietiker, primsi
MyHDL : RISC-V Implementation meetshah1995 Python Software Foundation Christopher, Oscar Diaz
HBASE-15530 Snappy Compression and Data Block Encoding In RPC Talat UYARER Apache Software Foundation
Managing and visualizing movement data with PostGIS and R b.dukai R project for statistical computing,, Mathieu Basille
Ethernet Ring Protection Switching Yuanxun FreeBSD gnn
Modernising GNOME Keysign Andrei Macavei GNOME Tobias Mueller
Structure Learning from complete data for pgmpy chrisittner Python Software Foundation ankurankan
Tee muxer improvement Ján Sebechlebský FFmpeg Cus
Implementation of theorem prover based on Skeptik's data structures and Conflict Resolution algorithm itegulov AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education Katya, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
Google Cardboard – Visual Odometry, SLAM jrcapriles OpenCV Bence Magyar
Android SDK Tools in Debian cdesai Debian Project Hans-Christoph Steiner
Repository and Services for it kuchumovri CCExtractor Development Anshul, Carlos Fernández Sanz
Variable Segment Length Bitmap Compression aingerson Portland State University David Chiu
Foundations for DRAKVUF on ARM Sergej Proskurin The Honeynet Project webstergd, Steven Maresca, Tamas K Lengyel
A GUI (tkinter) front end for pip Upendra Kumar Python Software Foundation Harsh Dattani, lorenzogotuned
Visualization Support for JDart Chao Java Pathfinder Team Zvonimir, Falk Howar, Luckow
Porting the CTAG face2|4 multichannel soundcard drivers to BeagleBoard-X15 (AM5728 SoC). Create library to make use of AM5728 DSPs (TI TMS320C66x). henrix Vladimir Pantelic, Robert Manzke
Enhancing mycqlbinlog Adding Support for GTIDs. Becca Tucker MariaDB byte, plinux
Context based fuzzy clustering of malware Kacper The Honeynet Project Jurriaan Bremer, hgascon
Vespucci - MapCSS parser Vincent DORUT OpenStreetMap SimonPoole
Project proposal Katerina Koukiou Libvirt Cédric Bosdonnat, Michal Privoznik
Improving UI-Elements Rishubh Jain Scilab Enterprises Pierre-Aimé Agnel, Clément DAVID
Enhanced Graph Plotting and General GUI Improvements in Prism Omer PRISM Model Checker Dave Parker, Joachim Klein
Proposal for commitplease project in jQuery all3fox jQuery Foundation Jörn Zaefferer
Port to pywikibot-core AbdealiJK Wikimedia Foundation John Vandenberg, DrTrigon
Polly as an Analysis Pass in LLVM Utpal The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Johannes Doerfert
DevOps tooling for Vert.x applications ricardohmon Vert.x Clement Escoffier
Airavata Monitoring Module Siddharth Jain Apache Software Foundation Marlon Pierce, Suresh Marru, Shameera
[portal] Completion of Systers Portal Meetup App payal97 Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Ana Balica, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Improving Web Based SBGN Editor SBGNViz.js Metin Can Siper National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Ugur Dogrusoz
Finding and analysing copy-pasted code with clang Teemperor The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Vassil
Sugar on the Ground Utkarsh Tiwari Sugar Labs tony37, icarito
Patient Flags Module Enhancements Kanka Musa OpenMRS Pascal Brandt
Project X: JavaScript Unit Tests: Project Proposal Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe Joomla! Ashan Fernando, Yves Hoppe
Usability improvements for smle sheff_146 52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH Carsten Hollmann, Simon Jirka, Christian Autermann
Running Docker from Apache Taverna nadeesh092 Apache Software Foundation Alan R Williams
Loklak apps/microservices to the open tweet platform and IoT integrations using the loklak backend Sudheesh Singanamalla FOSSASIA MarioB, Orbiter
Local Community Detection Search Using a Conceptual View Omid Rezvani AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education Qing
Horizontal Map Wrapping In Libchamplain stancium GNOME Jonas Danielsson
Verifying Safety of NextGen Models Jianfeng.Chen Java Pathfinder Team Franco Raimondi, neharungta, Eric Mercer
Centralized Service Configuration for Holmes Ma-Shell The Honeynet Project webstergd, Zachary Hanif
Implementation of Recurrent Models and Examples in R for MXNet Yuqi Li R project for statistical computing qkou, Yuan Tang
End-to-end Performance Visualization vear91 Ceph alimaredia
DHISReport DHIS2 WebAPI Pralay Ramteke OpenMRS Sri Maurya Kummamuru
Moving the Tracing UI work forward (PHOENIX-2701) (PHOENIX-1119) Nishani Apache Software Foundation Mujtaba Chohan
Teiid HDFS Translator/Connector Tugba JBoss Community @rareddy, shawkins
Multi-view Reconstruction with Witness Camera for Blender tianwei37 Blender Foundation Sergey Sharybin
Carsus - TARDIS support package for creating atomic datasets. mishinma TARDIS-SN Wolfgang, Luke Shingles
Writing a name and port service for running components Yash Sanap Robocomp Luis J. Manso, JMartinez-Gomez, pbustos
Sign and Verify Script Varun Raval Eclipse Foundation
Porting activities in Qt version of GCompris. Rajdeep Kaur KDE Johnny Jazeix
Use Phabricator API to enhance KDE Reports ali-mohamed KDE bcooksley, TheMonster
Categorical Axis story645 NumFOCUS Michael Droettboom, tacaswell
Port Google Login Authenticator To Drupal 8 therealssj Drupal Adam Bergstein
Gabov Anton. Smart HTTP/2-based protocol for Infinispan Anton JBoss Community ttarrant
Implement Ext4fs support in ReadOnly mode hrishikesh The NetBSD Foundation crispytoast,
Rails: Support Auto-Completion in Web Console Hiroyuki Ruby gsamokovarov
Usage Dashboard for Classroom for GitHub cyhsutw GitHub johndbritton
Cassandra Storage Engine V2 Charles Muurmu MariaDB spetrunia
Dataset and Experimentation Tools KeonKim mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library Tham
Android istSOS client masterflorin OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation mirko, mantonovic
Sharing MIT AppInventor projects among users to allow collaboration Ana Ribeiro MIT Media Lab Aubrey
​Obscure Features, Locking/Unlocking of Access Protection, EEPROMs and CFI hatim coreboot dhendrix, stefanct
Visualisation for BLAST results aniarya Open Genome Informatics Yannick Wurm, priyam
Building cortical network models in NeuroML2 using procedural and declarative programming approaches Rokas International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility PGleeson
Provide GTID support for MariaDB MHA Charles Dirk MariaDB byte
Drools Rules in Minecraft Samuel Richardson JBoss Community Salaboy
Tutorials for Cytoscape.js joseph.stahl National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Max Franz
Multi-resolution Analysis of Pathology Data with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Nelson Biomedical Informatics, Emory University cooperle
Theano : Better handling of larger graphs and faster optimization phase during compilation Ramana.S Python Software Foundation Frédéric Bastien, Pascal Lamblin
Implementation of “blueprint” Vert.x applications and detailed documents sczyh30 Vert.x Clement Escoffier, Paulo Lopes
Writing tutorials and implementing popular deep learning architectures in CloudCV Deepali Jain CloudCV Harsh Agrawal
JCache DataStore Implementation for Apache Gora djkevincr Apache Software Foundation lewismc
Expand the generic algebraic curve functionality in Sage gjorgenson Sage Mathematical Software System Benh, Miguel Marco
Browser-based Arduino sensor data transfer using WebRTC and headphone jack Richard Meister Public Lab Jeffrey Warren, Diana
Add support for lookup by repository ID throughout GitHub APIs Dampir GitHub shiftkey
voice to part tool and extended implode/explode tool Rocketone MuseScore Jojo
Xcos Automatic Layout II sampig Scilab Enterprises Paul, Marcos Cardinot
Social Media Integration with CiviCRM rajbdilip CiviCRM Joe Murray
Gamification of submission system Quora MetaBrainz Foundation LordSputnik, Leftmost
Extending the text module with deep Word-spotting CNN Anguelos OpenCV Lluis Gomez
