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Apache SystemML Committer Git Guide

SystemML Git Guide

Setup Git repo locally

  • Fork Apache SystemML to your personal GitHub account by browsing to [] and clicking "Fork".
  • Clone your personal GitHub fork of Apache SystemML:
    • git clone // assuming the use of SSH keys with GitHub
  • Add GitHub (read-only mirror) and Apache-owned (committer writeable) Git repositories as remotes:
    • cd incubator-systemml
    • git remote add apache-github
    • git remote add apache
  • Add a Git alias for checking out GitHub pull requests locally:
    • Install alias globally by placing the following in ~/.gitconfig:

      pr = "!f() { git fetch ${2:-apache-github} pull/$1/head:pr-$1 && git checkout pr-$1; }; f"
    • Look at pull request on GitHub to determine the pull request number, indicated as "#4", for example.

    • Checkout out locally:

      • git pr 4

PR flow

  • Create local branch for feature(s):
    • git checkout -b SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature
  • Make commits on SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature branch.
  • Push the SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature branch to your personal GitHub fork of SystemML:
    • git checkout SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature
    • First push of this branch:
      • git push --set-upstream origin SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature
    • Future pushes of this branch:
      • git push
  • Open a new pull request by browsing to the SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature branch on your personal GitHub fork of SystemML and clicking "New pull request".

Merging (manually) without merge commits

  • Squash commits into a single commit by rebasing:
    • git rebase -i HEAD~N, where N is the number of commits made on this PR branch.
    • Select pick for the first commit created, and select squash for all others.
    • Once completed, git log should show only one commit.
  • Update your local SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature branch with the latest commits in the Apache repo by rebasing:
    • git checkout SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature
    • git pull --rebase apache master
  • Edit the commit message, completed with updated dates:
    • git commit --amend --date="$(date +%s)"
    • Add a single-line title at the top.
    • Adjust the rest of the message as needed.
    • Add the phrase "Closes #M." to the end of a commit message, where M is the GitHub pull request number.
      • When the commit is eventually pushed to Apache, GitHub will automatically close pull request M, and the commit will contain a link to that pull request.
  • Update your local master branch with the latest commits in the Apache repo:
    • git checkout master
    • git pull apache master
  • Move the commit from your local SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature branch to the local master branch. Note: This will not create merge commits since both branches are fully updated from the Apache repo.
    • git checkout master
    • git merge SYSML-####-My_Awesome_Feature
      • Note: This should result in a "fast-forward" merge.
  • Double-check on differences:
    • git diff apache/master.. for code changes.
    • git log apache/master.. for commit differences.
  • Push to your GitHub repo (to check for correctness):
    • git push
    • git subtree push --prefix docs/ origin gh-pages for doc updates (git push origin --delete gh-pages to delete).
  • Push to the Apache repo:
    • git push apache master
    • git subtree push --prefix docs/ apache gh-pages for doc updates.

Merging (script)

  • WIP
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