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Radio Inputs in Django that don't have LABEL wraps
1. Inherit from the normal RadioInput and copy the RadioInput __unicode__ method. Then change it up how you please:
class RadioInputNoWrap(RadioInput):
def __unicode__(self):
if 'id' in self.attrs:
label_for = ' for="%s_%s"' % (self.attrs['id'], self.index)
label_for = ''
choice_label = conditional_escape(force_unicode(self.choice_label))
return mark_safe(u'%s<label%s>%s</label>' % (self.tag(), label_for, choice_label))
2. Then inherit from RadioSelect.renderer and copy the RadioFieldRenderer __iter__ method and patch it to call our new RadioInputNoWrap widget (you might need to patch __get_item__ as well):
class RadioFieldRendererNoWrap(forms.RadioSelect.renderer):
def __iter__(self):
for i, choice in enumerate(self.choices):
yield RadioInputNoWrap(, self.value, self.attrs.copy(), choice, i)
3. Then when you call the form just specify the new renderer:
radio = forms.ChoiceField(widget=RadioSelect(renderer=RadioFieldRendererNoWrap),
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