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import tweepy
import wget
import os
oauth = {
"consumer_key": "",
"consumer_secret": ""
access = {
"access_token": "",
"access_token_secret": ""
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(**oauth) #Fill these in
auth.set_access_token(*access.values()) #Fill these in
api = tweepy.API(auth)
#Get 200 of Chris' tweet
tweets = api.user_timeline(screen_name = 'chrisalbon',
count = 200,
include_rts = False,
excludereplies = True)
#200 isn't enough. Keep getting tweets until we can't get anymore
last_id = tweets[-1].id
while (True):
more_tweets = api.user_timeline(screen_name='chrisalbon',
# There are no more tweets
if (len(more_tweets) == 0):
last_id = more_tweets[-1].id-1
tweets += more_tweets
#Chris stopped using a hashtag and started linking a URL
def has_ML_url(s):
urls = s.entities.get('urls')
if urls:
return(urls[0].get('display_url') == '')
return False
#Filter by those containing
card_tweets = [tweet for tweet in tweets if has_ML_url(tweet)]
media_files = dict()
for status in card_tweets:
title = status.text.split(' http')[0]
media = status.entities.get('media', [])
if(len(media) > 0 and media[0]['type']=='photo' ): #if tweet has media and media is photo
media_files[title] = media[0]['media_url'] #get me the url
os.makedirs('ml-cards', exist_ok=True) #make a directory to store the photos in
for title, url in media_files.items():, out = "ml-cards/{}.png".format(title)) #get the photos!
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