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Created April 21, 2019 04:43
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Scrapes the Mueller report from the wired's embedded article reader.
Wired Article with embeded web-reader:
How to use this script:
- Python3 & installed requests package (run: 'pip install requests')
- Create "report" folder in the same directory as this script
- run: 'python'
import os
import requests
url = "{page_no}-large.gif"
folder = "./report"
max_page = 448
for i in range (1, max_page + 1):
r = requests.get(
url.replace('{page_no}', str(i))
with open(
os.path.join(folder, "%s.gif" % i), 'wb'
) as f:
print("[SUCCESS] Scraped page %s" % i)
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as e:
print("[ERROR] Downloading page %s (%s)" % (i, e))
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