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Created May 20, 2016
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$ manx kevent
 EVFILT_TIMER     Establishes an interval timer with the data timer iden-
                  tified by ident.  When adding a timer, data specifies
                  the timeout period and fflags can be set to one of the

                  NOTE_SECONDS   data is in seconds

                  NOTE_USECONDS  data is in microseconds

                  NOTE_NSECONDS  data is in nanoseconds

                  NOTE_ABSOLUTE  data is an absolute timeout

                  NOTE_CRITICAL  system makes a best effort to fire this
                                 timer as scheduled.

                                 system has extra leeway to coalesce this

                  NOTE_LEEWAY    ext[1] holds user-supplied slop in dead-
                                 line for timer coalescing.

                  If fflags is not set, the default is milliseconds. The
                  timer will be periodic unless EV_ONESHOT is specified.
                  On return, data contains the number of times the timeout
                  has expired since the last call to kevent(), kevent64()
                  or kevent_qos().

                  This filter automatically sets the EV_CLEAR flag inter-

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