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Error Code Description Notes
AADSTS50012 Invalid client secret is provided You've used an incorrect OAuth secret. Check for typos, or go to Azure AD and generate a fresh one.
AADSTS65004 The resource owner or authorization server denied the request The user clicked on the *Cancel* button during the OAuth dance
AADSTS65005 The client application has requested access to resource ''. This request has failed because the client has not specified this resource in its requiredResourceAccess list. Ensure that the Azure AD Application has the correct resource permissions
AADSTS50105 The signed in user '' is not assigned to a role for the application 'ab0a45c7-c085-4f3f-a868-62f3927926ef'# Trace ID: c8fc15e0-2d6f-49e8-b843-00a90032585f Correlation ID: 7e8e28f0-5a5d-4409-a217-1e8363fda666 Timestamp: 2015-08-27 13:23:38Z The user is not authorized to access the app - source:
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