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Using cake pattern in Play 2.0
// my response to!searchin/play-framework/cake/play-framework/LQ2y40QNZaE/qvRFw5of-rQJ
import play.api._
import play.api.mvc._
// Domain object
case class User(id: String, name: String)
// Trait defining the service component
trait UserServiceComponent {
trait UserService {
def getUserName(id: String): String
val userService: UserService
// Real implmentation
trait RealUserServiceComponent extends UserServiceComponent {
// Explicit dependency on User Repository
self: UserRepositoryComponent =>
override val userService: UserService = new UserService {
// Use the repository in the service
override def getUserName(id: String) = userRepository.getUser(id).name
// Trait defining the repository
trait UserRepositoryComponent {
trait UserRepository {
def getUser(id: String): User
val userRepository: UserRepository
// Real implmentation of repository
trait RealUserRepositoryComponent extends UserRepositoryComponent {
override val userRepository: UserRepository = new UserRepository {
override def getUser(id: String) = error("todo") // i.e to database, etc.
// Fake implmentation of the repository
trait MockUserRepositoryComponent extends UserRepositoryComponent {
override val userRepository: UserRepository = error("todo") // i.e. mock[UserRepository]
// Both of these "environments" are just mixins of the component traits.
// Therefore, they have as member variables all services and dependencies.
// All dependencies are compile checked - if a mixin is needed but not provided, the code won't compile.
// "Real" top level environment usable in controllers.
object real extends RealUserServiceComponent with RealUserRepositoryComponent
// "Fake" top level environment usable in controllers.
object fake extends RealUserServiceComponent with MockUserRepositoryComponent
// Use the real environment in the top level controller
object Application extends Controller {
val userService = real userService
def name(id: String) = Action {
// Use the fake environment in the test.
class SomeTest {
val userService = fake userService
def sometTest {
// set up the mock ...
val name = userService.getUserName("id1")
// do assertion
// Or you can define the components add hoc.
class SomeOtherTest extends RealUserServiceComponent with UserRepositoryComponent {
override val userRepository = error("todo") // mock or something
def someOtherTest {
// set up the mock
val name = userService.getUserName("id2")
// do assertion
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