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mutation {
login(username:"admin", password:"nooneknows") {
user { id }
# output

Campaign Notes


This section contains a named elisp babel-block called startup. This block will be executed anytime the campaign file is selected as the active campaign.

player characters

This section contains headings for each player character.

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(defun dnd-range--roll (from to)
(+ from (random (- to from -1))))
(defvar dnd-range--resolvers
'(("\\([0-9]+\\)\\([-]+\\)\\([0-9]+\\)" (lambda (&rest items) (/ (apply '+ items) (length items))))
("\\([0-9]+\\)\\([<]+\\)\\([0-9]+\\)" min)
("\\([0-9]+\\)\\([>]+\\)\\([0-9]+\\)" max)))
(defun dnd-range--low-match (content) (string-to-int (match-string 1 content)))
(defun dnd-range--high-match (content) (string-to-int (match-string 3 content)))
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(defun dnd-math--resolver (content)
(let* ((regex "[-+*)([:digit:]]+")
(matches (s-match regex content)))
(loop for match in matches
for result = (calc-eval match)
do (setq content (dnd-utils--replace-first content match result))
finally return content)))


This module provides two useful public functions:

  • org-olp-select (file-name olp) olp denotes a heading in file-name and a list of children are presented for selection. Selection will navigate to the child header
  • org-olp-make-olp (file-name) User is prompted for headers in file-name, starting at top-level, until a header with no children is reached. An olp list is returned.
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(defun decide-table-weights (choices)
(let (result)
(dolist (element choices result)
(if (listp element)
(let ((option (car element))
(weight (cdr element)))
(setq result (cons weight result)))
(setq result (cons 1 result))))))
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#!/usr/bin/env fsharpi
#I "../../../.nuget/packages/hopac/0.3.21/lib/net45/"
#I "../../../.nuget/packages/hopac.extras/0.3.1/lib/net45"
#r "Hopac.Extras"
#r "Hopac.Platform"
#r "Hopac.Core"
#r "Hopac"
open System
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Unhandled exception: System.ArgumentException: Cannot resolve method System.Object Specialize[b]() because the declaring type of the method handle FSI_0001+Buffer+full@31-1[a] is generic. Explicitly provide the declaring type to GetMethodFromHandle.
at System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetMethodFromHandle (System.RuntimeMethodHandle handle) [0x00072] in <ab2f5ad0f8c84dfe97dfd6a06a64cf44>:0
at System.Reflection.Emit.GenericTypeParameterBuilder.InternalResolve () [0x00019] in <ab2f5ad0f8c84dfe97dfd6a06a64cf44>:0
at System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilderInstantiation.InternalResolve () [0x0001e] in <ab2f5ad0f8c84dfe97dfd6a06a64cf44>:0
at System.Reflection.Emit.ConstructorOnTypeBuilderInst.RuntimeResolve () [0x00000] in <ab2f5ad0f8c84dfe97dfd6a06a64cf44>:0
at System.Reflection.Emit.ModuleBuilder.RuntimeResolve (System.Object obj) [0x00080] in <ab2f5ad0f8c84dfe97dfd6a06a64cf44>:0
at FSI_0001+Buffer.empty@29[a,b] (Hopac.Ch`1[T] insCh, Hopac.Ch`1[T] remCh, Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Unit unitVa
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#!/usr/bin/env fsharpi
#I "../../../.nuget/packages/hopac/0.3.21/lib/net45/"
#r "Hopac.Platform"
#r "Hopac.Core"
#r "Hopac"
open System.Collections.Generic
open Hopac
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// true if p for any two in hs
let exhaust p (hs:_ list) =
let rec outer (o:int) =
let rec inner (i:int) =
if i = hs.Length then
p hs.[o] hs.[i] || inner (i+1)
if o = hs.Length - 1 then