Improve tracing in Phoenix (Phoenix - 1121) Pranavan Theivendiram Apache Software Foundation Rajeshbabu Chintaguntla
Improve elasticsearch-lua tests and builds Dhaval Kapil LabLua Pablo Musa
Open Event Organizer Server Feature Enhancement SaptakS FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Prepare Erlang DBus for OTP saa Beam Community
Implementation of Module on Logic (Chapters 7 – 9) for 4th Edition for 4th Edition anurag_rai aimacode ctjoreilly
Implement APIs from various social media platforms and develop app components for open data social media analysis Jigyasa Grover FOSSASIA Orbiter
Incremental Rewrite of Git Bisect Pranit Bauva Git larsxschneider, Christian Couder
Enhance visitor experience of OSEM Ana openSUSE ddemaio, Christian Bruckmayer, Henne
Report Builder GUI for CiviCRM Pranay Yadav CiviCRM Brian Shaughnessy, Jaap Jansma
Astropy: Bridge sherpa and astropy fitting nocturnalastro OpenAstronomy hamogu, Tom Aldcroft
Cytoscape command line scripting enhancements Ashish Tiwari National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Scooter Morris
Better Support for RISC-V Systems Jonathan Neuschäfer coreboot Harvey, Furquan
OpenWrt - poWquty (poWer quality) Neez Freifunk Dr.-Ing Thomas Hühn
Bark: Microblogging in Matrix Half-Shot Kegan
Kivy: Plyer Kuldeep Singh Python Software Foundation Akshay Arora, kived
CI for Debian-Med Canberkkoc Debian Project Nicolas Dandrimont
Optional types for Matz's Ruby Interpreter RB Ruby Tony Arcieri, bai
Add Varnam support into Indic Keyboard malayaleecoder Indic Project Navaneeth K N, Jishnu
Automatic mappings extraction Aditya Nambiar dbpediaspotlight Nilesh, Dimitris Kontokostas, Chile
Alternatives YaST Module jyeray openSUSE Josef Reidinger, ancorgs
Project VIII: Browser Automated Tests for Joomla! CMS(covering Users and Content features) Prital Patel Joomla! Niels Braczek, Yves Hoppe, Javier Gómez
Project idea 1: Full-featured calendars Manish Vishnoi Sigmah Olivier Sarrat, spMohanty
Result-aggregation server for the installation-test scripts Prerit Garg NumFOCUS piotrb, Raniere Silva
Support bhyve as a Vagrant VM backend jesa FreeBSD Steve Wills, Michael Dexter
[GSoC 2016] Support-core plugin improvements Minudika Malshan Jenkins Project Arnaud Héritier, schristou88
A schema-based configuration system for OpenWrt NeoRaider Freifunk, Andreas Bräu
Tools for Time Travel: Time Lapse Encryption jethroFloyd Berkman Center for Internet and Society Jack
Expand Nyx Sambuddha Basu The Tor Project atagar
Learning Multi-Domain Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Tracking Tyan Vladimir OpenCV Antonella Cascitelli
Infrastructure for defining toolbars via .ui (Glade) files eszka LibreOffice Jan Holešovský, Samuel Mehrbrodt
Browser-Based Offline Access mbj36 Mifos Initiative gauravsaini03
Implementing op-based CRDTs in Lasp g_unis Beam Community cmeiklejohn
Automated Unit Testing maditparis Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Cloud services support for vlmc lemourin VideoLAN / VLMC Project feepk
kernelconfig erdmanae Gentoo Foundation Rafael Martins
Integrate DroidBOT into Cuckoo Sandbox Tin Duong The Honeynet Project Jurriaan Bremer, Hugo Gonzalez
OpenHealth app development - Public health avj Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics Jonas Almeida
Project Lumen siaw23 Berkman Center for Internet and Society Matt Zagaja
Support ODF styles in Calc using Orcus Jaskaran Veer Singh LibreOffice Markus Mohrhard
Biological Graph Visualizations Samyadeep Basu Open Genome Informatics spficklin
We need to go deeper - GoogLeNet nilay_jain mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library Marcus Edel, Tham
Fitz's Proposal on Android XWiki authenticator project Fitz XWiki Thomas Mortagne
Expanded Q & A System for ananyo Public Lab Jeffrey Warren, Daniel Henry, lizbarry
ScholarLY Annotations jefferyshivers GNU Project Urs Liska
GSoC 2016 Proposal for Blender—Sculpting Tools Inlinebool Blender Foundation ideasman42
BeagleScope ZeekHuge SJLC, Abhishek Kumar, m_w, Hunyue Yau
Image Features and Exposure Correction using Images.jl mronian The Julia Language Simon Danisch,
Dynamic Topic Models - Gensim bhargavvader NumFOCUS lev.konst, Radim, Devasena Inupakutika
Eclipse CHE: Pair programming with Eclipse Che Cloud IDE rnavagamuwa Eclipse Foundation sunix
Improving and expanding the JavaScript XMPP Implementation Abdelrhman Ahmed Mozilla nhnt11, aleth
Web-based syslog-ng configuration editor PoOwAa The syslog-ng project Viktor Juhasz
The Shogun Detox – GSoC 2016 Proposal OXPHOS Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox Heiko Strathmann, lambday, wiking
Ansible and the Community (or automation improving innovation) jflory7 Fedora Project decause, puiterwijk
Mercurial: Allow largefiles to be at a different location liscju Python Software Foundation Sean Farley, Mathiasdm
Add MongoDB to Tajo Storage Janaka Apache Software Foundation Jaehwa Jung
Mesh Optimisation mcadri Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Florian Rudolf, JosefWeinbub
Adding to SymEngine's Polynomial functionality and interfacing it with FLINT & Piranha srajangarg SymPy sumith1896, Ondřej Čertík, isuruf
Enhanced Strategy Functionality for PRISM Ganindu PRISM Model Checker Dave Parker, Gethin
Ahmia search engine for hidden services zma The Tor Project Juha Nurmi
Real Time Data Access and Visualisation tools. Sudarshan Konge OpenAstronomy jackireland, David PS
EMF Forms goes AngularJS: A web-based editor for UI schemata fraruca Eclipse Foundation Maximilian Koegel
[ML]Visual(Deep) Neural Network Builder Lakini Senanayaka WSO2 Upul, Nirmal Fernando
Implementing legacy SAX parser Interface with FastParser Azorpid LibreOffice Noel Grandin, Michael Meeks
MIDI Sequence Recording and Playback anirudh3 Mixxx DJ Software illuusio
Recommender Systems (Add-on) Salva Carrión Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun tomazc,
[Django-project] Kunal Sharma, Perago Proposal Kunal Sharma Peragro sueastside
Dynamic Network Analysis in Rogas ShallYan AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education Minjian Liu, Qing
Building Survival Models from Genomic Data with Google TensorFlow coco90417 Biomedical Informatics, Emory University cooperle,
Flag Algebras in Sage srobik Sage Mathematical Software System Dima Pasechnik
Extending the online tutorial of Céu with Emscripten and SDL VicentiuM LabLua Francisco
Authentication Mechanisms for LightMelody poff Copyleft Games Arc Riley
Adding SCSI passthrough to CTL Suraj Ponugoti FreeBSD Edward Tomasz Napierala
Rewrite the sTeam web interface akhilHector FOSSASIA Martin Bähr, Trilok Tourani
Kdenlive: Windows and OSX Port joejoshw KDE vpinon
Bug Tracker Support Sanchit Kapoor OWASP Foundation thc202, kingthorin, Simon Bennetts
Mit App Inventor Android Research Tasks saila MIT Media Lab Hal Abelson
Support for Complex Semidefinite Programming within Convex.jl AYUSH PANDEY The Julia Language Madeleine, Dj
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software JonathanJson Debian Project
Fineract: Implement integration for Unified Payments Interface meta-coder Apache Software Foundation Mage
Work on nftables missing features and iptables to nftables translation tool pablombg Netfilter project Regit
Add Mail Account Management & Alias Support & Signature Management to the OwnCloud Mail Application Tahaa Karim ownCloud Christoph Wurst, Gomez
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search: Implementation of Multiprobe LSH and LSH Tuning mentekid mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library Ryan Curtin
Java support for Deviser, a code generation system for SBML libraries Hovakim Grabski National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Frank T. Bergmann
Re-design of GTE in Javascript Harkirat Gambit - Software Tools for Game Theory rahulsavani, alfongj, bvonstengel
Python Interface for VLFeat Library machinex Portland State University Simon N.
