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- What do Etcd, Consul, and Zookeeper do?
- Service Registration:
- Host, port number, and sometimes authentication credentials, protocols, versions
numbers, and/or environment details.
- Service Discovery:
- Ability for client application to query the central registry to learn of service location.
- Consistent and durable general-purpose K/V store across distributed system.
- Some solutions support this better than others.
- Based on Paxos or some derivative (i.e. Raft) algorithm to quickly converge to a consistent state.
- Centralized locking can be based on this K/V store.
# For each ref, validate the commit.
# - It disallows deleting branches without a /.
# - It disallows non fast-forward on branches without a /.
# - It disallows deleting tags without a /.
# - It disallows unannotated tags to be pushed.
A perl Data.Dumper clone for Python
#!/bin/env python
import sys
from types import *
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# Install better common utilities
# Copyright (c) 2012 Barry Allard <>
# Also available at:
# UDF template for including in other scripts