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Last active Jun 7, 2020
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#?(:cljs (:require-macros [])))
(defn tag-type [tag]
(some->> (re-matches #"^([A-Z][-a-z]*)(.*)$" (name tag)) second keyword))
(defn typed-tag? [tag]
(not (nil? (tag-type tag))))
(defn typed-action? [val]
(and (vector? val)
(typed-tag? (first val))))
(defn action-tag [val]
(assert (vector? val))
(first val))
(defn action-type [val]
(assert typed-action? val)
(tag-type (action-tag val)))
; ----------------------------
(defprotocol Do-via
(resolver-for [H]))
(def ^:dynamic *stack [])
(def ^:dynamic *resolve {})
(def ^:dynamic *state)
(defmacro via* [R & body]
`(let [R# ~R
fns# (resolver-for R#)]
(assert (every? typed-tag? (keys fns#)))
(let [n# (count *stack)
(->> fns#
(group-by (comp tag-type key))
(reduce-kv (fn [m# k# v#]
(assoc m# k# (into {::nth n#} v#))) {}))]
(binding [*stack (conj *stack R#)
*resolve (merge *resolve resolvers#)]
(defn ! [& action]
(let [action (vec action)]
(assert (typed-action? action))
(let [R (get *resolve (action-type action))]
(binding [*state (nth *stack (::nth R))]
(as-> ((get R (action-tag action)) action) result
(do (set! *stack (assoc *stack (::nth R) *state))
(defn get-state []
(or *state
(last *stack)))

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@dustingetz dustingetz commented Jun 7, 2020

(defrecord Eval [scope]
  (resolver-for [_]
    ; Free effects
    {:Eval.get-var  (fn [[_ name]] (get (:scope do/*state) name))
     :Eval.set-var! (fn [[_ name val]]
                      (set! do/*state (update do/*state assoc-in [:scope name] val)))}))

(via* (->Eval {'x 42}) ; configure your interpreter
  ; execute effects
  (! :Eval.set-var 'x (inc (! :Eval.get-var 'x))))

It's a free monad. But where did the types go?

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