Web-based administration & process management for PyWPS ruda OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Jachym Cepicky, Jonas Eberle
The Torprinter project SuperOctopus The Tor Project GeKo
GSoC Proposal : Improve Pkgin Youri Mouton The NetBSD Foundation iMil, jaapb, Jeremy C. Reed
Implementation of Coroutine-­Based Utilities Jess Smith Scala Aleksandar Prokopec
Private medical data comparison functions for similar patient matching Mathu AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education Peter Christen, Dinusha Vatsalan
A backend agnostic GraphLayout.jl abhijithanilkumar The Julia Language Simon Danisch, Shashi Gowda
Liberty Eiffel Eclipse Plugin Project Imhotep GNU Project Raphael Mack
jQuery Learning Center connor jQuery Foundation Aurelio De Rosa, Anne-Gaelle Colom
eBook Content Export Jensen Jiang Plone Foundation Bernd Kulawik
Ceylon Markdown rohitmohan96 JBoss Community Stephane Epardaud
Open-Event-Webapp Aayush Arora FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds leot The NetBSD Foundation David Maxwell, Jörg Sonnenberger, Cryo, wiz, Riastradh
Sharable Plugin System for – Mesh Network Communication App Anu V Freifunk math
Unique Index for BLOBs And Adaptive Hashing for Generated Hash Sachin Setiya MariaDB serg
Developer Horizon and other extensions Harsh Daftary Debian Project bzed, irl
Sessions + Josephine TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore yj-soh
Stanislav Shterev IDI UIO Responsive Design Proposal Stan Shterev Inclusive Design Institute Jon H, Cindy Qi Li
Genomic Tube Map WolfgangB Genes, Genomes and Variation Daniel Zerbino
CLTK Latin/Greek Backoff Lemmatizer diyclassics Classical Language Toolkit James Tauber, Kyle P. Johnson
Graphical workflow editor for eHive using Blockly Anuj Khandelwal Genes, Genomes and Variation Matthieu Muffato
Idea 1: Javascript/WebGL Component For Interactive Visualization Of Large-Scale Network Graphs. Znbiz Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln David Tichy, Tom Helikar
Strace Fault Injection Proposal Naam strace Gabriel Laskar
Automated release generation for syslog-ng black-perl The syslog-ng project Laszlo Budai, László Várady
APT↔dpkg communication rework DonKult Debian Project
Major Improvements to the factorAnalytics package Acharya R project for statistical computing Eric Zivot, Brian G. Peterson, Rohit Arora, Peter Carl, martinrd
Manage workflow for Software/Data Carpentry instructor training Chris Medrela NumFOCUS Greg Wilson, piotrb
Improve the Open Event Organizer Server and implement missing features Niranjan R FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
ROS Interfrace for Impedance/Force Control rkojcev Open Source Robotics Foundation
WikiToLearn Rating Abhimanyu Singh Shekhawat KDE, Davide Valsecchi (@valsdav)
Inclusion of Functions from “Measuring Market Risk” into PerformanceAnalytics d_acharya R project for statistical computing paulteetor, Brian G. Peterson, Peter Carl
Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick) Pulkit_Gupta KDE Bruno Coudoin
Improvement of the TARDIS configuration system ftsamis TARDIS-SN Wolfgang, Vytautas Jančauskas
Add softproofing and wide-gamut colour selector to Krita Wolthera KDE Dmitry Kazako, Boudewijn Rempt
Plug the core-apitrace support for performance counters to qapitrace trtt X.Org Foundation Martin Peres (mupuf)
Science for D - a non-uniform RNG Greenify D Foundation Ilya Yaroshenko
Proposal for project : Preset List Settings Template(aka Styles) Harshit Bansal GNU Mailman Barry, Terri O, maxking, Florian Fuchs
Eclipse EASE Jupyter Kernels Martin Kloesch Eclipse Foundation
Internationalization of jiteshjha Public Lab Jeffrey Warren, lizbarry
PowerUp Proposal Aanchal Somani Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community iogburu, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, chhavip
Standalone NUI extraction and visual NUI editor rzats MovingBlocks Cervator, Florian
Abstracting device address allocation Tomasz Flendrich Libvirt Martin Kletzander
Information Visualizations using Datascope Stefan Florea Biomedical Informatics, Emory University Ganesh Iyer
Integrate the Cling backend into PyPy/cppyy aditi137 CERN SFT wlav
Extending animation features in Krita Jouni Pentikäinen KDE Boudewijn Rempt, animtim
Migrating jQuery to the Hammer.js Mobile Gesture Event System S'Out jQuery Foundation arschmitz, Gabriel Schulhof
Online Geometry Viewer gjeet BRL-CAD Ishwerdas
Knitting Machines Kirstin FOSSASIA MarioB, c.obersteiner
Large scale image viewing/editing module in 3D Slicer Naiyun Zhou Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics Yi Gao
Provide a cryptographic implementation for spacekookie Freifunk math
Developing MongoDB interface for Apache Tajo Hoon Apache Software Foundation Jihoon Son
Idea #1: Privileged Entity Support to Write Powerful External Components for ejabberd AnnaMuharram Beam Community aleksey
Implementation of a HDF5 export/import to EEGBase ipsita International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Petr Ježek
Docker Repository Adapter for Package Drone pubudu Eclipse Foundation Jens Reimann
FHIR Swagger Document generator and enhancements Rasanjana OpenMRS Harsha Kumara, Sashrika
Adding new templates to BuildmLearn Toolkit Android app Anupam Das BuildmLearn Pankaj
Text Mining Add On Alexey Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun Ajda, Nikicc
R/Privacy: Raising the quality and trust of data privacy software probhonjon Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
Rperform: performance analysis for R package code akashtndn R project for statistical computing Toby Dylan Hocking, Joshua Ulrich
Nuxeo repository and Authority connector for Apache ManifoldCF Davarresc Apache Software Foundation Antonio David Perez Morales
Dynamic structured light in openCV Ambroise OpenCV Delia Passalacqua
Improve SMP Scheduling with Arbitrary Processor Affinites darnir RTEMS Project Joel Sherrill, Sebastian Huber, Kuan, Cyrille Artho
Distributed Intermediate Tree Elimination in Lasp Borja Beam Community zeeshanlakhani
YAPDNS Dennis Parchkov garou6666 The Honeynet Project Pietro Delsante, Fedele Mantuano, Andrea De Pasquale
Bringing pyModis to the web through ZOO-Project Chingchai Humhong OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, Luca Delucchi
Lightweight chat plugin for the JBrowse genome browser Pubudu Dodangoda Open Genome Informatics Ian Holmes
Add support for arbitrary CPU and RAM in the ComputeService (jclouds-482) Iván Lomba Apache Software Foundation nacx
Interactive Tutorial System for Julia and Juno mgtlake The Julia Language one-more-minute, Shashi Gowda
Rust implementation of GNUnet utils kc1212 GNU Project Jeff Burdges
Extending language support and adding OWASP Top 10 challenges to Container Engine Anirudh Anand OWASP Foundation antonis_man, Spyros
Upgrading the FIB hash table of principals to the relativistic hash table Sachin Paryani Boston University / XIA Qiaobin Fu
Interprocedural Register Allocation in LLVM Vivek Pandya The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Mehdi Amini, Hal Finkel
Responsive Email Layout Anjali Ujjainia CiviCRM Siddharth Gupta, Xavier Dutoit
Building a Better Beacon: Developing Supporting Tools for the Beacon Project patmagee Global Alliance for Genomics & Health miro, mfiume
NASA Web World Wind - Multidimensional Visualization Tool for Environmental Variables gabry501 OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Patrick Hogan, Jakub Balhar
Improve sTeam Siddhant085 FOSSASIA Martin Bähr, Trilok Tourani
Implement Zoner Draw import filter AlexP11223 LibreOffice dtardon
Blender Mantaflow Integration: Single Code Fluid Solver sebbas Blender Foundation N_T
coala: Decentralizing Bears Adrianzatreanu Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), Justus, AbdealiJKothari
Move from Passwords to App Lock Mechanism AlexFJW OpenKeychain (OpenPGP for Android) Adithya Abraham Philip
Mobile (and Web) Based Blood Analysis Abdul Fatir Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tom Helikar, Jiri Adamec
Thunderbird - Implement mbox -> maildir converter Shiva Mozilla mkmelin
Lilypond - Allow spanners to cross voices starrynte GNU Project Jan-Peter
White Box and Regression Testing of the Mynewt OS Nges Brian Apache Software Foundation ccollins, mkiiskila
Contact Development Team feature in DevStudio Nathiesha WSO2 Jasintha, Kavith Lokuhewage
Cycloidal rotor module improvements kulluiitb MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano Giuseppe Quaranta, Louis
Hibernate Search: JSR 352 batch job for re-indexing entities mincongh JBoss Community Gunnar Morling, emmanuelbernard
Babble improvements (editing, flagging, notifications, and other minor things) xfix Discourse gdpelican, Sam Saffron
I/O API for NetBSD kernel Lua Guilherme Salazar LabLua
Making virsh more bash like nishithshah2211 Libvirt Michal Privoznik
MyHDL : HDMI Source / Sink Modules srivatsan_r Python Software Foundation Christopher, tenthousandfailures, Oscar Diaz
Statsmodels: Distributed Estimation and Statistical Inference for Regression Leland Bybee Python Software Foundation Kerby Shedden, Josef Perktold
OSGeo GDAL DWG support sandyre OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, BishopGIS
1 Krita Canvas Decorations Compatible with Modern OpenGL Nimmy KDE Dmitry Kazako, Boudewijn Rempt
Improving static analysis tools for MediaWiki Lethe Wikimedia Foundation Legoktm, Erik Bernhardson
Unique Indexes for blobs Shubham2 MariaDB serg, Jan Lindström
Mozilla Investigator(MIG): Auditd integration Arun Mozilla kang
AMD IOMMU interrupt remapping and other improvements asla QEMU Jan Kiszka, vsinitsyn
Improving GitHub CI canihavesomecoffee CCExtractor Development Anshul
Component Enhancement and Runtime Instantiation Ashik MIT Media Lab Andrew McKinney
New camera model and parallel processing for stitching pipeline Jiri Horner OpenCV Bo Li
High-performance P4 software switch using netmap yuri FreeBSD Luigi Rizzo
Semi-realtime MIDI shoogle MuseScore Nicolas Froment
