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All the layout of some classes is wrong, due to some ancient bug. The bug fix has been integrated but all the classes that have been modified in-between may have this problem. To fix that you have to force the rebuild of these classes (by adding then removing a dummy inst var for ex).
ivName := 'anIVNameImPrettySureNobodyUses'.
all := Smalltalk allClasses flatCollect: [ :e | { e . e class } ].
candidates := all reject: [ :e | e superclass isNil or: [e layout slotScope isKindOf: LayoutEmptyScope ] ].
toRebuild := candidates reject: [ :e | e superclass layout slotScope == e layout slotScope parentScope ].
toRebuild do: [ :e | e addInstVarNamed: ivName ].
toRebuild do: [ :e |
(e isClassSide
ifTrue: [ (Smalltalk at: e instanceSide name) classSide ]
ifFalse: [ Smalltalk at: e name ]) removeInstVarNamed: ivName ]
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