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Created October 23, 2022 19:00
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url scheme:[.KEY]?SUB-PANE
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Thanks for the information.

Is possible open an option inside sub-panel?

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dvessel commented Mar 23, 2023

@AlbertoAIG, you can open some sub-panels. It won’t go further than that. I only found two (first two examples) and gave up.

Try sticking with Spotlight search. However deep it leads you is as far as it will go.

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IYDM, may I ask how to extract these URLs from macOS, If I want to do it myself?

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dvessel commented May 20, 2023

@okarin001 For the above list, it was extracted from /System/Applications/System\ It only shows the top level settings so it isn’t useful.

There’s a better list over here:
It was forked from another gist but I added all the possible sub-panels and anchors. It also shows how to get all of it through AppleScript. @AlbertoAIG should find that useful.

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