Multistep methods for integrating trajectory in field Dmitry CERN SFT John Apostolakis
Enhance SAFECode’s Baggy Bounds Checking Zhengyang Liu The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure John Criswell
Integrate more open-source IP for lowRISC on FPGAs diadatp lowRISC Wei Song
To construct Bootstrapping Human Motion Data for Gesture Analysis Aswin kumar J Red Hen Lab owenhe, Francis Steen
Improvements for Question Tool HarshV Berkman Center for Internet and Society Matt Zagaja, J S Diaz
KDE Now g33kyaditya KDE mrphantom, Bhushan Shah
Email Sending Framework Ujjwal Wahi CiviCRM nganivet
Proposal for Apache Open Meetings: OPENMEETINGS-1353 Dmitry.Bezheckov Apache Software Foundation solomax,
Haskell Bindings to SymEngine Siddharth Bhat SymPy thilinarmtb, Ondřej Čertík, Shivam Vats, isuruf
Base Class and Increased Efficiency for Equation of Motion Generators jbm950 Python Software Foundation moorepants, theinertialframe
DHIS - Tracker longitudinal Charting Chathura Health Information Systems Programme Roshan Hewapathirana, Pamod Amarakoon
Porting OPTEE to lowRISC rahulmahadev lowRISC Stefan Wallentowitz
Predicting Criminal Moments with Hidden Markov Models kebertx Apache Software Foundation rvs, Suresh Marru
Function argument detection oddcoder radare xvilka, pancake
A complete end to end Font Editor Activity for Sugar aku Sugar Labs Eli Heuer, Dave Crossland
Reporting stack traces on halt panzone Chapel Michael Ferguson, gbt-cray
KStars Lite polaris KDE Jasem Mutlaq
A replacement of std.xml for the Phobos standard library Lodovico Giaretta D Foundation burner
Apertium Weighted Transfer Rules tiefling-cat The Apertium Project Mikel L. Forcada, Flammie, Francis Tyers
Improve tooling for sTeam collaboration platform Ajinkya Wavare FOSSASIA Martin Bähr, Trilok Tourani
Improving the Quality of Error Messages in PEG Parsers MattG LabLua Sérgio Queiroz de Medeiros
ownCloud App for metadata extraction from Images and Introducing Photo Calendar in Gallery imjalpreet ownCloud oparoz
Photo Language Translator (PLT) Rupinderjit Kaur Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Saurabh Patel, SaumyaGurtu
Show tag search results in Picard rahulr MetaBrainz Foundation Michael Wiencek
Identify scenes of Blended Classic Joint Attention (BCJA) in Red Hen’s video dataset Debayan Das Red Hen Lab Mark Turner
Carbon Footprint for Google Maps Firefox Port Kolpa Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Ekaterina, Bruno W P
Ensemble Methods Support for WSO2 Machine Learner Misgana WSO2 Supun, Nirmal Fernando
NicheToolbox: from getting biodiversity data to evaluating species distribution models in a friendly GUI environment. luismurao R project for statistical computing,, Vijay Barve
Improving playback in MuseScore by Johannes Wegener hpfmn MuseScore wschweer
Cycles: Texture system improvements and better user feedback DingTo Blender Foundation Ton Roosendaal
Implementation of Real-time Statistics in Zotonic tex Beam Community Arjan Scherpenisse
Notification issue DishantK1807 FOSSASIA jancborchardt_, Aruna Herath, vuhung, Hpdang, Derek 呆, Sahil Bajaj
Reactive and Adaptive Path Planning Using Sensor Feedback and Operator Input Kentaro Wada Open Source Robotics Foundation
Gentoo Keys Improvements and new MetaManifest system aeroniero Gentoo Foundation dastergon, robbat2, Kristian Fiskerstrand, dol-sen
Fluent graphics across every tile level in Marble's OSM vector map koldav KDE Dennis Nienhüser
Programmatically Discover Data Center Topology Michael Skalka The Linux Foundation Chris Holcombe, ChrisMacNaughton
Enhancing Language Learning using Mind the Word ankit_m Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Bruno W P,
AcousticBrainz BigQuery data exploration cetko MetaBrainz Foundation Alastair
Tryton: Add CSV Import/Export to SAO Client Prayash Mohapatra Python Software Foundation ced, pokoli
U-Boot on NetBSD joed_ The NetBSD Foundation Jörg Sonnenberger, martin
Adding search to more moodle components devang_gaur Moodle David Monllaó
Project: Adopting a language pair Maria Sheyanova The Apertium Project Rob Reynolds, Francis Tyers
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software Mesut Can Gurle Debian Project bmagalhaes
Roundup Anish Shah Python Software Foundation soltysh, Terri Oda
Smoke Tests and Continuous Integration Infrastructure for Apache Open Climate Workbench Ibrahim Jarif Apache Software Foundation lewismc
Continuous stabilization of Gentoo Packages Pallav Agarwal Gentoo Foundation bicatali, Nitin Agarwal
GSOC 2016 - Typed Lua Core proposal dtomek LabLua Andre
TreeCloud Visualization tool aleksandrachasch Unitex/GramLab Philippe Gambette
In-Situ Simulation Management and Analysis Using Apache Airavata jkinnison Apache Software Foundation Marlon Pierce, Suresh Marru
Modular Machine Learning and Classification Toolbox for ImageJ Sumit Vohra International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Dimiter P
Hardware MJPEG encoding design for Firmware Neurotic Joel
DynaPoint - A dynamic access point validator and creator for OpenWrt Asco Freifunk Dr.-Ing Thomas Hühn, Bastian Bittorf
OWASP OWTF - Health Monitor DarKnight-- OWASP Foundation Alexandra Sandulescu, Andres Morales, Abe, delta24
Integration of Text Mining and Topic Modeling Tools JanIdziak R project for statistical computing Tomasz Melcer, Maciej Eder
Web: Session Sync Gabriel Ivașcu GNOME mcatanzaro
Proposal of sunoru about Random Number Generators sunoru The Julia Language Simon Byrne
Optimize balancing speed by accounting for migration speed Daniil Leshchev Ganeti oponomarev
Implementation of the BeiDou signal tracking block for the GNSS-SDR Project Enric Juan gnss-sdr lesteve
Testing Automation Daisy Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community nidhimj22, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Add support for MacVenture games via WebVenture engine blorente ScummVM John Willis
Panic room - Take a deep breath avengerf12 coreboot adurbin, Furquan
Improved Shaders for OSM2World Zabot OpenStreetMap Tordanik, Basti
Vert.x Eventbus clients for Python,C#, C, and Rust applications Jayamine Alupotha Vert.x Julien Viet, Paulo Lopes
libebuild den4ix Gentoo Foundation radhermit
Visualizing Joint Solutions in Descartes jontromanab Open Source Robotics Foundation
G-Clouds Tharindu Munasinghe Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Charitha Elvitigala
PnP Algorithms toolkit for MRPT Chandra Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) famoreno, jesusbriales
Ring project G4suleg Debian Project, Yomgui
[scikit-learn] Addition of various enhancements to the tree module by completing stalled pull requests. nelsonliu Python Software Foundation jmschr, Raghav R V
Exposing The PRU as an I2C,SPI,UART device chanakya_vc mdp, bradfa
Improving Discussion Threads and UI/UX of Apache Allura rhnvrm Apache Software Foundation Dave Brondsema, Heith
Implementation of “Tinykdump”, an improved tool to replace kdump Ronit Halder Fedora Project CAI Qian, Corey ' linuxmodder' Sheldon
Web: Bookmarks Subsystem Update Iulian Radu GNOME mcatanzaro
Sergey Khegay Sergey Nmap Security Scanner ithilgore
Malaria Prevention Application Proposal (Android) yatna Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Leroi, Nicki Hutchens, Ankita Kalra
Plugin generation GUI with visual interface designer septen Open Ephys Josh Siegle
Modular Abelian Variety klui Sage Mathematical Software System tscholl2, William A. Stein
Extending Cytoscape.js: Addition of Clustering Algorithms Zoe National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Mike Kucera
Extensive Test Suite for TARDIS Karan Desai TARDIS-SN slietzau, Ulrich Noebauer
Apache VXQuery - Fully integrate Lucene Indexing into VXQuery Menaka Apache Software Foundation Steven Jacobs
Cleanup ffcall Prasad_arun GNU Project Avneet
Student Application - Lucas Moura lucasmoura Debian Project Antonio Terceiro
BRL-CAD Web Infrastructure Update sniok BRL-CAD Shubham Chauhan
CiviBooking 2.0 timothyylim CiviCRM Guanhuan Chen, Matt Lind
Extended support for mean-payoff properties christopherZ PRISM Model Checker Jan Kretinsky, Vojtech Forejt
Complete basic cartography suite in GRASS GIS wxGUI Map Display ad.laza32 OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras
VXQUERY-178: Support JSONiq - add objects to the data model Riyafa Abdul Hameed Apache Software Foundation Till
Improve selftest coverage psincraian FFmpeg Timothy Gu, Reynaldo Verdejo, michaelni
Bringing NetBSD to Microsoft Azure Moroo Akira The NetBSD Foundation Jörg Sonnenberger, martin
Add Python 3 support and type hints eklavya Zulip Open Source Project tabbott
Implementation of a framework which supports addition of contraction techniques for pgRouting. Sankepally Rohith Reddy OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation dkastl, Vicky Vergara
LSB Navigator Mikhail Kraev The Linux Foundation Vadim, Denis Silakov
Pagure Farhaan Bukhsh Fedora Project Pierre-Yves Chibon
Python bindings for the DUNE grid interface Michaël Sghaïer Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) Andreas Dedner, Martin Nolte
Natural Language Query Interface Prateek_Goel vitrivr Ivan Giangreco
P-BVH enhanced vertex painting Nathan Vollmer Blender Foundation mont29
Visualizing Tool for Probabilistic Classification data in WEKA, RapidMiner, KNIME and R Medha Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Emma,
[SYNCOPE-808] Apache Syncope IDE plugin Nuwan Sameera Apache Software Foundation Fabio Martelli
Zeppelin Notebook Storage using P2P protocol OnkarShedge Apache Software Foundation Alexander Bezzubov
OpenSNP mateusjabour Open Bioinformatics Foundation Philipp Bayer, gedankenstuecke
GoPro Broadcasting Using P2PSP On Android sravan953 josman, Vicente González
Apache SYNCOPE-809 Tushar Apache Software Foundation Francesco Chicchiriccò
Hardware-accelerated media decoding on Android AbdulRauf GPAC rbouqueau, RodolpheFouquet
Rewrite Hydra to be more integrated with Guix mthl GNU Project David Thompson, ludo
Cap'n Proto RPC implementation by wrapping c++ NemoNoboru Ruby bai
