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References for Python Science apps talk from Pycon 2013, PyTexas 2013, and PyArkansas 2012

Notes for Python Science Apps talk



  • Sample application code
    • Code for sample application that was created as a tool for newcomers to learn from
  • Profiling Pandas/NumPy CSV code
    • My blog post on this subject
      • Sample code whipped up to profile reading a relatively small CSV file
      • All the usual caveats with profiling and metrics apply: small sample size, unoptimized versions of all code, etc.
      • Use the numbers you get from this script with a grain of salt!
  • Run pyqtgraph with PyInstaller
    • This is a forum post where I describe my hackish way to remove dynamic imports from pyqtgraph, which allows it to work with PyInstaller.
    • This gist shows most of the diffs, etc. to do this process yourself.


  • Sample application issues
    • I've created several issues for exploration and bug fixes to get your feet wet with creating a real scientific application using all the tools from the talk. Go try 'em out and send pull requests!


  • Pinboard links
    • Lots of articles, videos, tutorials about common topics, companies in the field, etc.


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