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Cluster vectors with K-Means
from __future__ import division
from sklearn.cluster import KMeans
from numbers import Number
from pandas import DataFrame
import sys, codecs, numpy
class autovivify_list(dict):
'''Pickleable class to replicate the functionality of collections.defaultdict'''
def __missing__(self, key):
value = self[key] = []
return value
def __add__(self, x):
'''Override addition for numeric types when self is empty'''
if not self and isinstance(x, Number):
return x
raise ValueError
def __sub__(self, x):
'''Also provide subtraction method'''
if not self and isinstance(x, Number):
return -1 * x
raise ValueError
def build_word_vector_matrix(vector_file, n_words):
'''Iterate over the GloVe array read from sys.argv[1] and return its vectors and labels as arrays'''
numpy_arrays = []
labels_array = []
with, 'r', 'utf-8') as f:
for c, r in enumerate(f):
sr = r.split()
numpy_arrays.append( numpy.array([float(i) for i in sr[1:]]) )
if c == n_words:
return numpy.array( numpy_arrays ), labels_array
return numpy.array( numpy_arrays ), labels_array
def find_word_clusters(labels_array, cluster_labels):
'''Read in the labels array and clusters label and return the set of words in each cluster'''
cluster_to_words = autovivify_list()
for c, i in enumerate(cluster_labels):
cluster_to_words[ i ].append( labels_array[c] )
return cluster_to_words
if __name__ == "__main__":
input_vector_file = sys.argv[1]
n_words = int(sys.argv[2])
reduction_factor = float(sys.argv[3])
clusters_to_make = int( n_words * reduction_factor )
df, labels_array = build_word_vector_matrix(input_vector_file, n_words)
kmeans_model = KMeans(init='k-means++', n_clusters=clusters_to_make, n_init=10)
cluster_labels = kmeans_model.labels_
cluster_inertia = kmeans_model.inertia_
cluster_to_words = find_word_clusters(labels_array, cluster_labels)
for c in cluster_to_words:
print cluster_to_words[c]
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