Development of a model for woody debris flooding hazard in GvSIG Silvia Franceschi OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Riccardo Rigon, moovida
Implement basic rendering for Direct3D Retained mode jam The Wine Project Stefan Dösinger, André Hentschel
Project Proposal for IoT server tharidu Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Charitha Elvitigala, Kasun
GSoC: Pocket Code Usability improvements RobertR Catrobat Bernadette, Robert Painsi, Marko
Aggregate Stored Funtions varun_raiko MariaDB Vicențiu Ciorbaru, Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin
FMI model exchange and co-simulation standard darkrai MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano mm, Pierangelo Masarati
Scrapinghub Splash: Web Scraping Helpers mike1808 Python Software Foundation kmike, ptremberth, dshpektorov
Open-Source Coding of Models of Microbial S-isotope Fractionation: Exploring Transdisciplinary Scientific Collaboration jysi McGill Space Institute Boz
Adding Enhancements to the Ginga Project scheedella OpenAstronomy Eric Jeschke
New Physics Model in Sixtrack package vikasnt CERN SFT Riccardo De Maria
Time Controls and Internet Activity Visualization dphuang Berkman Center for Internet and Society RHJ
Inferring infobox template class mappings from Wikipedia + Wikidata Peng_Xu dbpediaspotlight Nilesh, Domenico Potena
gRPC python 3.0 and PyPy Thunderboltsid gRPC atash, Nathaniel Manista
CONIKS for Tor Messenger Vu Huy The Tor Project arlolra
Improve Search Feature in Gnome Logs Pranav Ganorkar GNOME David King
Api to link /dev entries to sysctl nodes kiloreux FreeBSD Eitan Adler, Jean-Sébastien Pédron
GSOC'16 Proposal [Fedora-CommOps] Sachin S Kamath Fedora Project decause
Proposed Summer Project quixotic MIT Media Lab Jeffrey Schiller
Further work on the Visual C++ iostream library Sulley The Wine Project Piotr
Improving distributed and secure communication using free software sim590 Debian Project aberaud, Yomgui
Implementing Finite Fields and Set module in SymEngine nishnik SymPy thilinarmtb, sumith1896, Ondřej Čertík, isuruf
App development for infectious microbial genomics Gunjan Shrivastava Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics Jonas Almeida
Package Manager Proposal Peter Cassetta Blender Foundation Sybren
Java source code to Scala.js IR compiler Piotr Moczurad Scala Sébastien Doeraene
Gesture Recognition Using Machine Learning Abhinav Mehta Red Hen Lab Francis Steen
Better use on boarding/first time user experience Arushi Dogra Indic Project Jishnu
Lightcurve modelling with Icarus Akshay Narasimha McGill Space Institute Kelly L
Android SDK Tools in Debian Mouaad Debian Project Hans-Christoph Steiner
Enhancements in the CLTK webapp suheb Classical Language Toolkit Luke Hollis, Rob_Jenson
TMVA Project in Machine Learning Abhinav Moudgil CERN SFT Omar Zapata, Sergei Gleyzer
Using JPF to efficiently compute workload in Multi-Agent Systems JaneOL Java Pathfinder Team Franco Raimondi, neharungta, Eric Mercer
HD Audio device model in userspace for bhyve Alex Teaca FreeBSD Alexander Motin, Peter Grehan
Improve Open Event Flask Application and create APIs that write data to the Organizer Server shivamMg FOSSASIA Aruna Herath,, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Weston output management enhancements Armin Krezović Wayland pq, Quentin “Sardem FF7” Glidic
Motion-based Retrieval: Feature Extraction zydu vitrivr Claudiu Tanase
ITALIAN MARS SOCIETY : Implementing the Health Index Feature for the Health Monitor of V-ERAS Shubham_Singh Python Software Foundation mtambos, astratto, Antonio
Integration of IFTTT support to Wikidata d3r1ck Wikimedia Foundation slaporte, Marius Hoch (hoo), samtar, Lydia Pintscher (WMDE), Bene*
Refactoring and optimizing model construction for the explicit engine Maximilian Probst PRISM Model Checker Dave Parker, mceska
openSNP: Extending Quantified-Self Support in openSNP gdyer Open Bioinformatics Foundation Philipp Bayer, gedankenstuecke
Bourne-shell compiler front-end for Guile Efraim GNU Project bavier, ludo
GPU support for compressed deep learning networks Amberosti CERN SFT Lorenzo Moneta, Sergei Gleyzer
Improvement of vectorization process in Polly groman The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Tobias Grosser
Cohort Module Enhancements bholagabbar OpenMRS maimoona, SharonVarghese
Audio/Video sync mechanism qiubit VideoLAN / VLMC Project j-b
Adding Incompressible Fluids EOS to FPROPS vishnuv ASCEND John Pye, maheshbv
Scrapinghub: Frontera Python 3 Support Preetwinder Python Software Foundation kmike, ptremberth, Alexander Sibiryakov
Animint Faizan Khan R project for statistical computing Carson Sievert, Toby Dylan Hocking
Plugin Mechanism for thread schedulers in HPX satyaki3794 The STE||AR Group hendrx
A complete photogrammetric OSSIM tool for automatic DSMs generation using multi-view optical and SAR images martidi OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation drb, Oscar Kramer
DBpedia Lookup Improvements Kunal.Jha dbpediaspotlight Sandro, Dimitris Kontokostas, Axel Ngonga
A Core Datamodel for PySAL ljwolf Python Software Foundation Carson Farmer, Philip Stephens
Spatial Data Extensions via Dynamic Datawarehousing Archit Taneja Biomedical Informatics, Emory University Ashish Sharma
Extending SPF with handling of symbolic arrays, and implementing a replay module afromherz Java Pathfinder Team Corina, Luckow
PCP versions of console tools Sitaram Shelke Performance Co-Pilot mgoodwin, kenj, rdoyle
Minuet Mobile Ayush Shah KDE Sandro Santos Andrade
Improvement of the dense optical flow algorithm VladX OpenCV
Implementing a Denoising Filter in Cycles Lukas Stockner Blender Foundation Sergey Sharybin
Displaying SUBSURFACE features in the virtual world using NASA's WorldWind Devansh T Shah Portland State University Percy
Tiled Integration with KivEnt udiboy1209 Python Software Foundation Akshay Arora, Kovak, Tito
Efficient dense optical flow Alexander Bokov OpenCV Maksim Shabunin
File Gateway on Top of WSO2 Gateway Danushka WSO2 viraj senevirathne, Kasun Indrasiri
Test scheduling for large test suites dimcho JBoss Community Bartosz Majsak, Aslak Knutsen
Advanced Searching and Sorting Tool for Ujitha Perera Public Lab, Bryan Bonvallet
Improved Tools for Genetic Diversity Modelling wlong799 Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G) - Montreal node Simon Gravel
Extending Matroid Theory functionality Tara Sage Mathematical Software System yomcat, Stefan van Zwam
Onco Query Language (OQL) editor Shrumit Mehta cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics Adam Abeshouse, Yichao
Feature Completeness (Scratch) loibi93 Catrobat Markus Hobisch, Amix
Umbrello: New Breath Lays Rodrigues KDE rhabacker, Jonathan Riddell
Implementing a Python Utility Library for accessing PO.DAAC NASA JPL Omkar Reddy Apache Software Foundation lewismc
Topic summaries, Canned Replies and Presence features André Pereira Discourse Neil Lalonde, techAPJ, ZogStriP
VistSOS: the istSOS Data Visualization Framework Felipe Poveda OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Maxi, mantonovic
Re-implement DHIS2 android data capture applications to use shared database prempal Health Information Systems Programme Araz Abishov, Erling
Celluloid - Benchmarking and Performance Improvements Prathmesh Ranaut Celluloid chuckremes, Dmytro Milinevskyi, ioquatix, //de
MyHDL : Leros tiny processor Pranjal Agrawal Python Software Foundation Christopher, Oscar Diaz, Martin Schoeberl
GCC - Replace Libiberty with Gnulib Ayush Goel GNU Project Manuel Lopez-Ibanez
Porting Rock to RTEMS Sambeet Panigrahi RTEMS Project Joel Sherrill, Gedare, 2maz
Disk Removal Safety Utility for Ceph 0X1A The Linux Foundation Chris Holcombe, ChrisMacNaughton
TCP/IP Regression Test Suite Shivansh Rai FreeBSD Hiren Panchasara
Implement a Map/Reduce Framework aalekhn The STE||AR Group diehlpk
Developing RV32G Processor Model Pavani Tripathi ArchC Rafael Auler, srigo
Moduli Space of Dynamical Systems Rebecca Lauren Miller Sage Mathematical Software System Benh
Native Julia implementations of iterative solvers for numerical linear algebra lopezm The Julia Language Jiahao Chen
Materials Science Advances in Avogadro 2 psavery Open Chemistry Marcus D. Hanwell
Implement boolean operations on polygons Amr Mohamed GNU Octave JuanPi, John Swensen
Multithread Centiscape (#55) ibestvina National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
Celluloid - Adding new features to Reel pulkit4tech Celluloid Kenichi, //de
Redesigning the Template Manager Akshay Deep LibreOffice jphilipz, Samuel Mehrbrodt
Application for the collaboration in the project »Modular energy hub modelling framework« as part of Google Summer of Code Jazzpilz Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa Julien_Empa, REvins
Data-Agnostic Visualization Widgets [Internet Monitor Dashboard] maarouf Berkman Center for Internet and Society Reinhard Engels
Parsers and Extension of proof compression algorithms from propositional to first-order logic Ezequiel AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education Katya, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
Open Event Web and Mobile App championswimmer FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Zeppelin Notebooks anish18sun Apache Software Foundation moon
Zulip Android Application Rebuild kunall17 Zulip Open Source Project Lisa Neigut
Implement overall change tracking in OSEM nishanthvijayan FOSDEM VZW Stella Rouzi (differentreality), RichiH
Proposal of Redesign SETA MikeLing Mozilla
Create a Telepathy Connection Manager for Ring protocol Kavignon92 Debian Project, Yomgui
Remote Output Storage for PyWPS Vikas Mishra OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Jachym Cepicky, Jonas Eberle
Implementation of week view in GNOME Calendar pandusonu GNOME feaneron
Improvements to the Conditional Modeling Syntax hugomg ASCEND John Pye
GSoC 2016 Drupal Proposal: Media Solution Module Vijay Nandwani Drupal Janez Urevc - slashrsm
Implementing WPS for Geopaparazzi field data collection tool using ZOO-Project: Simplifying integration of field data and GIS Niroshan OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, moovida
