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Some popular and basic conda commands


This GIST presents some basic commands to work with Anaconda Terminal.

Basic commands

  • conda info --- Verify whether conda is installed, if yes, print all information about the installed conda such as Python version, conda version, env location
  • conda update conda --- Update conda to the latest version
  • conda install PACKAGENAME --- Install a package which is made available on Anaconda repository
  • pip install PACKAGENAME --- Install a package directly from PyPI
  • conda update PACKAGENAME --- Update an installed package
  • conda remove --name PACKAGENAME1 [PACKAGENAME2] --- Remove one or more packages
  • conda clean --all --- Clean conda cache and unused packages
  • anaconda-navigator --- Open Anaconda Navigator from terminal

Working with environments

  • conda create --name mypy39 python=3.9 --- Create an environment named mypy39 based on Python 3.9
  • conda create --clone mypy39 --name mypy39-2 --- Clone an environment (mypy39) to a new one (mypy39-2)
  • conda env list --- Return a list of environments where the current active environment is marked with * (an asterisk symbol)
  • source activate mypy39 --- Activate an environment on macOS and Linux
  • activate mypy39 --- Activate an environment on Windows
  • conda deactivate --- Deactivate the current active environment
  • conda list --- List all packages installed in an active environment
  • conda remove -n ENVNAME --all --- Delete a Conda environment and all of its packages
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