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" hi there!
let mapleader = ","
map W :tabdetach<CR>
map A :tabattach<Space>
map U lastClosedTab
map O :history<Space>
map yt :duplicate<CR>
map <C-s> openSearchBar
map <C-r> openSearchBarReverse
map <Leader>t :newtab<CR>
unmap <C-6> B b t r
map t :buffer<Space>
map b lastUsedTab
map B createBookmark
map <BS> goBack
map <C-x>k closeTab
map <C-x>b :buffer<Space>
map <C-x><C-b> :bookmarks<Space>
map <C-x>r :history<Space>
command g tabnew google<Space>
" Script hints
shareLink(link) -> {{
map <Leader>s createScriptHint(shareLink)
map <Leader>x :restore<Space>
site '*://**' {
unmap j
unmap k
unmap ?
unmap c
unmap /
unmap z
unmap n
unmap p
unmap e
unmap y
unmap r
unmap #
unmap !
unmap x
unmap <BS>
unmap H
unmap L
site '*://**' {
unmap j
unmap k
unmap x
unmap <BS>
unmap ?
unmap G
unmap .
unmap TA
unmap TD
unmap TM
unmap TY
site '*://**' {
unmap j
unmap k
unmap l
unmap N
site '*://**' {
unmap j
unmap k
unmap u
site '*://*' {
unmap t
unmap s
" show the heads-up-display
set hud
" use regexp in find mode
set regexp
" ignore search case in find mode
set ignorecase
" fade effect when toggling link hints
set linkanimations
" use numbers instead of characters for link hints
set nonumerichints
" dim letter matches in hint characters rather than remove them from the hint
set dimhintcharacters
" use the default chrome://newtab page instead of a blank page
set nodefaultnewtabpage
" <C-n> and <C-p> to cycle through completion results (requires you to
" set the nextCompletionResult keybinding in the chrome://extensions page (bottom right)
set cncpcompletion
" case-insensitive find mode searches except when input contains a capital letter
set smartcase
" auto-highlighting find mode matches when input length is greater thant two
set incsearch
" (numerichints required) type text in the link to narrow down numeric hints
set typelinkhints
" hide the mouse cursor when scrolling (useful for Linux, which doesn't auto-hide the cursor on keydown)
set autohidecursor
" allows websites to automatically focus an input box when they are first loaded
set noautofocus
" use insert mappings to navigate the cursor in text boxes (see bindings below)
set insertmappings
" Open new tabs like Chrome does rather than next to the currently opened tab
set nonativelinkorder
" disable cVim on the sites matching one of the patterns
let blacklists = ["*","*"]
" number of results displayed in the command bar
let searchlimit = 30
" time to wait for a <Leader> mapping in (millis)
let timeoutlen = 1000
" milliseconds to wait before taking input after opening a link hint with
" typelinkhints and numerichints enabled integer
let typelinkhintsdelay = 50
" use smooth scrolling
set smoothscroll
" integer the duration of smooth scrolling
let scrollduration = 1000
" number of pixels scrolled when using scrollUp and scrollDown
let scrollstep = 100
" full page scroll percent
let fullpagescrollpercent = 85
" " integer the step size when zooming the page in/out 0.
" let zoomfactor = 0.1
" use only the specified search engines
let completionengines = []
" set the default search engine
let defaultengine = "google"
" set the locale of the site being completed/searched on (see example configuration below)
let locale = ""
" the directory to replace ~ when using the file command
let homedirectory = ""
" the pattern looked for when navigating a page's back button
let previousmatchpattern = "((?!last)(prev(ious)?|back|«|less|<|‹| )+)"
" the pattern looked for when navigation a page's next button
let nextmatchpattern = "((?!first)(next|more|>|›|»|forward| )+)"
" set the default characters to be used in link hint mode
let hintcharacters = "asdfgqwertzxcvb"
" command bar position
let barposition = "top"
" imap <C-k> deleteToEnd
" imap <C-e> endOfLine
" the highlight color for the current find match
let activehighlight = "#ff9632"
" the highlight color in find mode
let highlight = "#ffff00"
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