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A script that uses purrr to automate the wrangling and cleaning of economic data
# Rcode to go and fetch country codes
country_codes <- read_html("") %>%
html_text() %>%
str_extract_all("[A-Z]{3}") %>%
unlist() %>%
# Save the country codes to a .csv file that we will always have
country_codes %>%
{tibble(codes = .)} %>%
write_csv(path = here::here("data/country_codes.csv"))
# create a little function we want to utilize in our map()
read_and_clean <- function(country_code = "USA"){
dat_url <- paste0("", country_code, ".xls")
import(dat_url, skip = 9) %>%
clean_names() %>%
na.omit() %>%
filter(population != "NaN") %>%
mutate_all(as.numeric) %>%
mutate(country = country_code)
# We want the function to run despite running into errors
possibly_read_and_clean <- possibly(read_and_clean, otherwise = NULL)
# Remove all our NULLS and turn it to one large data.frame
final_clean_dat <- purrr::map(country_codes, ~ possibly_read_and_clean(.x)) %>%
compact() %>%
# Save and store this data.frame
write_csv(final_clean_dat, here::here("data/final_gdp_data.csv"))
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