SAML Assertion Query/Request Profile support for WSO2 Identity Server Gayan Liyanaarachchi WSO2 Omindu
Jenkins 2.0 Web Interface Improvements: New Job Creation and Configuration Samat Davletshin Jenkins Project, lanwen
Visualization of model hyperparameter optimization curves MasonGallo R project for statistical computing Lars Kotthoff,
Native Julia solvers for ordinary differential equations and improvements to IVP testing suite obiajulu The Julia Language mauro3, Jiahao Chen
Visualizing genomic alterations in TCGA cancer pathways in cBioPortal Istemi Bahceci National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Ugur Dogrusoz
Testing Automation (Selenium using both Java and Python) Thyr Nat Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community SURYADIP CHAKRABORTY, Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
RTEMS file descriptors and LwIP integration SaCha RTEMS Project Pavel Pisa, Hesham, Chris Johns
Create a Ruby Wrapper for NASA's SPICE Toolkit gaurav_tamba Ruby Science Foundation mohawkjohn
Usability Hero: Rethinking the UI/UX YongJie TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore Truong Ngoc Khanh
Implementing Pop-Routing Gabriel_unname Freifunk Leonardo Maccari
Accuracy Review of Wikipedia prnk28 Wikimedia Foundation FaFlo, Jim Salsman
Sysadmin - Revamping KDE's Project Management Priya Satbhaya KDE Boudhayan Gupta
Work with the Dockstore Team and the GA4GH to Enable Cross Docker Repository Sharing ulim Open Genome Informatics briandoconnor
Ruby Wrappers for SymEngine Rajith Vidanaarachchi Ruby Science Foundation Abinash Meher, zverok, mohawkjohn,
Pushing conditions into non-mergeable views and derived tables in MariaDB shagalla MariaDB igor_seattle, spetrunia
TAVERNA-880 Browse+use CWL tool descriptions Thilina Manamgoda Apache Software Foundation Stian Soiland-Reyes
Boolean-based Representations of Biological Systems joshim5 Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bhanwar Lal Puniya, Tom Helikar
GeneNetwork Genome Browser christian_f Open Bioinformatics Foundation, Pjotrp.obf
Apache Kudu Backend for Apache Htrace Nisala Mendis Apache Software Foundation Colin P. McCabe
NO PAD collations D.M. MariaDB abarkov
Integrating npm into the Guix ecosystem jlicht GNU Project David Thompson, Christopher Allan Webber
KDevelop: LLDB Support Aetf KDE Aleix Pol
Web (Javascript / D3) based BPMN editor to support a subset of commonly used BPMN constructs Heshan Jayasinghe WSO2 Isuru Wijesinghe
Project proposal for integration of Classic IDE and Project-oriented IDE Mukarram Unitex/GramLab martinec
Theano: GPU optimizations and operation support tsirif Python Software Foundation Frédéric Bastien, abergeron
Sixtrack proposal grisme CERN SFT Riccardo De Maria
Radiology Reporting Enhancement ivange94 OpenMRS judy, teleivo
Document Based NoSQL Support for WSO2 Identity Server Database Asantha Thilina WSO2 Johann Nallathamby, Tharindu Edirisinghe
Cividroid 2.0 Mouna A CiviCRM Jagatheesan
Implement RFC7512 PKCS#11 URI support and system integration varunnaganathan Mozilla Bob Relyea, David Woodhoue
Incorporation of a malicious peer estimator for the CIS layer dshaman92 Cristóbal Medina, Leo
Implementing a Hybrid recommendation sytem with a new onboarding experience to enhance UX for Teem prastut Berkman Center for Internet and Society Samer, atd
Add educational activities to GCompris (In Qt Quick) Stefan Toncu KDE Sagar Chand Agarwal
Python 3 Support for Ceph Oleh Prypin Ceph jdurgin
University Campus Portal (UCP) Pranav Tiwari BuildmLearn Avnee Nathani
Open source energy simulation database : using MEAN Stack Khushboo Mandlecha Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa Ashreeta, ABollinger
nomacs Image Stitching Plug-in npcdoom Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien markus,, flo
Proposal for the Apache REEF project wonook Apache Software Foundation johnyangk, bgchun
Integrating Machine Learning in Jupyter Notebooks attila CERN SFT Bertrand Bellenot, etejedor, Sergei Gleyzer
Better support HEAD formulae Vlad Shablinsky Homebrew Xu Cheng
Design and developement of a full graph-based SLAM strategy in mrpt bergercookie Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) Edu Fdez, Jose Luis Blanco-Claraco
Integrating ruby-macho fully into Homebrew and removing external dependencies on install_name_tool/otool entirely woodruffw Homebrew UniqMartin
Porting musl libc to RISC-V omasanori lowRISC dalias
Best responses representation in bimatrix games Amelie HELIOU Gambit - Software Tools for Game Theory rahulsavani, cpelissier, bvonstengel
Regularized interval regression kcm R project for statistical computing Toby Dylan Hocking,
Asynchronous lifecycle events for storage objects gulic Libvirt Cole Robinson
mConference Framework jaiagarwal BuildmLearn Rahul Ahuja
Testing Automation Anjali Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
OPENNLP-840 - Sentiment Analysis Project Proposal anastasijam Apache Software Foundation chrismattmann
Automatic-selection mechanism for data structures in MRI spinute Ruby ko1
Carbon Footprints PrateekGupta1509 Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Ekaterina, Bruno W P
Cockpit Project's support for systemd timers Harish Anand Fedora Project Peter, dperpeet
Grant-Table User-Space Device ghost_rider FreeBSD Roger Pau Monné
Automatic code generation for State Machines ibarbech Robocomp Luis J. Manso, pbustos
News Shot Classification and Analysis shrutigullapuram CCExtractor Development Mark Bernard Turner, Liontooth
Web Interface and Generic API Development for Holmes Processing cvp The Honeynet Project webstergd, Zachary Hanif
Enhance the Visualization Capabilities of WormSim petepy International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Matteo Cantarelli
OSTree: Drop privileges for HTTP fetches Allan E. Gardner Fedora Project Giuseppe Scrivano
The Linux Foundation OpenPrinting Proposal (Draft) Kevin Naughton Jr. The Linux Foundation Till Kamppeter, Robin Watts,
VDPAU filter Benjamin St FFmpeg cehoyos
Enhance vignettes and plugin use for R package RCy3 for network manipulation using Cytoscape jooolia National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Augustin
Enhancements to the FOSSAsia Open Event Android App Harshit Dwivedi FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
MITMProxy Project 6 - Create a kick-ass web user-interface for mitmproxy! Jason Hao The Honeynet Project Maximilian Hils, cortesi
Bonestagram - DICOM visualisation made fun Faye BioJS Guy Yachdav, Hesam, sacdallago
Race detection in Linux kernel Pavel.Alpha The Linux Foundation Alexey Khoroshilov, Vadim, Vthakkar
Sugar Labs proposal - Jeremie Amsellem Jérémie A. Sugar Labs Michaël Ohayon, Lionel Laské
RDF schema and path finder Jason Liu BioJS L. Garcia,
Application GSoC: JSBML Validation System roman_empire National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Andreas Dräger
Discovr: Streamlining statistical data analysis RobinKo R project for statistical computing ciroyo, Roland Brock
Prototyping Tool sidthekid Green Navigation Flow42, Pepperrs
Improving Open Event Organisation Server Adi1702 FOSSASIA MarioB
HubTurbo -- Usability Hero Yijin TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore dariusf
Fundamental ML: The usual suspects Saurabh7 Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox Heiko Strathmann, lambday, wiking
Two Projects to Make A-Frame More Useful, Accessible, and Exciting bryik Mozilla
Beacon Compliance Suite Voskoboynick Global Alliance for Genomics & Health miro, mfiume
Symbolic Package Abhinav Tripathi GNU Octave Colin Macdonald, Mike Miller
Improve DISTINCT keyword in Apache Phoenix Boruch Apache Software Foundation Alejandro Fernandez
coala: Generic Spacing Correction abhsag24 Python Software Foundation Makman2, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297), fneu
Import graphs in multiple formats and Cytoscape files into GraphSpace MridulS National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) Murali
Overhaul the User Management dashboard for ID Dashboard Dmytro Trifonov OpenMRS Robby O'Connor
Implement filesystem sync in Eclipse Flux Fjodor Vershinin Eclipse Foundation Martin Lippert
Improve EclipseFlux Ihor Yatsenko Eclipse Foundation Martin Lippert
LibreCAD V3 Evolvement++ Gaganjyot BRL-CAD Dongxu Li, rvt
Peace Corps Safety App - iOS Chamika Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Shruti
Idea 1 - Ales Saska ales.saska Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln David Tichy
Adding PaaS support to Brooklyn Jose Carrasco Mora Apache Software Foundation
GIFScript: A tool for scripting technical GIF animations ntrstd Portland State University Bart Massey
Better data structure for selections Adrian Boguszewski Inkscape Tweenk
New Theme Pack vicodin Plone Foundation zupo
Prevent Failures due to Update Races varunjoshi Mozilla Ben Hearsum
YooHoo - The Perfect Chat Engine Balu Menon Debian Project gled
Spline geometries for isogeometric analysis youround Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) blattms
Machine Transliteration Irshad Indic Project, sthottingal
Flow Algorithms for pgRouting Illedran OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation dkastl, Vicky Vergara
BeagleBoard GSoC'16: Improving Bone101 Experience amragaey jkridner
Clustering of Search Results Richhiey Xapian Search Engine Library Path
Derby bug Fixing Danoja Apache Software Foundation Bryan Pendleton
ParallelGraphs, A package for distributed and parallelized graph processing. pranavtbhat The Julia Language Viral Shah, Shashi Gowda
Games: Add gamepad support Megh Parikh GNOME Adrien Plazas
R+ trees, Hilbert R trees, vantage point trees, random projection trees, UB trees implementation lozhnikov mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library Ryan Curtin
One bus Away Quick start Brendan Egan OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, mentaer
Undo for Blocks Editor abhijit.suresh MIT Media Lab Benji X.
