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New Tinfoil Index Information

New Tinfoil Index Information

Offset Size Description
0x0 0x7 Tinfoil Index Magic "TINFOIL"
0x7 0x1 Index Type Information (1)
0x8 0x100 Session Key (PKCS#1 OAEP encrypted randomly generated AES Key used to encrypt index) (2)
0x108 0x8 Unencrypted Index Size
0x110 X Index Data
  • X = Index Size

1 -> It includes both the compression status and encryption status which is bitwise OR'ed together into a single value. Info about both can be found below.
2 -> Must be null'ed for Unencrypted Index.

Encryption Status

Encryption Status Value
Encrypted Index 0xF0
Unencrypted Index 0x00

Compression Status

Compression Status Value
ZStandard Compressed Index 0x0D
ZLib Compressed Index 0x0E
Uncompressed Index 0x00
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