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OG Rails Project Specs

Specifications for the Rails Assessment


  • Using Ruby on Rails for the project
  • Include at least one has_many relationship (x has_many y; e.g. User has_many Recipes)
  • Include at least one belongs_to relationship (x belongs_to y; e.g. Post belongs_to User)
  • Include at least two has_many through relationships (x has_many y through z; e.g. Recipe has_many Items through Ingredients)
  • Include at least one many-to-many relationship (x has_many y through z, y has_many x through z; e.g. Recipe has_many Items through Ingredients, Item has_many Recipes through Ingredients)
  • The "through" part of the has_many through includes at least one user submittable attribute, that is to say, some attribute other than its foreign keys that can be submitted by the app's user (attribute_name e.g. ingredients.quantity)
  • Include reasonable validations for simple model objects (list of model objects with validations e.g. User, Recipe, Ingredient, Item)
  • Include a class level ActiveRecord scope method (model object & class method name and URL to see the working feature e.g. User.most_recipes URL: /users/most_recipes)
  • Include signup
  • Include login
  • Include logout
  • Include third party signup/login (how e.g. Devise/OmniAuth)
  • Include nested resource show or index (URL e.g. users/2/recipes)
  • Include nested resource "new" form (URL e.g. recipes/1/ingredients/new)
  • Include form display of validation errors (form URL e.g. /recipes/new)


  • The application is pretty DRY
  • Limited logic in controllers
  • Views use helper methods if appropriate
  • Views use partials if appropriate
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