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Created Jan 30, 2018

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OOcsv: object view of CSV
"""OOcsv: object view of CSV
~5 times faster than OODict
2013 Dmitry V. Selitsky / dvska-at-skype
from collections import namedtuple
def OOcsv(csv_file_obj, use_unicodecsv=False, **kwargs):
if use_unicodecsv:
import unicodecsv as csv
import csv
head = next(csv_file_obj).replace(' ', '_').replace('"', '').replace(';', ',')
csv_data = csv.reader(csv_file_obj, **kwargs)
Record = namedtuple('Record', head, rename=True)
#for oo_row in (Record._make(x) for x in csv_data):
# yield oo_row
return (Record._make(x) for x in csv_data)
# Usage:
# with open("Batting.csv") as f:
# for r in OOcsv(f):
# if r.yearID=='1977': pass
# pprint( tuple(
# OOcsv(StringIO(raw_csv.encode('utf8')),
# delimiter=';', quoting=csv.QUOTE_ALL)))
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