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function createServer(useHTTPS) {
if (useHTTPS) {
log('using HTTPS');
var FS = require('fs');
return Express.createServer({
ca: FS.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../certs/'),
key: FS.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../certs/ssl.key'),
cert: FS.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../certs/ssl.crt')
} else {
return Express.createServer();
function initApp(useHTTPS) {
// express
var App = createServer(useHTTPS);
App.configure(function() {
if (!Env.test) {
log('Going to listen on port', useHTTPS ? Env.HTTPSPORT : Env.HTTPPORT);
App.listen(useHTTPS ? Env.HTTPSPORT : Env.HTTPPORT);
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