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Working from home

Dustin Senos dustinsenos

Working from home
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dustinsenos / Google Music Badge SVG.svg
Last active Nov 8, 2017
Cleaned up version of the google music badge. For some reason it had a ton of unneeded points…
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dustinsenos / rename-text-layers.js
Last active Feb 1, 2019
A simple sketch plugin to rename the selected layers to match the contents of their text.
View rename-text-layers.js
var sketch = context.api()
var MAX_CHARS = 60
var document = sketch.selectedDocument
var selection = document.selectedLayers
var renamedTextLayers = false
selection.iterate(function(item) {
if (!item.isText) {
dustinsenos / ROT13.swift
Last active Aug 29, 2015
ROT13 in Swift with Emoji support 😍
View ROT13.swift
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
// Converts a string into it's ROT13 equavalent. Note, this is not a secure way (at all) to encrypt private data.
// Please look into BCRYPT or something similar for sensistive data
extension String {
var encrypt: String {
return, rotateAmount: 13)
var decrypt: String {
View fb-stylish.css
.rhcFooterWrap {
display: none !important;
View gist:340cf5b5e36262e85b47
{"data":[{"id":"1432750582849","json":"{\"enabled\":true,\"name\":\"Twitter: Hide Trends\",\"url\":\"\",\"updateUrl\":\"\",\"sections\":[{\"code\":\".module.trends { display: none; }\",\"domains\":[\"\"],\"regexps\":[],\"urlPrefixes\":[],\"urls\":[\"\"]}]}"},{"id":"1432750082921","json":"{\"enabled\":true,\"name\":\"Twitter: Hide Promoted Tweets\",\"url\":\"\",\"updateUrl\":\"\",\"sections\":[{\"code\":\"*[data-promoted] { display:none; }\",\"domains\":[\"\"],\"regexps\":[],\"urlPrefixes\":[],\"urls\":[\"\"]}]}"},{"id":"1432750240677","json":"{\"enabled\":true,\"name\":\"Twitter: Hide Who to Follow\",\"url\":\"\",\"updateUrl\":\"\",\"sections\":[{\"code\":\".wtf-module,\\n.WhoToFollow {\\n\\tdisplay: none !important;\\n}\",\"domains\":[\"\"],\"regexps\":[],\"urlPrefixes\":[],\"urls\":[\"\"]}]}"},{"id":"1432750414498","json":"{\"enabled\":true,\"name\":\"Twitter: Hide Footer\",\"url\":\"\",\"updateUrl\":\"\",\"sections\":[{\"code\":\".Footer { display: none }\",\"domains\":[\"t
dustinsenos / gist:5294392
Created Apr 2, 2013
Retina Mouse Cursor Files. Below is the file location of the retina mouse cursors on OS X 10.8.3. All files are .pdfs (thanks Apple) so they should work perfectly in Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
View gist:5294392
dustinsenos / gist:3240838
Created Aug 2, 2012
LESS Mixin with String Interpolation, broken?
View gist:3240838
@cdn: "rons-house";
.add-bg(@url) {
background-image: @url;
.foo {
// works: background-image: url("@{cdn}/bar.png");
// works: .add-bg(@cdn);
.add-bg(url("@{cdn}/bar.png")); // doesn't work
dustinsenos / Force No Cache on all Files.conf
Created Feb 3, 2011
Adds headers in an attempt to stop all files from being cached
View Force No Cache on all Files.conf
## No Cache
# Add this to your development .htaccess (or .conf) in an attempt to stop web browsers
# from caching files. Make sure to remove this from your site when launching live.
<FilesMatch "\.*">
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"
Header set Pragma "no-cache"
Header set Expires "Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT"
View SVN Add All
# Add the following line to ~/.profile to enable recursively adding all unversioned.
# You'll need to close and open terminal for this to take [e|a]ffect. Or run '. ~/.profile'
# Usage: Type 'svnaddall' (without quotes) from a directory containing unversioned files
alias svnaddall="svn st | grep '^\?' | tr '^\?' ' ' | xargs svn add"
View geek_ninja_traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 2.073 ms 1.478 ms 1.765 ms
2 ( 11.105 ms 10.615 ms 12.380 ms
3 ( 12.861 ms 10.012 ms 11.884 ms
4 ( 19.813 ms 18.592 ms 43.814 ms
5 ( 20.748 ms 30.765 ms 43.638 ms
6 ( 27.301 ms 24.684 ms 45.884 ms
7 ( 53.705 ms 22.364 ms 23.435 ms
8 ( 35.676 ms 34.608 ms 35.676 ms
9 ( 43.623 ms 52.840 ms 72.337 ms
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