pgmpy: Support for Continuous Random Variables yashu-seth Python Software Foundation ankurankan
Next Generation of the LuaRocks test suite roboo LabLua Hisham Muhammad
Dungeon Master WinterGrascph ScummVM Paul Gilbert, Strangerke
Enabling llvm’s self-hosted modules builds using libstdc++ CrisCristescu The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Vassil
De-Mystifying Medical Imaging DICOM Data Peter Vu Biomedical Informatics, Emory University
Implementing HTML E-Mail support for MediaWiki Galorefitz Wikimedia Foundation Tony Thomas, Parent5446
Improve ReactOS USB stack. mvardan ReactOS ThFabba
Gestures, Machine learning and other things Soumitra Agarwal Red Hen Lab Mark Turner
Open Event Orga Server Rafal Kowalski FOSSASIA, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Image Search for Brain Maps asier.erramuzpe International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Chris Gorgolewski
KDevelop Integration with Arduino and embedded development PatrickElectric KDE scummos
Mosaicplots in the ggplot2 framework: ggmosaic haleyj R project for statistical computing Di Cook,
Music Widgets Hemant Kasat Sugar Labs pikurasa, Walter Bender
A Modern Deep Learning module Edgar Riba OpenCV Bhack, Manuele
Upgrade to datapackage.json standard goelakash NumFOCUS henry senyondo, Ethan White
Extract ECell benzrf Celluloid //de
The Table Extractor s.papalini dbpediaspotlight Emanuele Storti, Marco Fossati, Claudia Diamantini, Domenico Potena
Physics Simulations Costin Giorgian BuildmLearn Pankaj
Enhancing Open Event Server aviaryan FOSSASIA Aruna Herath,, triplez, Duke Leto, Abhishek Batra, MarioB, Elio Qoshi, Oren Golan
Visual Analytics of EnviroCar Tracks Naveen Jafer 52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH Matthes Rieke, dewall, Christoph Stasch
Project Proposal - Reports+ in TEAMMATES -GSoC 2016 rclakmal TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore Damith C. Rajapakse
Ark project: IMPLEMENT ADVANCED EDITING OF ARCHIVES mvlabat KDE Elvis Angelaccio
Form based script parameterization Amarjeet Kapoor BRL-CAD Torsten
Migrating Volunteer Management System to Class based views and Search Engine Implementation Amrutha S Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
Application for City Generation and dynamic Simulation Cpt. Crispy Crunchy MovingBlocks SkySom, Martin Steiger, skaldarnar
Review of the Area Fill dialog Rishabh LibreOffice jphilipz, Bubli, htietze
Interactive visualisation framework for genome mutations in gene and protein networks krassowski Open Genome Informatics reimand
Enable Apache Phoenix to Support SQL Better Haoran Zhang Apache Software Foundation Maryann Xue, Alejandro Fernandez, James Taylor
Gsoc Proposal - Relativistic Hash Table(BU) Vaibhav Raj Gupta Boston University / XIA Cody Doucette
PILT (Panoramic Interactive Live Tracker) MarcGC Liquid Galaxy Project Julio Bondia Barceló, Andreu Ibanez
Performance 3D Web Graphics with Interactive Features for JSRoot Peter Whidden CERN SFT Bertrand Bellenot, Sergey Linev
Proposal for Knitting and IoT-cloud services niccokunzmann FOSSASIA MarioB, c.obersteiner
Web-based Dev Tool to create Information Models shiv12095 Eclipse Foundation Alexander
Implement cloud storages support in ScummVM Tkachov ScummVM uruk
Develop a CommonsNet firmware based on OpenWrt for Conference Networks ciaoen FOSSASIA MarioB, Willi Döring
Qt5 and ROS support dgallegos Robocomp Luis J. Manso, pbustos
Improving the the patient view page of cBioPortal rohangoel96 cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics inodb, Hongxin
"Soft" double precision floating point support Hopetech X.Org Foundation idr
Implement MSYS2 based build process and improve packaging for Mac georgyberdyshev ASCEND John Pye
GNSS-SDR port to android + configuration GUI hoernchen gnss-sdr cfernandez, Javier.Arribas
Learning to Rank Stabilisation ayshtmr Xapian Search Engine Library James Aylett
Automatic Plugin Documentation Publishing canyango Jenkins Project Baptiste, rtyler
Wave Federation protocol over the Matrix Protocol Waqee Khalid Berkman Center for Internet and Society Samer, pablojan
API support for Beaglebone Blue kiran4399 Alex Hiam, Abhishek Kumar, m_w, deepakkarki
Improving diffoscope tool and reproducibility of Debian packages Satyam Zode Debian Project Nicolas Dandrimont
Open Event WebApp Agata FOSSASIA Tabesin, EVUS,
Report + And Question + tarun14110 TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore kanghj
Web Component-ize Drupal 8 ztl8702 Drupal skyred
Making Oppia usable offline and being more lightweight in transmitting data. Vishal Gupta Oppia Foundation BenHenning, Madiyar
GSoC 2016 Application Shekhar Prasad Rajak: Solvers - Completing Solveset Shekhar Prasad Rajak SymPy Ondřej Čertík, hargup, aktech
Improving the Public Transport Plugin for JOSM DaryaGolovko OpenStreetMap Ilya Zverev, Polyglot, Jorge López Fueyo
Generalised eigenvalue problem Bumi GNU Octave Nir, carandraug
Better CSS Style Sheet Support Kamalpreet Kaur Inkscape Tavmjong
ScrapingHub-Frontera: Dockerization and Orchestration of Frontera Deployments tmrts Python Software Foundation Joaquin, ptremberth, Alexander Sibiryakov
Support for KLEE in Debile Marko Dimjašević Debian Project Sylvestre Ledru
ggduo: pairs plots for multiple regression, cca, time series schloerke R project for statistical computing Ryan Hafen, Di Cook
Passive radar support for gr-radar debnera GNU Radio stwunsch
A private and secure auctioning library mate GNU Project Christian Grothoff
Working towards a fully featured version of CBT ChavXO Scala cvogt, Steven She
Matlab Simulink Connector - CSE@TUWEIN PratyushTalreja Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien thomasfruehwirth, dschachi
Netlink socket parsers Fabien Siron strace Gabriel Laskar
Implementing the tracker front end. Tharindupr Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Rumesh, Kasun
Ammonite - Better Scripts in Scala coderabhishek Scala Li Haoyi
Add support to end-to-end testing in the Mobile app Supun Wanniarachchi Moodle Juan Leyva
Synchronization Framework AdityaK CiviCRM nganivet
Implementing Service Worker Infrastructure in Servo Browser Engine creativcoder Mozilla
Integrating Homebrew with Homebrew cask - Proposal Anastasia Homebrew Mike McQuaid
JUnit and TestNG Test Runner Plugin for Eclipse Che Mirage Eclipse Foundation Florent
High performance Data Cube materialization and querying using Apache Spark Sameer Sonawane Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics bmi-code, Furqan Baig
Multi-platform continuous tests infrastructure Yun-Chih Chen strace Philippe Ombredanne, Dmitry Levin
Framework design and library maintenance Giacomo Dabisias Open Detection Kripasindhu
RTEMS improvement for Jailhouse hypervisor. John Hwang RTEMS Project Hesham, Pavel Pisa, Jan Kiszka, Gedare, Ray Xu
Generic protein expression view for Human Body JinJin Lin BioJS DanielSIB, Pierre-André Michel
Devising the Plasma Mobile Emulator bdhruve KDE Bhushan Shah
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software PranavJain Debian Project saghul
Support for medium and low tile levels in the OSM Vector Map of Marble Akshat Tandon KDE Dennis Nienhüser, Torsten Rahn
CPUID Manasi Thakkar KolibriOS Wildwest
Download app assets at runtime Krish Mozilla
Mifos Credit bureau Integration NikhilPawar Mifos Initiative Nayan Ambali
Testing Automation of Systers Projects Shraddha Barke Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community, Shwetambara
Partial rendering of front-end, ReactJS based applications on JVM by using Nashorn engine jdc91 Health Information Systems Programme Mark Polak, Nico
An automatic generator of WSDL documents to LuaSOAP Victor Dias LabLua Tomás Guisasola
Build a pure JavaScript client on top of plone.restapi bcap Plone Foundation Timo Stollenwerk, Ramon Navarro Bosch
Uploading photos to Google uajain GNOME debarshi.ray
R bindings for Xapian Ama Xapian Search Engine Library Dirk Eddelbuettel
ATA/ATAPI drivers AHCI Support amaneureka ReactOS aionescu, Aleksey Bragin
Implement an elixir backend for indexing and extending the database sivsushruth Beam Community benoirc, Nicolas Dufour
Add tests and educational games support to gvSIG Educa. Carlos I. Colombana OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, Oscar Martinez
