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Last active September 28, 2021 14:59
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from fractions import Fraction
import music21
import glob
# remove leading / trailing whitespace
music21.defaults.ticksAtStart = 0
notes = set([12*j + i for i in [0,2,4,5,7,9,11] for j in [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] ])
def constrain_pitch(val):
# keep the pitch in C major, no incidentals
while val not in notes:
val = int(val) + 1
if val > max(notes):
val - 2
return val
def get_score(path, **kwargs):
# return a score object
if True:
s = music21.converter.parse(path,
quarterLengthDivisors=(4,3), # smaller numbers mean fewer different note durations
m = music21.midi.MidiFile()
if kwargs.get('remove_percussion', True):
tracks = [t for t in m.tracks if not any([ == 10 for e in])]
tracks = m.tracks
s =
return s
def midi_to_string(path, **kwargs):
d = {
'32nd': 1/32,
'16th': 1/16,
'eighth': 1/8,
'quarter': 1/4,
'half': 1/2,
'whole': 1,
score = get_score(path, **kwargs)
# transpose to c major / a minor
key = score.analyze('key')
assert key.mode in ['major', 'minor']
interval = 60 - key.tonic.midi
if key.mode == 'minor': interval -= 3
score = score.transpose(interval)
# convert midi to string
s = ''
last_offset = 0
for n in score.flat.notes:
# get the note/chord duration
duration = n.duration.components[0].type # n.duration.type returns complex for tied notes
if not duration or duration == 'zero': continue
duration = float(Fraction(d.get(duration, duration)))
# get the offset since the previous note/chord
delta = float(Fraction(n.offset - last_offset))
if delta: s += 'w{} '.format(round(delta, 4))
# add the note/chord to the string
for i in [n] if isinstance(n, music21.note.Note) else n.notes:
pitch = i.pitch.midi
if kwargs.get('constrain'): pitch = constrain_pitch(pitch)
s += 'n{}_{} '.format(pitch, round(duration, 4))
print(' * could not parse note', i)
last_offset = n.offset
return s
def string_to_midi(s):
# convert string back to midi
time = 0
stream =
for i in s.split():
if i.startswith('n'):
note, duration = i.lstrip('n').split('_')
n = music21.note.Note(int(note))
n.duration.quarterLength = float(duration) * 4
stream.insertIntoNoteOrChord(time, n)
elif i.startswith('w'):
duration = float(Fraction(i.lstrip('w')))
time += duration
print('did not expect', i)
return stream
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