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Problem: What does a Modern Front-End Development Workflow Look Like?

I want to start writing libraries and large applications using the JavaScript language. However, I don't know how to setup the project and which build tools to use. What I do know is that the JavaScript community has moved way beyond using browser developer tool plugins and strategically-placed console.log() statements to debug, test, and build code.

I need help.

Below, I will keep track of articles, tutorials and tools I come across as I search for a way to bring my front-end development chops up-to-date.

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dwayne commented Apr 9, 2013

Just found a legitimate use for localtunnel in my development workflow.

I'm working on this project that will be using PayPal for payments. I have this custom Buy Now button and I pass PayPal the notify_url for them to send me back IPNs.

However, it doesn't work with localhost. It needs to be hosted at a publicly accessible IP address. But then I remembered I came across this tool that allows you to access your localhost externally. I couldn't remember the name but I knew I saved it here in one of these lists. Low and behold it's localtunnel and it worked really great for that specific task.

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