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Created August 15, 2019 17:22
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<div className='ui container assets'>
<div className='ui row'>
{ loading ?
<Loading /> :
<table className='ui padded table'>
<CoinContext.Provider value={{coins: data}}>
<TableRow coin="Bitcoin (BTC)" src={btc} ticker={"BTC"}/>
<TableRow coin="Bitcoin Cash (BCH)" src={bch} ticker={"BCH"}/>
<TableRow coin="Ethereum (ETH)" src={eth} ticker={"ETH"}/>
<TableRow coin="Binance Coin (BNB)" src={bnb} ticker={"BNB"}/>
<TableRow coin="Ethereum Classic (ETC)" src={btc} ticker={"BTC"}/>
<TableRow coin="Ripple (XRP)" src={xrp} ticker={"XRP"}/>
<TableRow coin="Monero (XMR)" src={xmr} ticker={"XMR"}/>
<TableRow coin="Zcash (ZEC)" src={zec} ticker={"ZEC"}/>
<TableRow coin="0x (ZRX)" src={zrx} ticker={"ZRX"}/>
<TableRow coin="Digibyte (DGB)" src={dgb} ticker={"DGB"}/>
<TableRow coin="FunFair (FUN)" src={fun} ticker={"FUN"}/>
<TableRow coin="Civic (CVC)" src={cvc} ticker={"CVC"}/>
<TableRow coin="Dai (DAI)" src={dai} ticker={"DAI"}/>
<TableRow coin="Maker (MKR)" src={mkr} ticker={"MKR"}/>
<TableRow coin="Decentraland (MANA)" src={mana} ticker={"MANA"}/>
<TableRow coin="Komodo (KMD)" src={kmd} ticker={"KMD"}/>
<TableRow coin="Golem (GNT)" src={gnt} ticker={"GNT"}/>
<TableRow coin="Litecoin (LTC)" src={ltc} ticker={"LTC"}/>
<TableRow coin="Bancor (BNT)" src={bnt} ticker={"BNT"}/>
<TableRow coin="Bitcoin Gold (BTG)" src={btg} ticker={"BTG"}/>
<TableRow coin="Bitcoin SV (BSV)" src={bsv} ticker={"BSV"}/>
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