Code Refactor Jayitra GNU Project Jishu
Rule induction (CN2) matevzkren Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun, Janez Demsar, Blaz
Rich Profile tags and improving the performance of Lalith Rallabhandi Public Lab Bronwen, stevie, Bryan Bonvallet, lizbarry
Integrating CiviCRM with Zapier merci mukwe CiviCRM Erik Hommel
Improving and Porting Carbon Footprint for Google Maps to Safari and Firefox Chirag Arora Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien Ekaterina, Bruno W P
Implementation of a P2PSP client as an Android application Chiranjeev Gupta josejuan.sanchez, JP
CNN based object localization and recognition for openDetection library Abhishek Kumar Annamraju Open Detection Aditya
Improve user experience with Table Styles ubap LibreOffice Jan Holešovský, jphilipz, Miklos Vajna
Porting Comment alter module to Drupal 8 anchal29 Drupal czigor
Hawkular-agent For Vert.x Austin JBoss Community tsegismont
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Marcos Pividori mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library sumedhghaisas
Extend communication outside the LAN nampi Open Source Robotics Foundation Jose Luis Rivero, caguero
Image Resize/Crop/Rotate Proposal. JoeyAndres Moodle markn
Improve One-Click Installer Shalom Rachapudi David openSUSE cornelius,
Oracle-Based Program Repair Gunel Jahangirova Java Pathfinder Team Willem Visser, Oksana Tkachuk
GSoC Student Proposal for SMART/FHIR and GA4GH Beth2 Global Alliance for Genomics & Health Gil
coala: coala-html and coala website tushar-rishav Python Software Foundation Harsh Dattani, Makman2, Uran198,, Lasse Schuirmann (sils1297)
plot.xts for Performance and Risk Eric Hung R project for statistical computing paulteetor, Peter Carl, Joshua Ulrich, Ross Bennett
Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia Matthias Reisinger The Julia Language Jameson,, Tobias Grosser
Improve ejabberd configuration and extensibility with configuration DSL gabrielgatu Beam Community Holger Weiß, Mickaël
Type Inference and C Output for radeco sushant94 radare xvilka, crowell
External Workspace Manager Plugin alexsomai Jenkins Project Oleg Nenashev,
Diagnose my ceph cluster penguinRaider The Linux Foundation Chris Holcombe, ChrisMacNaughton
High-performance TCP/IP networking for bhyve VMs using netmap passthrough vmaffione FreeBSD Luigi Rizzo,
Work to improve and expand CiviMobile ahillier CiviCRM Guanhuan Chen, Matt Lind
Low Level Peripherals & SD Card Support for Raspberry Pi Mudit Jain RTEMS Project André Lousa Marques, Martin Galvan, Alan C
TrueHD Encoder darkapex FFmpeg atomnuker
Hubs and Widgets : New web presence for the Fedora community devyani7 Fedora Project Corey ' linuxmodder' Sheldon, decause, lmacken, Pierre-Yves Chibon
Smart Coffee Machine with proximity pairing Alexis Duque Physical Web Project Alexandra, Paco Martin, Andreu
Exitmap improvements project mtyamantau The Tor Project phw
Better off-heap collections for Scala Adam Wyłuda Scala Denys Shabalin
Porting mainline kernel to ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller tnishinaga The Linux Foundation Greg Kroah-Hartman
IoT: Raspberry Pi Integration with MIT App Inventor Thilanka Munasinghe MIT Media Lab Will Byrne
Adding Support for New Import Formats to MP4Box Reza GPAC Cyril Concolato, Jean Le Feuvre
Implement PSF photometry for fitting several overlapping objects at once Zé Vinícius OpenAstronomy hamogu, bsipocz, Erik Tollerud
Wiki-to-learn (W2L) Desktop Client jayssj11 KDE russelltg, Ovidiu-Florin
Implement Auto-complete for Soletta Dev-App kamidi_preetham Soletta Project Bruno Bottazzini, Bruno Dilly
Module to control LED driver for Optogenic Stimulation Ananya B Open Ephys jonnew
Library of Time Series methods OrkoHunter Timelab Technologies Ltd. dhuppenkothen
Message Queue based Archiver Anirudh Dahiya GNU Mailman thelinuxguy, Florian Fuchs
JSONiq Support to Apache VXQUERY cricri Apache Software Foundation Till, prestonc@apache
Amazon Echo Recipe Integration Hannah Pedersen Portland State University David Kellerman
IBRI - Interactive Beacon Rescue Interface mlodeirs Physical Web Project Iván, Cándido, Andreu
The FreeCAD Plugin Installer mandeep7 BRL-CAD Yorik
Move the Bundler API back into sonalkr132 Ruby dwradcliffe, Arthur Neves
Port core OS and a subset of the utilities to a new 32-bit microcontroller Pradeep Sanjeewa Apache Software Foundation Will, aditihilbert
Bassa malithsen Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) Madura A., Praneeth Peiris, Randika, Rumesh
GSoC Project Proposal - OpenMRS Android Client AvijitGhosh82 OpenMRS rkorytkowski
Combining DBpedia and Topic Modelling wojtuch dbpediaspotlight, Alexandru, swadpasc
GSoC 2016 Proposal: WebSocket for syslog ng (Yilin Li) Yilin Li The syslog-ng project Lmesz
Real-Time Navigation and Smart Notifications tom3012 Green Navigation Fabian, Sandy
Configurable Shortcuts for Pitivi Jakub GNOME aleb
AutoComplete ComboBox for Panel's Filter, Interactive Tutorial and GUI Filter Expression Generator YL TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore Nguyen Duc Thien
Finish Firebird driver integration Wastack LibreOffice libobase
Import and export popular data formats from and to dynamic columns. Kris Massey MariaDB Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin, Georg
Honeynet proposal afeena The Honeynet Project Andrea De Pasquale, Lukas Rist
Plasma PublicTransport rharish KDE Mario Fux, Eike Hein
LibIndic Improvements jerin Indic Project copyninja, Hrishi
Project Proposal for "Graphical interface for inserting plugins during simulation" Causevic AlminCausevic Open Source Robotics Foundation Louise Poubel, Steffi
Italian Mars Society:Integration of Unity Game scene with the existing pyKinect and emulate a moving skeleton based of the movements tracked by the Kinect sensors. Shridhar Mishra Python Software Foundation OPersian, VitoGentile, Antonio
QEMU port of OpenRISC Dalmon Ian Free and Open Source Silicion Foundation Sebastian Macke
Precise Garbage Collection for D JDeHaan D Foundation Martin Nowak, Adam Wilson
ModSecurityv3 IDS connector akoul ModSecurity Chaim Sanders, p0pr0ck5
Web App for quick entry of test data in DHIS2 tracker Shivee Health Information Systems Programme Araz Abishov, Øystein Gammersvik
Downloading subtitles from various Internet TV services. abhivinj CCExtractor Development Anshul, Carlos Fernández Sanz
New Belarusian-Russian language pair kvld The Apertium Project Rob Reynolds, Trondtr, Francis Tyers
Add SCSI passthrough to CTL bhimanshu FreeBSD Edward Tomasz Napierala
Shareable Draft Content Nikita Dhiman Joomla! coolbung, Achal Aggarwal
Application for Coders of Habitability project popeye McGill Space Institute Nick
Raspberry PI USB and Ethernet Support deval RTEMS Project André Lousa Marques, Ray Xu, Kuan, Alan C
Loklak: IoT prototypes and a loklak backend systems Damini FOSSASIA Orbiter
GCC - Further work on addressing mode selection erikvarga GNU Project Oleg Endo
Documentation tools for Julia mortenpi The Julia Language one-more-minute, Shashi Gowda, Michael Hatherly
GSOC proposal for Timeline and Search Navigation for zeus FOSSASIA Orbiter
Crowdsourcing for the Guyana Deaf Community - Google Glass Integration divyaupadhyay Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community Julia Proft
Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software udit043 Debian Project gauravsaini
Improvements for dstep. ciechowoj D Foundation Russel Winder
Low Cost Node for a Global Internet of Things Data Network George Hahn FOSSASIA MarioB, soma
Ceylon TypeScript Loader Lucas Werkmeister JBoss Community chochos, Stephane Epardaud
Importing and exporting simulator-independent model-descriptions with the Brian simulator dokato International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Marcel Stimberg
Pocket Code - Integrate S2C Ralph Samer Catrobat thmq, Wolfgang Slany
Improving markovchain R package cryptomanic R project for statistical computing Giorgio Alfredo Spedicato, dutangc
HTTP/2 Implementations for HTTPServer.jl, Requests.jl, and Mux.jl Wei Tang The Julia Language Jameson, one-more-minute, malmaud
BLonD code optimization strategy for parallel and concurrent architectures Oleg.jakushkin CERN SFT
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