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A badass list of frontend development resources I collected over time.

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Frontend Development

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This page is not maintained anymore, please update your bookmarks.

wow, by far one of the most extensive list of resources I've seen. Great work!

Awesome list :) nice work :)

Amazing list! Thank you for taking the time.

Impressive. Kudos.

Fix the url for Chrome DevTools :)
The correct link is

About the presentation tools, I think impress.js should be added, it's the best I found

Fantastic work... well done!

Fantastic resource!

Huge thanks for listing my "Front-end Process - Flat Builds and Automation" articles (in the Workflow section). Quick typo correction - it's 'inuit' rather than 'intuit' :)

You might also be interested in a couple of other articles I've written, A beginner’s guide to Grunt and Grunt - Synchronised Testing Between Browsers/Devices.

Very nice list. I'll shamelessly plug a more general list that I maintain:

Great list! One thing though, you've duplicated Yeoman.

Its missing jade under html templating

wow. amazing set of resources! kudos.

wow. ^^

thank you.

Well, I know nothing now.

You may want to include these responsive email templates in the email category:

Under CSS, you can add Pure by YUI team as a CSS framework.

You can add Enyo js - Has a rich set of widgets and an excellent framework for app development!

@dypsilon fantastic list, thanks! o_O my article is here too "Путь JavaScript модуля" (The JavaScript Modular Way)

@azproduction awesome artcle! I liked it alot, is there a translation yet?

Eriksreks, exactly my thought lol

Nice list, you should get it at kippt or some bookmarking service though

useful resources......

jQuery's not a framework. I would rename the section to "Frameworks & tools".

ModJS: JavaScript Workflow Tooling For Web

Very nice list! Thank you!

This is an excellent compilation. Thanks very much.

TL;DR: the internet

Dont forget EpicEditor :)

OMG.long long list

A tear of happiness..... thanks!!

Wawawiwa. Kudos!

Thanks for the sharing.

Great list - thanks for organizing this.

Nice work. Thanks

very nice ,非常不错。。。感谢分享。

@dypsilon translation in plans. I rly want to do that! It took a month to write and prolly a month to translate :)

Especially precious list. :) Thanks!

...and the confusion continues! All these awesome tools... it's like i wake up, hit Google and bang! Santa drops tools down the chimney

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

Wow, fantastic resource, thanks

very nice ,很好的东西!

Nice work! Thanks.

Thanks for sharing!!! Great resources!!!

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