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Last active Apr 10, 2020
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I am tired of black box magic test frameworks with long command line incantations and opaque source code that soaks up weeks of attention to understand, so I really want something lightweight like this to become popular. I don't yet know the gap between this and production test functionality, and don't have much attention to spend on this, what are your ideas?

I especially love Brandon Bloom's idea of (defmacro tests [body]) which can erase the tests at compile time depending on build target. Does this mean we can finally co-locate our tests with our functions, like Rich comment blocks?

(ns contrib.test
    [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
    [taoensso.timbre :refer [warn error info]]))

(defmacro check!
  "Checks v (defaults to *1) against spec, throwing on failure. Returns nil."
   `(check! ~spec *1))
  ([spec v]
   `(s/assert ~spec ~v)))

(def ^:dynamic *tests* (atom {}))

(defmacro tests [& body]
  (if true                                                  ; target :test
    `(swap! *tests* assoc (ns-name *ns*) '~body)))

;(def script-counter (atom 0))
(defn run-tests []
  ;(println ">> " @*tests*)
  (doseq [[ns body] @*tests*]
    ;(let [ns (symbol (str "cognitect.transcriptor.t_" (swap! script-counter inc)))])
    (in-ns ns)
    ;(clojure.core/use 'clojure.core)
    (doseq [form body]
        (println "=> " form)
        ; What is this classloader gibblygook
        (let [value (eval form)]
          (set! *3 *2) (set! *2 *1) (set! *1 value))
        (catch Exception e
          (error e))))))

(defn -main [ns & args]
  (alter-var-root #'*err* (constantly *out*))
  (taoensso.timbre/set-level! :info)
  (info "Running tests ...")
  ; load all namespaces
  (require (symbol ns))

  ; Example

  (ns user
    (:require [contrib.test]))

    (inc 1)
    (check! #{2})

    (inc 1)
    (check! #{3})

    (inc 42)
    (check! (s/and odd? #{43} #{44}))



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@dustingetz dustingetz commented Apr 9, 2020


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