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David Zülke dzuelke

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dzuelke / toggle-screen-mirror-with-color-lcd-resolution.workflow
Created Feb 14, 2018
Mac Automator workflow to toggle screen mirroring on 13" MBP so that internal LCD is always 1440x900 retina
View toggle-screen-mirror-with-color-lcd-resolution.workflow
on run {input, parameters}
tell application "Display Menu"
toggle mirroring
select resolution "1440 x 900 Retina" on display "Color LCD"
end tell
return input
end run
dzuelke / moveHangoutLinks.js
Created Jul 12, 2017
Google Apps Script that handles Hangout/Meet links, with automatic updates and primary calendar detection. See for original post.
View moveHangoutLinks.js
dzuelke /
Created Jul 13, 2016
Script to run a command (such as Laravel's "php artisan schedule:run") at the top of every minute, without Cron
topofminute() {
local now;
while true; do
now=$(date "+%S")
now=${now#0} # strip leading zero for arithmetic operations
# run command only if less than ten seconds have passed in the current minute

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$re = '{^(\\s*\\{\\s*(?:"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"\\s*:\\s*(?:[0-9.]+|null|true|false|"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[[^\\]]*\\])*\\])*\\])*\\]|(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*)*\\]|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})\\s*,\\s*)*?)("require"\\s*:\\s*)((?:[0-9.]+|null|true|false|"(?:[^\\0-\\x09\\x0a-\\x1f\\\\"]+|\\\\["bfnrt/\\\\]|\\\\u[a-fA-F0-9]{4})*"|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[(?:[^\\]]*|\\[[^\\]]*\\])*\\])*\\])*\\]|(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*)*\\]|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{(?:[^{}]*|\\{[^{}]*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\})*\\}))(.*)}s';
$str = '{
"config": {
"cache-files-ttl": 0,
"discard-changes": true
"minimum-stability": "stable",
View gist:cadb2d9d79759a4cdf0a
[10-Mar-2016 18:49:34 UTC] [2016-03-10 18:49:34] production.ERROR: exception 'BadMethodCallException' with message 'Method after does not exist.' in bootstrap/cache/compiled.php:6254
Stack trace:
#0 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Routing\Router->__call('after', Array)
#1 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Routing\Router->after(Object(newrelic\Laravel\AfterFilter))
#2 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2193): Illuminate\Foundation\Application->boot()
#3 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(1641): Illuminate\Foundation\Bootstrap\BootProviders->bootstrap(Object(Illuminate\Foundation\Application))
#4 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2374): Illuminate\Foundation\Application->bootstrapWith(Array)
#5 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2327): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->bootstrap()
#6 bootstrap/cache/compiled.php(2312): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->sendRequestThroughRouter(Object(Illuminate\Http\Request))
#7 public/index.php(54): Illuminate\Foundation\Http\Kernel->handle(Object(Illuminate\Http\Reques
dzuelke / erp.txt
Created Feb 25, 2016
View erp.txt
dzuelke-ltm1:wat dzuelke$ PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR= php -c /usr/local/etc/php/5.6/conf.d/ext-mongodb.ini $(which composer) require alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter:dev-master
./composer.json has been created
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
- Installing mongodb/mongodb (1.0.0)
Loading from cache
- Installing alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter (dev-master 4adcbe7)
Cloning 4adcbe7a75f3c684bc1651ccdb7addefc089066c
dzuelke / composer01.json
Created Feb 23, 2016
Composer replace ext test cases
View composer01.json
"repositories": [
"packagist": false
"type": "package",
"package": [
"type": "metapackage",
dzuelke / libpq_openssl.php
Created Feb 12, 2016
libpq+openssl conflict reproduce case
View libpq_openssl.php
$db = parse_url(getenv("DATABASE_URL"));
$sql = "SELECT repeat('a', 160000)";
$c = pg_connect(sprintf("host='%s' port='%s' dbname='%s' user='%s' password='%s' sslmode='require'", $db["host"], $db["port"], substr($db["path"], 1), $db["user"], $db["pass"]));
$r = openssl_pkey_get_public('a');
dzuelke /
Last active Feb 3, 2016
Wordpress as Twelve-Factor. Please check for the real thing!
mkdir wordpress
cd wordpress
git init
curl -LO
curl -LO
git add composer.json .gitignore
git commit -m "composer plus wordpress prerequisites"
composer require ext-gd:* johnpbloch/wordpress wpackagist-plugin/amazon-web-services wpackagist-plugin/amazon-s3-and-cloudfront wpackagist-plugin/sendgrid-email-delivery-simplified
git add composer.json composer.lock
git commit -m "require ext-gd, wordpress and plugins"
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